Michelle Hilling, Archaeologica

Michelle Hilling - Biography

Michelle Hilling works as a Business Troubleshooter and Financial Advisor/Consultant. She somehow manages to spend several hours a day hunting news stories in addition to her work and studying Philosophy, Law and the Classics.

Michelle has lived all over the Western United States and Canada, but now makes her home in a small, beachside town in Southern California and Arizona. When Michelle was married she spent her honeymoon exploring ancient ruins with her husband, whom she affectionately calls "The Bear"

Michelle at the Lomaki Ruins in Flagstaff Arizona USA

Michelle spends about two hours each morning researching news stories for Archaeologica. "I do it first thing in the morning when I have my coffee, like others would read their local paper. The difference is I read the local paper after the archaeology news!

Michelle says her mother had a big influence on her. "My mother always had a love for the ancient Greek and Roman Empires. She would tell me stories from the mythologies from those civilizations. At a very early age, it was instilled in me to always look and research. Ancient civilizations and archaeology are constantly evolving. Yes, we know a large portion of what transpired by theory and conjecture, but what if there is a find out there that could answer most of our questions, if not everything?"