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April 15th to 17th, 2014 Edition

Retired army general wants Egypt's St. Catherine's Monastery demolished Ahram Online

Bulgaria seizes ancient gold treasure Sofia Globe

Great Wall remains found in northwest China Shanghai Daily

Norman site may soon be lost to sea Gorey Guardian

Largest bath in Roman era a costly investment of time Hurriyet News

Siberian Mummies in Copper Masks Pose Mystery Discovery

Body Slam This! Ancient Wrestling Match Was Fixed Live Science

Ancient Rome was bigger than previously thought, archaeologists find Telegraph UK

Chilean Mummies Reveal Signs of Arsenic Poisoning Live Science

New Findings at Prehistoric Stone Tool Site in China-Recent excavation results may answer some hanging questions about the ancient tool makers Popular Archaeology

Study: The Trials of the Cherokee Were Reflected In Their Skulls North Carolina State University

April 14th, 2014 Edition

Sacrificial and Common Graves Alike Reveal Diversity in Ancient City of Cahokia Western Digs

Neanderthals and Cro-magnons did not coincide on the Iberian Peninsula-A piece of research in which a UPV/EHU group is participating indicates that 1,000 years separate the records of the presence of the two species Universidad del País Vasco

Predators and Prey: A Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel Past Horizons

Ancient Roman theatre discovered in Florence: 'Vomitorium' served 15,000 ancient theatre-goers ANSA

Archaeologists Explore Ancient Roman Forum of Philippopolis-Ancient passage and shops emerge Popular Archaeology

Overcoming looting and years of war, Iraq Museum moves to reopen Christian Science Monitor

April 12th & 13th, 2014 Edition

Bronze Age skeleton of dagger-clutching Racton Man could have been a King or priest buried in Sussex Culture 24

Lampeter-based archaeologists reveal Qatar's historic sites BBC News

New insights on ancient Portuguese horse engraving Stone Pages

Naughty money: clippers and coiners in 16th-century England Past Horizons

Archeologists' findings may prove Rome a century older than thought The Guardian UK

April 9th to 11th, 2014 Edition

Ancient Egyptian coffin found in Israel's Jezreel Valley Jewish Press

14,000 year old flint tools: Earliest human occupation of Scotland Past Horizons

Neanderthals were no strangers to good parenting Science Daily
and this Researchers Say Neanderthals Were Attentive, Loving Parents BioNews

4,500-year-old boat among Viking artifacts hoard discovered in Galway Irish Central

How 6,000 Years Of Agriculture Transformed Athletic Humans Into Couch Potatoes BioNews

Roman Imperial Port Facilities Emerge Under Archaeological Investigation-Archaeologists uncover buried structural remains and artifacts that help tell the story of an ancient Roman port system in Italy Popular Archaeology

Papyrus Referring to Jesus’ Wife Is More Likely Ancient Than Fake, Scientists Say New York Times

Pre-Columbian Archeological Boom Underway in Costa Rica Costa Rica Star

Remnants of Sailendra dynasty allegedly found Jakarta Post

The real flood: Submerged prehistory Past Horizons

April 5th to 8th, 2014 Edition

Archaeology | A single tooth can tell a lot about ancient people Columbus Dispatch
and this Reading the Stories of Ancient Lives Written in Teeth Ohio Historical Society

Research On Ancient Cave-Dwelling Fish Finds Possible Genetic Link to Human Facial Disorders BioNews

Researcher Suggests Famous Ancient Inca Monumental Complex Exhibits Astronomical Values-Do the ancient Sacsayhuamán complex walls reveal a sophisticated knowledge of astronomical alignments among the Inca? Popular Archaeology

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Found With Brain, No Heart Live Science

Oklahoma Archaeologists to resume digging at Native American site where prehistoric building found The Tribune

Heart disease found in five Amara West skeletons Past Horizons

Skulls in print: scientific racism in the transatlantic world Past Horizons

Farming Changed Human Bones, Suggests Study Popular Archaeology

April 4th, 2014 Edition

Cremated bones of Bronze Age tumour sufferer found hanging from Scottish cliff Culture 24

Monastic mosaics unearthed in the Negev Past Horizons

Researcher dives into archaeology's next frontier PhysOrg

Sensors and satellites deployed to save Pompeii PhysOrg

Resurrection at Thebes? Could the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III be returning to something like its original splendour after 3,200 years in ruins? Al-Ahram Weekly

Thousands of artifacts removed from rural Indiana home Indy Star

April 1st to 3rd, 2014 Edition

Ancestral Puebloan structures discovered in New Mexico Western Digs

Eighteen-Million-Year-Old Proteins Found In Daisy Seeds Have Cancer Drug Potential BioNews

World's oldest weather report could revise Bronze Age chronology PhysOrg

Indigenous societies' 'first contact' typically brings collapse, but rebounds are possible Santa Fe Institute

Ancient nomads spread earliest domestic grains along Silk Road, study finds-Findings push back earliest known East-West interaction along Slik Road by 2,000 years EurekAlert
and this Ancient Nomads Spread Earliest Domestic Grains Along Silk Road, Study Finds Popular Archaeology

'Homo' is the only primate whose tooth size decreases as its brain size increases Science Daily

Monks' Secret: Asbestos Lurking Beneath Byzantine Wall Paintings Live Science

Evidence from Tempest Stela may shift Pharaoh chronology Past Horizons

Polish archaeologists discovered dozens of archaeological sites in Cambodia Science in Poland

Çatalhöyük Research Project Announces Latest Conferences and Discoveries Popular Archaeology

March 30th & 31st, 2014 Edition

3,300-Year-Old Tomb with Pyramid Entrance Discovered in Egypt Live Science

Phoenician colony in southeast Spain re-examined Past Horizons

Augustus rules again as Rome acts to restore lost mausoleum Guardian UK

11 ancient burial boxes recovered in Israel The State

Teeth help scientists unearth secrets of Black Death Irish Examiner

Did the pharaohs know hieroglyphics? - Polish Egyptologist explains Science in Poland

March 28th & 29th, 2014 Edition

Research examines impact of ancient Aleuts on their landscape University of Buffalo

Beachy Head Lady was young sub-Saharan Roman with good teeth, say archaeologists Culture 24

Contemporary 'War Of The Roses' Among Academics Over Claimed Richard III Remains Discovery BioNews

Pre-inca tomb discovered in the house where Mario Vargas Llosa was born Peru This Week

Ancient bone fragments help describe diet, health of Saharan ancestors PhysOrg

New Excavations Explore 6,000-Year-Old Settlement in Israel-Renewed excavation at Ein el-Jarba seeks answers to questions about a civilization that preceded the ancient Canaanites more than 6,000 years ago Popular Archaeology

March 25th to 27th, 2014 Edition

DNA Sequencing of Ancient Human Remains Paints A Vastly More Complex Picture of Evolution BioNews

Shipwrecks Lost to Time That Archaeologists Would Love to Get Their Hands On National Geographic

Roman Emperor Dressed As Egyptian Pharaoh in Newfound Carving Live Science

Skulls reveal Mayans used spiked clubs ABC Science

Centuries-old grills of ancient BBQ lovers found in western Turkey Hurriyet Daily News

More on Dutch Archaeologist Unearths Three Millennia Old Cultivated Fields BioNews

'World's oldest yacht' excavated from island cellar BBC News

Update: Researchers suggest Vikings used crystals with sun compass to steer at night PhysOrg

Where Are All the Babies in Archaeological Sites? Smithsonian

Earliest Evidence of Gigantism-Like Disease Found in 3,800-Year-Old California Skeleton Western Digs

March 22nd to 24th, 2014 Edition

Canal, pit houses from up to 4,000 years ago found under planned Marana outlet mall site Arizona Saily Star

4,000-year-old mummy to go back on display after evading crystal death Culture 24

Ancient statesman skeleton found in Giza Egypt Independent

Egypt unveils two massive restored pharaoh statues, newly pieced together CNN News

Guarding grapes and other tales from papyri PhysOrg

The Amazon Women: Is There Any Truth Behind the Myth? Smithsonian

March 20th & 21st, 2014 Edition

Investigating the site of Robert the Bruce’s Scottish parliament Past Horizons

First Impressions: More on discovering the earliest human footprints in Europe Current Archaeology

Update on the Restoration of Khufu’s boat Al-Ahram Weekly

Archaeological Team Uncovers Elite Residential Complex-The ancient Maya site of Xno'ha may provide another window on the structure of Maya society Popular Archaeology

March 17th to 19th, 2014 Edition

Seven centuries of ploughing in Ede: Dutch Celtic fields used continuously for centuries University of Groningen

