Claire Britton-Warren, Owner-Designer of Archaeologica

Claire Britton-Warren - Biography

Claire Britton-Warren is Drafting Department Director and Director of General Education for a vocational college. In addition to instructing students in computer aided design and handling the departmental direction, she is the owner and designer of Archaeologica.
In 1998, Claire became the first person to successfully use voice recognition software to communicate with a deaf student in a classroom environment.

Using voice recognition for classroom communication
Although this technology has not yet developed to the extent that most people can be successful using it as a communication device, it was, none the less, a ground breaking event that proved the technology has great future potential.
Claire holds a Associates Degree in Drafting and a Bachelors Degree in Technical Writing. She was able to put her drafting skills to work in the field of archaeology when she worked with the US Forest service mapping the pueblo ruin, Roundy Crossing, in Pinedale Arizona. In addition to creating the first AutoCAD drawing of the site, Claire created elevation drawings of the excavation site and detailed lab drawings of artifacts.

Mapping the Roundy Crossing pueblo ruin in Arizona

Claire has worked in the field of drafting for 12 years. Claire also works as both a freelance and a technical writer and illustrator. She has had her work published in newspapers and magazines with world-wide distribution. Claire lives in the mountains of California with her husband and son. Claire's family shares her interest in history. They were excited recently by Claire's son's discovery of a projectile point in front of their home. The projectile point was dated at 2000 years old!