History of Archaeologica

Archaeologica began as no more than a single topic on a bulletin board in 1998..."Archaeological News". The bulletin board was part of the now defunct role-playing community "Ancient Sites". The news topic quickly developed a widespread readership outside of the Ancient Sites community.

"It was then," Says Archaeologica's owner, Claire Warren, "That I realized that we had stumbled onto something special. There were few websites that reported only archaeological and historical news and absolutely none that updated them daily. We still have the market cornered in that respect!!"

So it was, on April 23rd, 2000 that Archaeologica was independently openned on world wide web. Michelle Hilling, a long-time "hunter gatherer of news stories" officially teamed up with Claire Warren as her partner at Archaeologica. The two women each devote much of their time gathering news stories of archaeological and historical interest from around the world and bringing them together for the News Page at Archaeologica.

Since it's independent release in 2000, Archaeologica has become a widely read and respected news resource on the internet. In it's first year, Archaeologica was selected by Forbes Magazine in their "Best of the Web" 2001 issue. Archaeologica also recieved radio air play in the Gulf of Mexico region on Live 365, was selected as the Site of the Day by Mastersite and made the top 5% at Anthrotech's virtual library. Archaeologica receives many visitors each day. Claire and Michelle expect the number of unique visitors to the site to top 100,000 before the first anniversary of the site on April 23rd, 2001.

In the coming year, Archaeologica will be featured in TEACH! Magazine as an educational resource and will be mentioned in Azizah Magazine in an article on Islamic Archaeology by Claire Warren.