First Evidence Found of Storied Battle That Stopped Spain’s Eastward Expansion Western Digs

Still discovering things about the Ghajn Tuffieha Roman baths Malta Independent

Archaeologists found 3 thousand years old pottery kilns in Lubuskie Nauka w Polsce

Ancient Skeleton Yields Earliest Complete Example of Human Cancer-Found at archaeological site of Amara West in northern Sudan, the find could shed light on evolution and history of the disease Popular Archaeology

Ancient Egyptian Kittens Hint at Cat Domestication Live Science

Rising sea levels, frequent storms, flooding and thawing permafrost are causing archeological sites along the coast in the Western Arctic National Parklands to disappear at an alarming rate Arctic Sounder

Cambridge University archaeologists find 'oldest' Roman irrigation system BBC News

Researcher looks underwater for history of the Roman Empire PhysOrg

Chicken bones tell true story of pacific migration Science Daily

Artemis fresco stolen from Pompeii ANSAmed

Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Aramean City in Israel Popular Archaeology

3,000 Year Old Skeleton Reveals Most Compelling Look At Metastatic Cancer In Antiquity BioNews

Rice grad student deciphers 1,800-year-old letter from Egyptian soldier Rice University

Ancient City of Petra Built to Align With the Sun The Nabatean culture erected the city to highlight solstices, equinoxes National Geographic

Iron Age woman's footless body found near West Knoyle BBC News

March 15th & 16th, 2014 Edition

Los Angeles subway dig finds prehistoric objects PhysOrg

Little Foot is oldest complete Australopithecus, new stratigraphic research shows Science Daily

Greek Island of Santorini Volcano Erupted in 16th Century and not earlier Greek Reporter

Archaeologist links graves excavated in northern Greece with ancient kings of Macedonia Fox News

March 13th & 14th, 2014 Edition

Peru: Lambayeque receives drones for surveying archaeological sites Peru This Week

1,500 year-old coffin opened in Inner Mongolia Xinhuanet

Even more on Natural Selection Led To Different Features In Europeans As Recent As 5,000 Years Ago, According To Researchers BioNews

Ancient 'Ritual Wand' Etched with Human Faces Discovered in Syria Live Science

Vandals strike Hidden Cave Nevada Appeal

March 12th, 2014 Edition

More on Researchers Say European Hunter-Gatherers c. 5000 BC Had Blue Eyes And Dark Skin BioNews

Ancient petroglyphs found by drone in southern Utah Fox13 News

More on New Text Dead Sea Scrolls Found Jewish Press

Staffordshire Hoard reunited for the first time Current Archaeology

Laser and radar unveil the secrets of Roman bridges Science Daily

Polish archaeologists have studied 4000 years old settlements in Hungary Nauka w Polsce

Secrets of Chinese Terra-Cotta Warrior Weapons Revealed Live Science

March 10th & 11th, 2014 Edition

How can Peruvian authorities protect archaeological sites from vandalism? Peru This Week

800-year-old monk found poking out of cliff face Telegraph UK

The Remnants of Prehistoric Plant Pollen Reveal that Humans Shaped Forests 11,000 Years Ago Smithsonian

Mongol Empire rode wave of mild climate, says study EurekAlert

Emotional expressions in ancient funerary art served as therapy for the bereaved Science Daily

Huge Mexican pyramid could collapse like a sandcastle New Scientist

A Mesolithic face from Southern Europe Past Horizons

New analyses verify the use of fire by Peking Man PhysOrg

Royal settlement linked to Sutton Hoo treasures Guardian UK

The search for the graves of the knights of Grunwald will begin this fall Nauka w Polsce

Uncovering the Ancient Mysteries of Cosma-Archaeologists explore a prehistoric monumental complex in Peru Popular Archaeology

March 7th to 9th, 2014 Edition

Statue of pharaoh's daughter unearthed in Egypt Reuters

30,000-Year-old Giant Virus Reawakened From Permafrost Ice Still Infectious BioNews

Posh Dog Outfit from China's 'Forbidden City' Revealed Live Science

Leapin' Lizards! Medieval Arabs Ate the Scaly Creatures Live Science

Bronze Age rock art uncovered in Brecon Beacons BBC News

4,000-year-old Dartmoor burial find rewrites British bronze age history The Guardian UK

Remains of 18th century Spanish ship found in Argentina Times of India

How celestial events influenced orientation of the great constructions of the Nabataeans PhysOrg

Shamanic figurine guarding shaft tomb discovered in Colima Past Horizons

Huge Mexican pyramid could collapse like a sandcastle New Scientist

Researchers from Kraków track 5 thousand years old trade routes in the Middle East Nauka w Polsce

More on Finding Answers to New Mysteries at Cahokia Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists find 3,000-year-old graves in Cusco, Peru Peru This Week

March 6th, 2014 Edition

Ancient Egyptian Soldier's Letter Home Deciphered Live Science

Mesa Verde’s ‘Mummy Lake’ Was Built to Hold Rituals, Not Water, Study Says Western Digs

Researchers gain new insights into ancient Pacific settlers' diet EurekAlert

Lying about Leviathan: Archaeologists find the earliest fish tales Haaretz

March 3rd to 5th, 2014 Edition

More on New Evidence Suggests Ice Age Humans Lived For 10,000 Years On Bering Land Bridge BioNews

New discoveries at the Gallic necropolis of Esvres-sur-Indre Past Horizons

How ancient Greek plays allow us to reconstruct Europe's climate Science Daily

The first Polish excavations in Armenia Nauka w Polsce

Archaeologists found bones of a Stone Age child and an adult in tiny cave Irish Mirror

New Kingdom tombs discovered in Egypt's Aswan-Four rock-hewn New Kingdom tombs uncovered in Aswan may change the history of Elephantine Island Ahram Online

Native American city on the Mississippi was America's first 'melting pot' EurekAlert

Sardis dig yields enigmatic trove: ritual egg in a pot University of Wisconsin-Madison

Digging on the Dark Side of Vesuvius-Archaeologists are uncovering new finds on the northern slopes of the infamous volcano Popular Archaeology

March 2nd, 2014 Edition

Hopewell skulls pose a mystery Columbus Dispatch
and this Hopewell Headhunters? Ohio Archaeology

Italy Investigating New Collapses in Ancient Pompeii NBC News

March 1st, 2014 Edition

Salvage operation brings to light 1000-year-old mint in Haryana The Hindu

Altamira cave paintings to be opened to the public once again Past Horizons

Human ancestors at West Asian site deemed two species Science News

February 28th, 2014 Edition

Ancient Roman house found in Arezzo ANSAmed

New Dig Seeks To Solve Mysteries of Old Vero Man Site BioNews

The Oldest Human Infectious Disease? MD Anderson Researcher Uncovers Some Ancient Mysteries Of Leprosy BioNews

Second oldest church in Germany uncovered The Local

Fossils offer new clues into Native American's 'journey' and how they survived the last Ice Age EurekAlert

CU-led study says Bering Land Bridge a long-term refuge for early Americans: Population of hundreds or thousands likely lived on land bridge for up to 10,000 years EurekAlert

Polovtsian statues of Eastern Europe Past Horizons

Archaeologists are exposing new finds at the largest Roman period civilian settlement along the Hadrian's Wall frontier Popular Archaeology

New University of Arkansas Geospatial Research Program Meets Critical Need in Archaeology Research; Announces First Awards BioNews

Nine manuscripts with biblical text unearthed in Qumran ANSAmed

February 27th, 2014 Edition

Adventures of 17th-Century Pirate Alliance Uncovered in Ireland Live Science

Storms uncover World War 1 wreck off Cornish coast Cornish Guardian

Nieszawa – a medieval town reconstructed by non-invasive survey Past Horizons

Mystery Incan Mummy's Skull Smashed for Human Sacrifice 500 Years Ago International Business Times

Candelabra found in Ibiza waters offers clues about medieval navigation routes Science Daily

Drought coincided with decline of Indus Civilisation Past Horizons

Spiro Mounds excavations visits to resume in eastern Oklahoma NewsOK

February 22nd to 26th, 2014 Edition

Modern Human Hunter-Gatherer Foraging Patterns May Provide Clues to the Past-Researchers study Hadza hunting and gathering strategies in Africa Popular Archaeology

Shield-wearing skeleton, necklace and grave goods found in early Saxon inhumations Culture 24

Ancient Egyptian papyri discovered at Luther College-Rare early Christian document among the finds Decorah Newspapers

'Microbial Pompeii:' 1,000-year-old plaque preserves bacteria, microscopic particles of food on skeleton teeth Science Daily

Silver Hoop Earrings Found Among Ancient Treasure in Biblical City Live Science

History of Ancient Los Angeles Was Driven by Its Wetlands, 8,000-Year Survey Finds Western Digs

Before They Were Native Americans, They Were Native Beringians? Researchers suggest that early migrants remained on the Bering Land Bridge for as much as 10,000 years before venturing into the Americas Popular Archaeology

Early Christians in Viking Denmark Past Horizons

Caribbean ecosystem reconstructed prior to human settlement Past Horizons

Anglo-Saxon cemetery results question violent invasion theory Past Horizons

Richard III DNA Test Sparks Controversy Live Science\Yahoo News

World's most ancient cheese found in China Fox News

Gladiator School Discovery Reveals Hard Lives of Ancient Warriors-Archaeologists have mapped an ancient gladiator school, where the famed warriors lived, trained, and fought National Geographic

British Storms Unbury an Ancient Welsh Forest National Geographic

February 20th & 21st, 2014 Edition

Were the ancient Greeks and Romans colour blind? ABC News

800 years of Irish history unraveled in N Ireland castle archaeological dig Irish Central

Village excavation turns up a wealth of finds dating back 1,400 years Cambs Times

The Oldest Human Infectious Disease? MD Anderson Researcher Uncovers Some Ancient Mysteries Of Leprosy Bio News

Monster Surf Exposes Rare Petroglyphs in Hawaii Wetsern Digs

Silver Hoop Earrings Found Among Ancient Treasure in Biblical City Live Science

Oldest fortified settlement ever found in North America Science Daily

Mystery of diseases of ancient Mesopotamians Nauka w Polsce

February 19th, 2014 Edition

Amateur treasure hunter finds Roman gold hoard The Local

More on Aztec Dog Burial Discovered Underneath Mexico City Apartment Building (VIDEO) Hispanically Speaking

The Culture of War: Saving history Past Horizons

Great Pyramid at Giza Vandalized to 'Prove' Conspiracy Theory Live Science\Yahoo News

February 17th & 18th, 2014 Edition

'Graffiti' in Mingary Castle thought to be 700 years old BBC News

2,300-Year-Old Village Discovered Outside Jerusalem Jewish Press

Ancient herring catch nets fisheries weakness EurekAlert

Scientists pinpoint the exact source of many of the rocks used to build Stonehenge PhysOrg

Gruesome Beginnings Of Medical Science’s Anatomical Modeling To Be Outlined At Cambridge U. Talk BioNews

Evidence That Biblical Philistines Originated As Migrant “Sea People” From Europe Unearthed In Ancient Jordanian Settlement BioNews

Despite Iraq's troubles, archaeologists are back Chicago Tribune

February 15th & 16th, 2014 Edition

Aztec dog burials puzzle archaeologists Past Horizons

More on SC archeologists race to uncover Civil War prison News & Observer

'Priceless' bronze statue of Greek god Apollo found in Gaza Strip Guardian UK

More on The Hunley: Zeroing in on what caused Civil War submarine's sinking CNN News

Do We Never Learn? Archaeologists play role in study on world food security and effects of climate shock Popular Archaeology

February 14th, 2014 Edition

Divers observe underwater Byzantine basilica discovered in Iznik Lake Hurriyet Daily News

'New’ Luxor mummy is 3,600 years old The Independent UK

‘Active’ Bronze Age woman found in Highland woods The Scotsman

Fossilized mammoth tusk to be removed from Seattle construction site CNN News

What ecosystem greeted the first human settlers in the northern Caribbean? PhysOrg

Update: Native American site leaves Miami in quandary PhysOrg

For Valentine's Day: Tombs of legendary lovers Al-Ahram Weekly

Scientists Create Genetic Map of History Popular Archaeology

February 9th to 13th, 2014 Edition-Back from the flu finally!

Building from 2,200 B.C. found in Ecuadorian capital Global Post

More ancient discoveries in Egypt's Dakahliya: Gallery Ahram Online

Genome of America’s Only Clovis Skeleton Reveals Origins of Native Americans Western Digs
and this Texas A&M Genomics Study of Ancient Skeleton Reveals First Americans Came From Asia Bio News

Southwestern-Style Spear Throwers Identified in the Ozarks Western Digs

Anchor of ages believed found off Whidbey Island South Whidbey Record

From surf to turf: Archaeologists and chemists trace ancient British diets EurekAlert

Giant mass extinction may have been quicker than previously thought EurekAlert

Ancient settlements and modern cities follow same rules of development, says CU-Boulder EurekAlert

Medieval mass grave found near Florence's Uffizi museum ANSAmed

Mysterious code in Viking runes is cracked Science Nordic

Drug References Found on Walls of Ancient Egyptian School Live Science

Spanish, Egyptian Archaeologists Make Discovery That Changes Chronology of the Pharaohs Hispanically Speaking News

Beach burials reveal slaving legacy Past Horizons

The sad fate of war horses in Bar-sur-Aube Past Horizons

Syria's Archaeological Sites Ravaged by Bombing, Looting Discovery

Is an earthquake behind the Shroud of Turin image? Neutron radiation caused by 33 A.D. earthquake could have led to 'wrong' 1988 radiocarbon dating of Shroud, suggest researchers Springer

Gladiator Heads? Mystery of Trove of British Skulls Solved Discovery

Archaeologists Find Evidence of 1,000-Year-Old Wari Tombs Peruvian Times

Archaeologists discovered previously unknown stronghold in Lódz Province Nauka w Polsce

Dating the Uluzzian-Scientists confirm age of a key prehistoric human tool technology in Italy Popular Archaeology

February 7th & 8th, 2014 Edition

Scientists find 800,000-year-old footprints in UK Houston Chronicle
and this Earliest human footprints outside Africa found – in Norfolk Current Archaeology

More on A great discovery: remains of king Alfred or his son found in Winchester? Current Archaeology

A 'smoking gun' on the Ice Age megafauna extinctions EurekAlert

Remains of building may be part of ancient queen's palace Asahi Shimbun

Ancient mastaba tomb found in Egypt's Dakahliya Ahram Online

Aztatlán astronomical observatory linked to sun worship Past Horizons

Near East crossroad of the Palaeolithic now questioned Past Horizons

Dating is refined for the Atapuerca site where Homo antecessor appeared PhysOrg

More on The discovery of a previously unknown ancient Egyptian pharaoh has revealed evidence of a lost 3,600-year-old dynasty Al-Ahram Weekly

February 4th to 6th, 2014 Edition

Centuries-old fabric found in Çatalhöyük Hurriyet News

Ancient California Islanders Relied on Drifting ‘Tarballs’ for Petroleum, Study Finds Wesstern Digs

Finding Israel's First Camels American Friends of Tel Aviv University

The Towers of Ras Al-Khaimah Past Horizons

Prehistoric village found in downtown Miami Miami Herald

Researchers Investigate Archaic Greek City-State in Crete: Archaeologists resume excavations at ancient site in eastern Crete to reconstruct development of early Greek city-state Popular Archaeology

February 1st to 3rd, 2014 Edition

Harappan-era seal found in Rajasthan Hindustan Times

4,600-Year-Old Step Pyramid Uncovered in Egypt Live Science

Resurrecting the Pharaoh’s Solar Boat-Buried for more than 4,500 years, a well-preserved ancient Egyptian funerary barque sees the light of day, aided by archaeologists and Japanese technology Popular Archaeology

Rabbits unearth a trove of New Stone Age treasure at Land's End Independent UK

Mexican archaeologists find remains of nahuatl speaking Caxcan group in Zacatecas Art Daily

Ancient site hope after airborne scanner used in Surrey BBC News

Cultural identity – Celtic and Anglo-Norman realms Past Horizons

Discovery of a maiden crown in Roskilde Cathedral burial Past Horizons

January 30th & 31st, 2014 Edition

Charlemagne's bones are (probably) real The Local

Mirrors may have worked magic in ancient Japanese rituals Asahi Shimbun

6,500-year old tin-bronze from Serbia The Stone Pages

Hunter gatherers gradually moved down-slope Past Horizons

Cardigan Castle: 9,500 artefacts found in archaeological dig BBC News

Achaemenid Inscription Found in Iran's Perspolis Fars News Agency

January 27th to 29th, 2014 Edition

Archaeologists unearth pits where Civil War POWs sheltered themselves at Columbia’s Camp Asylum The State

Remains of Byzantine basilica discovered at the bottom of Lake Iznik Hurriyet News

Ruins of Bustling Port Unearthed at Egypt's Giza Pyramids Live Science

300,000-Year-Old Hearth Found Weizmann Institute of Science

New Poems of Greek Poetess Sappho Recovered Greek Reporter

Examination of Olmec offering from La Venta Past Horizons

Pagan temple remains unearthed under Milan Cathedral ANSA

Blue-Eyed Hunter-Gatherers Roamed Prehistoric Europe, Gene Map Reveals National Geographic

New Clues to Neanderthal-Modern Human Interbreeding Popular Archaeology

January 24th to 26th, 2014 Edition

Papyrus, parchment and paper trails PhysOrg

Excavations in the historical centre of Loulé have revealed the layout of a public bathing complex, one of the most complete on the Iberian Peninsula Portugal News

Archaeology-No evidence of aliens helping ancient cultures Columbus Dispatch

Ancient Roman Infanticide Didn't Spare Either Sex Discovery

New excavations take place at Ilkley's Roman fort Telegraph & Argus

The 'Rising Star Expedition' is rapidly expanding hands-on research on the spectacular early human fossils recovered in late 2013 from a south African cave system Popular Archaeology

Tennessee cave, rock art offers prehistoric perspectives The Tennessean

How the Monuments Men Saved Italy’s Treasures Smithsonian Magazine

January 23rd, 2014 Edition

Ruins in Arizona May Be ‘Lost’ Jesuit Mission Western Digs

Cultural connections with Europe found in ancient Jordanian settlement University of Gothenburg

Carmel cavemen used plants in rituals 13,000 years ago, archaeologists find Haaretz

Hunting fossils in England-Discoveries have been made at Monmouth Beach for more than two centuries Science News

January 22nd, 2014 Edition

1500 year old Church and Mosaic found in Israel Jewish Press

Seashells inspire new way to preserve bones for archeologists, paleontologists EurekAlert

Carthaginians sacrificed own children, archaeologists say Guardian UK

Culture Ministry Completes Work to Protect Chan Chan from Rains Peruvian Times

Stone Age harpoon found on Pacific island Science News

More on Old Norse people drank wine 3,000 years ago Science Nordic

How Matera Went From Ancient Civilization to Slum to a Hidden Gem Smithsonian Magazine

January 20th & 21st, 2014 Edition

Ancient rice uncovered at archaeological site Japan News

Poles discovered an over 8 thousand years old grain storage in Turkey Nauka w Polsce

Tasty Life: Leopard Teeth, Calf Bones Found in Ruins Near Pyramids Live Science

Archaeologists Return to Neanderthal Site in Spain-The rock shelter could hold some keys to understanding the last Neanderthals in southern Europe Popular Archaeology

Mother Nature's Archaeology-World War I tragedies uncovered by melting glaciers in the Italian Alps Popular Archaeology

After 2,000 years, Ptolemy’s war elephants are revealed Science News

The Oswestry Hillfort Pegasus stone Past Horizons

January 18th & 19th, 2014 Edition

Well preserved Iron Age village uncovered in Denmark Past Horizons

Bones from human sacrifice at Tenochtitlan ceremonial complex Past Horizons

New England's 'lost' archaeological sites rediscovered CBS News

Archaeologists discover ancient death chambers used for execution, torture in Bursa Hurriyet News

Paphos excavations uncover ancient bath house Cyprus Mail

January 15th to 17th, 2014 Edition

Ireland’s storms unearth 6,000-year-old dwellings near Galway Irish Central

East Lothian's Broxmouth fort reveals edge of steel-Archaeologists have identified the earliest use of steel in the British Isles from a site in East Lothian BBC News

City of London's grisly decapitated skull mystery solved using state-of-the-art forensic techniques Independent UK

Firefighter's Guildford Stone Age flints lead to major find BBC News

New evidence of 'Nordic grog' discovered in Scandinavia PhysOrg

Mystery Pharaoh Found in Egypt Discovery

Archaeologists Return to Ancient City of Lachish-Following the spectacular discoveries made at Khirbet Qeiyafa, the archaeological team turns its sights on the 10th - 9th century BC layers of a famous ancient Judahite stronghold Popular Archaeology

Researchers target sea level rise to save years of archaeological evidence EurekAlert

Anglo-Saxon remains found during Rushton excavation work BBC News

Archaeologists might have found bone of England's King Alfred the Great Reuters

Genome Study Reveals New Insight on Dog Domestication Popular Archaeology

January 12th to 14th, 2014 Edition

Excavations completed at the 'Hellenistic House' at Kato Paphos Fanagusta Gazette

Archaeologists Discover Rare Ancient Maya Mural in Belize Popular Archaeology

First Dinosaur Remains Found in Saudi Arabia Hispanically Speaking

Longest Ancient Water Tunnel Uncovered in Jerusalem Jewish Press

Carbon dating used to date Adena Mound culture Columbus Dispatch
and this How Old Is The Adena Mound? Ohio Historical Society Archaeology

First farmers and stockbreeders painted with the same pigments that their hunters ancestors EurekAlert

Ancient People Fought Demons and Disasters with Eggs Live Science

Skeleton of 2,000-Year-Old Woman Unearthed In South Florida Huffington Post

Bellingham archaeologist joins hunt for U.S. soldiers' remains on Pacific atoll Bellingham Herald

Last grain stores at Çatalhöyük found Past Horizons

Rare gaming piece found at Anglo-Saxon royal hall Past Horizons

Toxic Wine Might Have Killed Alexander the Great Discovery

Archaeologists Discover Rare Ancient Maya Mural in Belize Popular Archaeology

January 11th, 2014 Edition

Mexican archaeologists pinpoint origin of Aztatlan ceramics Global Post

Bath tunnels of king’s daughters discovered under Turkey’s second largest castle Hurriyet News

Chinese archaeologists uncover 4,000-year-old fortifications NZ Week

Understanding the founding city of the Khmer kingdom Past Horizons

January 9th & January 10th, 2014 Edition

Ancient Greeks Used Portable Grills at Their Picnics Live Science\Yahoo News

Manning the ramparts: a hillfort on the edge of Empire Past Horizons

More on Neolithic Mural in Turkey May Illustrate Ancient Volcanic Eruption Popular Archaeology

Ancient Rock Art in Texas Yields ‘Surprising’ New Finds Western Digs

Race to excavate Alaskan village falling into sea Past Horizons

Work on Olmos Project Turns Up Ancient Sican Cemetery Peruvian Times

Roman Iron Age artifacts and other finds may significantly alter the known history of an area near the northeastern shores of the Gulf of Finland Popular Archaeology

January 5th to January 8th, 2014 Edition

Fate of Ark of the Covenant Revealed in Hebrew Text Live Science

More on 11,000-Year-Old Seafaring Indian Sites Discovered on California Island Western Digs

US diggers identify tomb of Pharoah Sobekhotep I Times Live

Ancient Cambodian city's intensive land use led to extensive environmental impacts EurekAlert

Neolithic mural may depict ancient eruption: Volcanic rock age suggests Catalhoyuk mural may be based on Turkish eruption EurekAlert
and this Neolithic Mural in Turkey May Illustrate Ancient Volcanic Eruption Popular Archaeology

Ancient times table hidden in Chinese bamboo strips-The 2,300-year-old matrix is the world's oldest decimal multiplication table Nature

Searching for the Amazon's Hidden Civilizations Science Magazine

'Ardi' Skull Reveals Links to Human Lineage Science Daily

Dig seeks traces of Civil War battlefield PhysOrg

'Lost' New England Revealed by High-Tech Archaeology National Geographic

Looted Viking treasure is discovered in British Museum store Guardian UK

Uncannily Lifelike Roman Masks Recreated in Wax Live Science

Hunter-gatherer diet caused tooth decay Past Horizons

Understanding the Palace of Nestor Throne Room floor Past Horizons

6000-Year-Old Skeleton Shows Woman Was Buried Pregnant in Bulgaria Novinite

Google Earth Zooms in on Ancient Trade Routes Discovery

Archaeologists Find Human Remains in Walls of Wari Complex Peruvian Times

December 31st, 2013 to January 4th, 2014 Edition

Ancient 'Tchelet' (Blue) Dyed Fabric Found in Judean Desert and Negev Jewish Press

Mexico Subway Dig Turns up Unusual Aztec Offering ABC News

Researchers Uncover Surprising Diets of the Middle and Lower Class in Pompeii Popular Archaeology

King Tut's Mummified Erect Penis May Point to Ancient Religious Struggle Live Science

Minnesota Archaeological dig turns up artifacts 8,000-years-old KARE 11 News

No Scrounging for Scraps: UC Research Uncovers the Diets of the Middle and Lower Class in Pompeii University of Cincinnati

Tomb of chief beer-maker discovered in Egypt's Luxor Ahram Online

Raising a horn to Nordic drinking heritage Past Horizons

Danish finds reveal rare glimpse of Neolithic life Past Horizons

December 28th to 30th, 2013 Edition

Civil War ship found at bottom of Houston Ship Channel yields trove of artifacts Houston Chronicle

New Early Human Site Discovered in Israel-Site could shed additional light on Middle Paleolithic lifeways in the southern Levant Popular Archaeology

The Huaca Maucallacta in Arequipa in danger of being destroyed (PHOTOS) Peru This Week

Portuguese Plumbers Discover Ancient Jewish Ritual Baths Jewish Press

Centuries Before China's 'Great Wall,' There Was Another NPR

Summing up Armenia's archaeological finds for 2013 Armenian News Agency

Scholars study handwritten notes - probably by Copernicus Nauka w Polsce

December 25th to 27th, 2013 Edition

8 very old sites in the New World CNN News

Significance of sun alignment with two Roman monuments Past Horizons

Disease and trauma within collapsing Indus Civilisation Past Horizons

Sweyn Forkbeard: England's forgotten Viking king BBC News

An unidentified royal statue head found in Luxor Ahram Online

Mexican archaeologists explore ancient ceremonial center in the State of Jalisco Art Daily

Nan Madol: the coral reef city Past Horizons

December 23rd & 24th, 2013 Edition

Search for the relics of martyr Queen Ketevan Past Horizons

Archaeologists Uncover 16-Meter Long Inca Canal Outside Cusco Peruvian Times

Western Digs’ Top 5 Archaeology Stories of 2013 Western Digs

Thousand-year-old vineyards discovered in Alava Basque Research

Prehistoric burial site on safer ground now USA Today

Archaeological find shines light on ancient religious rituals Irish Times

Indonesia cave reveals history of ancient tsunamis Washington Post

Wall painting by Ottoman officer found in Haifa Hurriyet News

December 22nd, 2013 Edition

Ancient Ohio cultures were devoted to sun and moon Columbus Dispatch

Momentum gains to unite ancient Cambodian statues PhysOrg

Ochre hand imprint of Homo erectus revealed Past Horizons

December 21st, 2013 Edition

6,000-year-old tombs unearthed in northeast Vietnam Thanh Nien Daily

Storms could reveal new archaeological sites in Scotland BBC News

Amateur archaeologist in Wetumpka finds possible Native American burial site Montgomery Advertiser

Ancient Maya Site Teeters on the Edge of Destruction-The site of Nojol Nah in Belize may disappear before most of its secrets can be uncovered and preserved Popular Archaeology

December 20th, 2013 Edition

Ancient cranial surgery: UCSB bioarchaeologist studies trepanation-a practice of drilling holes in the cranium that dates back thousands of years EurekAlert

Virtual archaeologist at IU turns clock back millennia to uncover secrets of ancient Rome Indiana University

Statues discovered at ancient Hermonthis in Egypt Past Horizons

More on Interbreeding and inbreeding in early populations Past Horizons

Ancient Spider Rock Art Sparks Archaeological Mystery Live Science

New information on early medieval strongholds in central Poland Nauka w Polsce

December 19th, 2013 Edition

Qin armor unearthed at Terracotta site Global Post

A Hidden Treasure Revealed: Rare Tlingit War Helmet Discovered at Springfield Science Museum Springfield Museums

Signs of sailors: Ship graffiti in medieval churches Past Horizons

Egypt’s monuments have continued to fall victim to the political chaos and lack of security in the country Al-Ahram Weekly

Neanderthal Genome Sequence Reveals Interbreeding In Four Early Human Species Popular Archaeology

December 16th to 18th, 2013 Edition

6,000-year-old vegetation found Salisbury Journal

Research team searches treetops for Maya secrets PhysOrg

Early medieval finds in the Lublin region Nauka w Polsce

Ancient Feces From Oregon Cave Aren’t Human, Study Says, Adding to Debate on First Americans Western Digs

Fifth-century church in Roman Forum to reopen to public-Restoration of S. Maria Antiqua church nears completion Wanted In Rome

Inscriptions Everywhere! Magical Medieval Crypt Holds 7 Male Mummies Live Science

Yes, Neanderthals Buried Their Dead, Say Researchers Popular Archaeology

Discovery Pushes Back the Clock on Human Hand Evolution Popular Archaeology

Cat Domestication in China 5,300 Years Ago Popular Archaeology

Before Stonehenge - did this man lord it over Wiltshire's sacred landscape? Independent UK

UNESCO sounds alarm about illicit Syria archeology digs Reuters

December 14th & 15th, 2013 Edition

Ancient Pig-Shaped Baby Bottle Found Discovery

Archaeologists return to controversial Vero site in Florida Past Horizons

Chasing 5th-Century Clues From a Woman’s Tombstone New York Times

Top 10 Discoveries of 2013 Archaeology Magazine

Wars of the Roses bodies found in hotel grounds near Harlech Castle Wales Online

December 13th, 2013 Edition

More on Archaeology vs. Physics: Conflicting roles for old lead GizMag

4.4 million year old horse helps understand hominin habitat Past Horizons

The foundations of 17th century house thought to have been the home of King Charles I’s surgeon have been uncovered on site at a Stratford Broadway redevelopment Newham Recorder

New evidence challenges theories of Rapa Nui collapse Past Horizons

December 11th & 12th, 2013 Edition

Native American masks sold in Paris to be returned to tribes Hurriyet News

Nutrients in food vital to location of early human settlements: The original 'Palaeo-diet' EurekAlert

Ancient dragon kiln unearthed in China Global Post

How archaeology helps wild reindeer Science Nordic

Archaeologists discovered 17th century water collection systems on the Holy Cross Mountain Nauka w Polsce

Mass Grave Shows Evidence of Ancient Cholera Outbreak Popular Archaeology

Ancient gun find predates Captain Cook 7 News Australia

Leopard figure discovered on ancient city walls in Denizli Hurriyet News

Two Ptolomaic tombs uncovered in Al-Qantara East Ahram Online

December 7th to 10th, 2013 Edition

Remains of 3,000-Year-Old Structures Found in Colombia Latin American Herald Tribune

Highway Work Uncovers 900-Year-0ld Fountain in Garden Jewish Press

Chimu-Incan Treasure Trove Found in Peru Contains Sacrificed Women Hispanically Speaking News

Oldest Human Footprints in North America Identified Western Digs

Archaeologists Find Grave of Elite ‘Musician’ from the Chimu Culture Pervian Times

Have We Found the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island? Remote-sensing techniques have unearthed clues to the fate of settlers who mysteriously disappeared National Geographic

Cyprus was very much part of Neolithic revolution Past Horizons

Double graves with headless slaves-Isotope analysis reveals diet of beheaded Viking slaves University of Oslo

Early Jamestown Settlers Reverted to Older Style Technology to Survive Popular Archaeology

Terracotta Warriors Inspired by Ancient Greek Art Live Science

December 6th, 2013 Edition

Neolithic wooden tridents – mystery artefacts Past Horizons

Ancient skeleton found in North Yorkshire sewer trench BBC News

A limestone relief found beneath a residential area in Al-Qantara East Ahram Online

Roman Jupiter donated to Cambridge museum BBC News

Serbian archaeologist finds 4,000-year-old chariot inSerbia

Bead currency used in Australia's first export industry ABC Science

December 4th & December 5th, 2013 Edition

Archaeologists discover 4,500-year-old city in east China Xinhuanet

Mummy Mystery: Multiple Tombs Hidden in Egypt's Valley of Kings Live Science

9000 year old music and alcohol–a powerful mix Past Horizons

DNA from 400,000 year old hominin: a great leap forward Past Horizons

Fragments of 13th century church discovered in Kamien Pomorski Nauka w Polsce

Digging Up George Washington's Pre-Revolutionary War Kitchen Popular Archaeology

Ancient Dogs Found Buried in Pots in Egypt Discovery

December 2nd & December 3rd, 2013 Edition

A limestone relief found beneath a residential area in Al-Qantara East Ahram Online

Plains Indian Fortress With Moat, ‘Underground Apartments’ Unearthed in Oklahoma Western Digs

Archaeologists discover slave artifacts where Ga. highway project will cross plantation site Tribune Town

Researchers call for debate on underwater cultural heritage Past Horizons

Ancient Lead Ingots From Shipwrecks Being Used To Hunt For Dark Matter RedOrbit

Archaeologists discover Chachapoyas sarcophagi in Amazonas, Peru Peru This Week
and this Unique Chachapoyas Sarcophagi Discovered in Amazonas Peruvian Times

'Secret' Labyrinth of Roman Tunnels Mapped Discovery

First: Hasmonean Building Uncovered in the City of David Jewish Press

More on Archaeologist May Have Discovered Earliest Spanish Mission, Alamo’s Original Location Hispanically Speaking News

Guatemala Recovers Mayan Artifact Dating from 250-900 A.D. from U.S. Hispanically Speaking News

New evidence suggests Neanderthals organized their living spaces EurekAlert

Abandoned Ancient Road Pathway to China's History CriEnglish

Skulls in China Reveal Mass Female Sacrifice Discovery

November 28th to December 1st, 2013 Edition

Archaeologists have found a mass grave close to one of Britain's favourite cathedrals Belfast Telegraph

Chinese archaeologists uncover 4,000-year-old fortifications People's Daily

More on Archaeologists Map Neolithic Monument Complex at Damerham, near Stonehenge Sci-News

More on Archaeologists Discover Earliest Buddhist Shrine Time

Egyptian archaoelogists refute claims by German amateurs on Great Pyramid Ahram Online
and this Playing with Egypt’s heritage-Egypt’s ancient heritage has been put at risk by a pair of amateur German archaeologists Al-Ahram Weekly

This could be Alamo story's opening chapter San Antonio Express

Proto-agricultural activity by hunter gatherers found in rock shelter Past Horizons

Cannibal Neanderthal gang in northern Spain ate 12 of their neighbours raw, scientists say Independent UK

Fourth-century CE magistrate statue uncovered in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Sofia Globe

More on ancient artifacts unearthed in Muskrat Falls development-Innu arrowheads, spears date back 3,000 years CBC News

Exeter's Roman Baths, city plans to re-expose early Roman baths Popular Archaeology

Scientists Push Back the Clock on Early Human Finds-New dating indicates early human fossils found in Turkana Basin, East Africa, are older than previously thought Popular Archaeology

November 26th & 27th, 2013 Edition

10,000-year-old house uncovered outside Jerusalem Times of Israel

Archaeologists strip mummies to save ancient clothing in China Zee News

Members of the Cyprus Antiquities Department and injured servicemen and women, working through Britain’s Operation Nightingale, have been excavating a seventh-century basilica InCyprus

Phallic obsidian cache intrigues archaeologists Past Horizons

Neolithic sinkhole uncovered at archaeological site PhysOrg

A Robot Turtle Will Help Underwater Archaeologists to Inspect Shipwrecks Science Daily

Treasure trove reveals Iron Age town Science Nordic

November 24th & 25th, 2013 Edition

Archaeologists Uncover Earliest Evidence of Birth of Buddha-The ancient timber structure links to Buddha nativity and confirms birth in the sixth century BCE Popular Archaeology

The Mystery of the Hanging Garden of Babylon Past Horizons

Archaeologists looking for Stonehenge origins 'are digging in wrong place' Guardian UK

Massive archaeological dig along Highway 38 reveals findings from 10,000 years ago Jerusalem Post

Italian technology to save Egyptian museum papyri ANSA Med

Two thousand years old ironworks village studied in Kanie Nauka w Polsce

In Florida, a spring cleanup yields cornucopia of history CNN News

November 21st to 23rd, 2013 Edition

Uncovering Innu history-More than 40,000 artifacts discovered at Muskrat Falls, Newfoundland The Pilot

Gambling of high-living Anglo-Saxons revealed by archaeological find: Top-quality backgammon piece found at 7th-century habitation site in Kent Guardian UK

In Ruins of Palace, a Wine With Hints of Cinnamon and Top Notes of Antiquity New York Times
and this Archaeologists Uncover One of Civilization's Oldest Wine Cellars Popular Archaeology

Dedication to Lord of Death found at Tehuacan Past Horizons

500 Year-Old Love Letter Found Buried with Korean Mummy International Business Times

More on Texas A&M: Siberian Boy’s 24,000-Year-Old Skeleton Genome Reveals First Native Americans Share European Ancestry BioNews Texas

Archaeologists Uncover Remains of Girl Sacrificed Some 1,500 Years Ago Peruvian Times

Neolithic death ritual includes earliest evidence for European beer Past Horizons

November 20th, 2013 Edition

Shiloh, in Samaria, was the site of the first Tabernacle in Israel- Archaeologists now have found evidence that after Shilo was destroyed and Jews returned, they sacrificed even during the First Temple period Jewish Press

Ancient Siberian genome reveals genetic origins of Native Americans EurekAlert
and this Boy’s Skeleton In Siberia Raises New Questions About First Americans Texas A&M News

Rome ancient frescoes reignite debate over women priests BBC News

Ancient glass illuminates ancient societies Past Horizons

November 19th, 2013 Edition

More on New Clues About Human Sacrifices at Ancient Peruvian Temple National Geographic

Ancient City Discovered Beneath Biblical-Era Ruins in Israel Live Science

Neanderthal String Theory Past Horizons

Another piece in Stonehenge rock source puzzle BBC News

Ancient, Modern DNA Tell Story of First Humans in the Americas Science News

Farmers Invade Luya Archaeological Site in Northern Peru Peruvian Times

Fossil Fragments of Unknown Early Human Come Together Popular Archaeology

November 17th & 18th, 2013 Edition

Archaeologists discover traces of BMAC in northeastern Iran Tehran Times

Deformed, Pointy Skull from Dark Ages Unearthed in France Live Science

Archaeologists Find More Than 600 Ancient Seals And Amulets In Turkey Red Orbit

An ancient city has been uncovered in a Kirsehir village after historical artifact smugglers excavated the area-The city dates back to the Roman era in the second century and home to important artifacts Hurriyet News

New Discoveries in Arizona May Be ‘Game-Changers’ in Mystery of Ancient Culture’s Collapse Western Digs

Scientists disagree on age of Serpent Mound Columbus Dispatch
and this Who Built Serpent Mound? Ohio Historical Society Archaeology

'Meat Mummies' Kept Egyptian Royalty Well-Fed After Death Live Science\Yahoo News
and this Ancient Egyptians Used Organic Compounds to Embalm Meat Mummies Popular Archaeology

Five pharaonic statue heads found in Egypt PhysOrg

'Gate to Hell' Guardians Recovered in Turkey Discovery

Viking runestone found on medieval scholar’s farmland Orkney Jar

Dabki: where hunters met farmers Nauka w Polsce

November 15th & 16th, 2013 Edition

Pyramid-Age Love Revealed in Vivid Color in Egyptian Tomb Live Science

Twelve burnt mounds and Neolithic paddle found at wetland site Past Horizons

Mid-nineteenth century Chinese maps controlled water and directed labour PhysOrg

Study Reveals More Clues to Origins of Domesticated Dog Popular Archaeology

Peru’s Warriors of the Clouds Past Horizons

Archeologists Thrilled by Temple Find Jakarta Globe

November 14th, 2013 Edition

Early uses of chili peppers in Mexico PhysOrg

Light skin gene mirrors socio-cultural boundaries in Indian population Past Horizons

Research Allows Reconstruction of Pre-colonial Landscape in Eastern U.S. Popular Archaeology

Ancient corridor reveals Roman social life traces Hurriyet News

Bronze Age graves discovered near Monreith Galloway Gazette

Statues dating back 3,500 years discovered at Egypt temple Global Post

Nazca archaeological sites in danger near Ica, Peru Peru This Week

Divers recover piece of CSS Georgia Savannah Now

Thousand-year old swordsman rises from the earth YLE Finland

November 12th & 13th, 2013 Edition

Ancient Roman Villa and SPA Discovered by Archaeologists in Greece Greek Reporter

Thieves break into Tomb of King Tu Duc, taking away valuable antiques Vietnam Net

Multiple Ancient Hominids Found on Day 2 of Rising Star Expedition National Geographic

Experts unearth treasures of prehistoric Cambridge at Great Kneighton site Cambridge News

Archaeologists uncover secrets of Portus, once gateway to Rome Guardian UK

Two bracelets found in Leicestershire Roman coffin BBC News

Metal Detectorists, Archaeologists Work Together at Montpelier NBC29 News

November 10th & 11th, 2013 Edition

Written on her bones: the life of a Mixtec woman Past Horizons

More burials from the 12th - 18th century discovered in the oldest Polish school Nauka w Polsce

New Peruvian archaeological finds at Caral, 19 years after its discovery Global Post

Archaeologists discover ruins of Elymais temple in southwestern Iran Tehran Times

Municipal Workers Accidentally Stumble Upon Ancient Tomb in Medellin, Colombia Hispanically Speaking

'Roman child's coffin' opened for first time BBC News

Ancient naval battle rises above the waves Past Horizons

Genetic Study Reveals New Insight into Origins of Our Species Popular Archaeology

November 7th to 9th, 2013 Edition

Preparing for death in Bronze Age Galloway Past Horizons

Peterborough solar farm: Archaeologists unearth Roman finds BBC News

Study Sheds Light on Dawn of Agriculture in Far Northern Climes Popular Archaeology

Roman statue found at underwater palace near Naples Global Post

White-lipped peccary trails lead to archeological discovery in Brazil EurekAlert

Researchers uncover origins of cattle farming in China EurekAlert

November 3rd to 6th, 2013 Edition

Texas A&M Prof Says Discovery Of Alaska Spear Points Raises New Questions About Human Arrival In North America Bio News Texas

Burning rock: Fire setting at the Stone Age Melsvik chert quarries Past Horizons

Stolen Ancient Egyptian shrine recovered Ahram Online

Grammatical structures as a window into the past Past Horizons

Defending Archaeology American Anthopological Association

More on 13 Ancient Villages Discovered in Wyoming Mountains May Redraw Map of Tribal Migrations Western Digs

Mummy's Colorful Collar Found in Egyptian Tomb Live Science

1,000 Year-Old Dog Skeletons Found in Lima, Peru Hispanically Speaking News

Ice proved cool way to move stones for Forbidden City-Ice-lubricated sledges were the most efficient way to transport multi-tonne stones for Beijing’s centre Nature Magazine
and this A Secret to the Building of the Forbidden City Revealed Popular Archaeology

4,500 year-old dwelling found in Turkey-It is the biggest building in Anatolia and Middle East ever found World Bulletin

The Salty Pots of Ur and the Desalination Station Penn Museum

Crashed and Burned: How King Tut Died.....Again Discovery

Ancient helmet found in Gunma Prefect Japan News

Unravelling the social hierarchy within Viking society Past Horizons

Lusatian culture cemetery revealed in Poland Past Horizons

November 1st & 2nd, 2013 Edition

Viking Graves Yield Grisly Find: Sacrificed Slaves Live Science

Unearthed Hittite artifacts in Istanbul break new ground Hurriyet News

Archaeologists discover Indian artifacts dating back to 8,000 B.C. at site in NY's Adirondacks The Republic

Archaeological site revealing 6000 years of occupation Past Horizons

Persian silk in Viking burials Past Horizons

Bali Man Finds 2,000-Year-Old Sarcophagus While Planting Coffee Jakarta Globe

8,000-year-old bone flutes unearthed in Henan China Daily

Resourceful Neanderthals in France-Discoveries at a site in the Middle Rhône Valley reveal behaviorally flexible Neanderthals Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists discover 3,000-year-old religious center in northern Peru Global Post

Did a Mega-Flood Doom Ancient American City of Cahokia? National Geographic

October 31st, 2013 Edition

Peru: Underwater archaeological dig will investigate Pachacamac site Peru This Week

One of the oldest cases of tuberculosis is discovered-Scientists verify the presence of tuberculosis from 7,000 years ago EurekAlert

Ancient Monastery Buried Beneath Thai King’s Tomb in Mandalay The Irrawaddy

Cemetery dating back more than 2500 years studied near Wagrowiec Nauka w Polsce

October 30th, 2013 Edition

Aqueducts’ Defenders Volunteer to Fill Breach in Upkeep of Park New York Times

Pollen Study Points to Drought as Culprit in Bronze Age Mystery New York Times

Archaeologists discover relief artwork of man and bird at Huaca Partida Peru This Week

A woman dodges rocks and Molotov cocktails to protect Peru's ancient sites PRI

Connecting the dots: Harbours and ports of the Roman Empire Past Horizons

A Motherlode Raised from Blackbeard's Pirate Ship Popular Archaeology

US investigates National Geographic over ‘corrupt payments’ to Egypt's keeper of antiquities Independent UK

October 27th to 29th, 2013 Edition

Aphrodite head found in ancient Hierapolis Hurriyet News

Buddhist carvings in Pakistan said to need protection UPI

Bulgaria's Sveshtari Thracian Tomb Celebrated Life Novinite

Drone mapping the pyramids of Zuleta in Ecuador Past Horizons

Mercury contamination legacy of the Californian gold rush Past Horizons

‘Exceptional’ Roman Eagle Sculpture Discovered In London Londonist

Hi-tech explorers set out to map Ancient Rome's aqueducts Times Live

Nazi Death Camp Yields Its Secrets Popular Archaeology

Early stone tool making more sophisticated than originally thought PhysOrg

Fabulous figurines reveal secrets of ancient Africa PhysOrg

'Roman child's coffin' found in Leicestershire BBC News

October 24th to 26th, 2013 Edition

Archeologists discover pre-Incan tomb in Peru Business Standard

How did ancient Greek music sound? BBC News

Bute Park artefacts could shed light on 16th Century Cardiff BBC News

Holy man's dream raises Indian gold treasure hopes Australian Network News

Gunnison’s Tenderfoot holds archeological site Mountain Mail

600-year-old Chimu road destroyed in northern Peru Peru The Week

Crisis comes calling at Ancient Nemea: After four decades of excavating Greece's past, Dr Stephen Miller raises concerns about the country's future eKathimerini

Big Catch of Big Cannons at Blackbeard Shipwreck Site Popular Archaeology

October 22nd & 23rd, 2013 Edition

Dramatic Kinneret Discovery:Climate Crisis Ruined Ancient Empires Jewish Press

A glimpse into Mexico’s past Past Horizons

Ancient Egyptian secret tomb uncovered Fox News

Location of Norse parliament in Dingwall 'confirmed' BBC News

The Ancient Theatre of Sparta in Way of Restoration Greek Reporter

The queen and the sculptor-Egyptologist thinks he has found tomb of artist who created famed bust of Nefertiti Harvard Gazette

Archeological findings from the Aramaic period uncovered in Sweida Syria Online

Ancient Magician's Curse Tablet Discovered in Jerusalem Live Science

Earthworks: Preserving Ohio’s Ancient History WOSU News

The Fort Parker Project: Preserving a Nation’s Memory Past Horizons

Fabulous figurines reveal secrets of ancient Africa PhysOrg

Entombed Etruscan Was Expert Embroiderer Discovery

October 20th & 21st, 2013 Edition

Archaeologists uncover secrets of high-altitude Wyoming villages where Native Americans would go in summer to hunt and collect pine nuts for winter USA Today

One happy family: Dmanisi cave controversy Pasts Horizons

Roman ruins discovered in Alcoutim Portugal News

Oops! Etruscan Warrior Prince Really a Princess Discovery

Polish researchers shed new light on the migrations in the history of Mesopotamia Nauka w Polsce

Legio Excavations Reveal Roman Camp of VIth Ferrata Legion in Judea Popular Archaeology

Preliminary Report on the Results of the 2013 Excavation Season at Tel Kabri(pdf) Dig Kakri

New project aims to reveal archeology around Black Sea Hurriyet News

October 18th & 19th, 2013 Edition

Mass Grave of ‘Prodigal Sons’ in California Poses Prehistoric Mystery Western Digs

King Herod's Tomb a Mystery Yet Again Live Science

Pre-Viking Age Monuments Unearthed Near Burial Ground In Sweden Huffington Post

Unique pre-Viking Age monuments uncovered at Old Uppsala pagan ceremonial site in Sweden Washington Post

Reconstruction of ancient Slavic boat in Rugen Slavorum

October 17th, 2013 Edition

Archaeologists rediscover the lost home of the last Neanderthals Natural Environment Research Council

Archaeologists, volunteers piece together Chinese influence in Jacksonville, Oregon Mail Tribune

Prehistoric human remains uncovered in a grave at Pilot Bay during the construction of the boardwalk have now been identified as two Maori adults and a child Sun Live

Bulgaria archaeologists find ancient wine cellar Focus Information Agency

1.8M-year-old skull gives glimpse of our evolution, suggests early man was single species PhysOrg
and this Skull Find Could Change Picture of Early Human Evolutionary History Popular Archaeology

More on Did the mysterious ancient humans known as the Denisovans successfully cross a deep marine barrier to interbreed with modern humans? Popular Archaeology

October 15th & 16th, 2013 Edition

World's only surviving Bronze Age metropolis in Pakistan faces ruin Telegraph UK

Wiltshire dig reveals frogs' legs eaten by British 8,000 years before French Guardian UK

New Emotional Clues to Human and Ape Evolutionary Links Popular Archaeology

Ancient Syrians favoured buying local to outsourcing production University of Sheffield

Wari, predecessors of the Inca, used restraint to reshape human landscape EurekAlert

Bones to shape stones Past Horizons

King Herod's Tomb A Mystery Yet Again Huffington Post

Rich tomb of the Roman period discovered in Czelin Nauka w Polsce

October 13th & 14th, 2013 Edition

Archaeology: Old farmstead’s garbage is as good as any diary Columbus Dispatch
and this Learning From Ruins: The Tarr Log House Ohio Archaeology

A Viking whitewash Past Horizons

Regional Security Boosts Archeology in Northern Iraq VOA News

Roman villa found near Devizes BBC News

World’s biggest column head found in Balikesir Hurriyet News

Prehistoric Brazil artifacts star in exhibit, spark debate AFP

New Emotional Clues to Human and Ape Evolutionary Links Popular Archaeology

October 10th to 12th, 2013 Edition

Clues to Lost Prehistoric Code Discovered in Mesopotamia Live Science

Experts Discover the Mother of Roman Perfumes On the Mediterranean Coast Science Daily

European hunter-gatherers and immigrant farmers lived side-by-side for more than 2,000 years EurekAlert

Bronze Age Europe – the first Industrial revolution Past Horizons

Genetic Studies Reveal Ancient Makeup of Modern European Populations Popular Archaeology

Getty Villa Examines Life and Legacy of Roman Emperor Tiberius Popular Archaeology

Ancient tombs discovered in China Business Standard

Amesbury dig 'could explain' Stonehenge history BBC News

October 9th, 2013 Edition

Discovery of a 2,700-year-old portico in Greece EurekAlert

In Bolivia, Archeologists Find 1,500-Year-Old Bones And Skulls In Lake Titicaca Huffington Post

UW archaeologists have discovered legion barracks in Bulgaria Nauka w Polsce

Were the First Artists Mostly Women? Three-quarters of handprints in ancient cave art were left by women, study finds National Geographic

Ancient Archeological Sites That Were Destroyed By Stupid Humans io9

October 8th, 2013 Edition

300-year-old manuscript found in a heap of garbage Jewish Press

Gravetop Sundial Reveals Lost Civilization's Tech Savvy Live Science

New information is discovered about the ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews PhysOrg

Proof of Human Migration from Sweden to Poland During the Early Bronze Age Science Daily

Butchering Circa 10,000 B.C. Discovery

More on New archaeoastronomical alignments found at Machu Picchu Past Horizons

Brooch of Tutankhamun Holds Evidence of Ancient Comet Popular Archaeology

October 7th, 2013 Edition

Province's archaeological sites threatened, group says-Province assessing 'at-risk' historical sites CBC News

Dig reveals 1,500-year-old midden near Barrow-Iñupiat Sod House Excavated in Alaska Arctic Sounder

Greeks hope to save ancient road on subway site PhysOrg

Butchering Circa 10,000 B.C. Discovery

Shock Bronze Age find 'changes history'-Archaeologists in northern Sweden have located the remains of a farm from the Bronze Age, a find which challenges the established history of the area The Local

Polish archaeologists in Iraq saved a unique 4500 years old monument Nauka w Polsce

Ancient Date Palm Tree Flourishes Again-After 2,000 years, a seed recovered by archaeologists becomes a tree Popular Archaeology

More Findings Emerge from Oldest Known Hominin Fossils Outside of Africa Popular Archaeology

October 6th, 2013 Edition

Karaganda archaeologists discover Saka-era granite sculpture Tengri News

Evidence unearthed of Richard III's lost chapel Darlington & Stockton Times

Human brain boiled in its skull lasted 4000 years New Scientist

The World as They Knew It-The Legacy of Greco-Roman Mapmaking New York Times

Archaeologists Looking for a Sultan’s Buried Heart Found a Whole Town Instead Smithsonian

Gamers take aim at ancient Pictish stone puzzle The Scotsman

October 4th & 5th, 2013 Edition

Engraved Penises Reveal Birth Date of Italian City Discovery

Two Finds Have Archaeologists Asking Questions at Jamestown-Two deep postholes indicate a major 17th century structure in early colonial Jamestown Popular Archaeology

Sixteenth-Century Inn Uncovered in Turkey Hurriyet News

1500 year old Swedish fortress massacre revealed Past Horizons

Franklin searchers find bones, artifacts but no ships CBC News\Yahoo News

October 1st to 3rd, 2013 Edition-Not sure what happened to the Oct.1 posts previously sent up!

Long-Hidden Sites Discovered in the Southwest May Change Views of Ancient Migrations Western Digs

Source of Mysterious Medieval Eruption Identified Science Magazine
and this Scientists Reveal Source of Medieval Europe's 'Year Without Summer-The massive 13th century volcanic eruption could also lead to a forgotten 'Pompeii of the Far East' Popular Archaeology

Ancient Musqueam village, burial site saved in Vancouver-The Marpole Midden site in South Vancouver has been sold to the Musqueam First Nation CBC News

Roman skulls washed down lost London river BBC News

Ancient farming populations went boom, then bust-Agriculture's introduction led to big falls as well as rises in numbers of Europeans Science News

Melting Snow Reveals Ancient Bow and Arrows in Norway Live Science

Kootenay pictographs vandalized with paintball pellets CBC News

Early Clovis knew their land and stone PhysOrg

Vikings May Have Been More Social Than Savage Science Daily

Jewish Prayer Book Predates Oldest Torah Scroll Discovery

Famous Pirate Ship Emerges, Piece by Piece Popular Archaeology

9000 year old de-fleshing ritual revealed in the Philippines Past Horizons

Life-size statue of king Ramses II found in Sharkiya: Newly unearthed statue of king Ramsess II in Tel-Basta suggests that Nile Delta town was home to great nineteenth dynasty temple Ahram Online

6,000-Year-Old Wine Found In Greece; Ancient Samples May Be Oldest Unearthed In Europe Huffington Post

September 30th, 2013 Edition

Ancient city of Iasos rises out of the ashes Hurriyet News

Kenyan pastoralists move away from ancient cattle herding tradition Past Horizons

Huge Chichester stone could be head of Roman Emperor Nero, say archaeologists Culture 24

Six medieval bridge crossings were discovered in Mazury Nauka w Polsce

Ancient Kingdom Discovered Beneath Mound in Iraq Live Science

Heritage sites being left at mercy of planners, archaeologists warn-Budget cuts will leave future generations with a lost legacy of historic heritage as there was no one there to protect it Independent UK

September 28th & 29th, 2013 Edition

Anthropologists confirm link between cranial anatomy and two-legged walking PhysOrg

Roman ruins could have been a temple Petersfield Post

Archaeology: Bulgaria’s 2013 season draws to a close Sofia Globe

Ancient human remains in Palawan reveal ritual burial, possible cannibalism GMA News

Archaeologists explore the last capital of the Mochica in Northern Peru Peru This Weeek

New Finds Uncovered at Ancient Greek Site of Argilos Popular Archaeology

September 27th, 2013 Edition

Maryport settlement dig reveals shop and Roman road Past Horizons

Keyhole, Wyoming dig finds artifacts as early as 280-460 AD Houston Chronicle

2500-Year-Old Horse Remains in Bulgaria Suggest Creatures Were Buried Upright Novinite

Archaeologists search for West Texas village Houston Chronicle

Archaeologists study DNA of human remains in Lambayeque, Peru Peru This Week

September 26th, 2013 Edition

Genetic link shown between Indian subcontinent and Mesopotamia Past Horizons

Bronze Age 'boat building' discovery in Monmouth BBC News

Archaeologists unearth section of an Anglo Saxon cross in Weardale The Northern Echo

September 25th, 2013 Edition

Rats! Diet of Easter Islanders Revealed Live Science

An international team of archaeologists led by experts from the University of York has uncovered evidence of human activity in the high slopes of the French Alps dating back over 8000 years University of York

Eleutherna, the heart of Crete eKathimerini

Neolithic stone puts spotlight on Perthshire glen’s ancient history The Courier

5,000-Year-Old Leopard Trap Discovered in Israel Live Science

Buried Roman theatre sets the stage for new understanding of ancient town Past Horizons

Ancient Egyptian Fortress Yields New Finds-Archaeologists at the ancient Egyptian fortress at Jaffa in Israel uncover new clues to understanding a monumental city gate complex Popular Archaeology

September 24th, 2013 Edition

Team Uncovers More Archeological Treasures in Southern Turkey-Statue head of goddess Aphrodite, mosaic temple floor more evidence of Roman influence in the region NewsWise

Cyprus archeological dig makes fantastic discoveries-Archeological excavations near Erimi village in Limassol revealed significant knowledge and findings of the Bronze Age Famagusta Gazette

Archaeologists find Chimú tomb in Lambayeque Peru This Week

Math explains history: Simulation accurately captures the evolution of ancient complex societies EurekAlert

Hurlers stone circles pathway uncovered on Bodmin Moor BBC News

Warfare the Key to Evolution of Complex Society? Popular Archaeology

Ancient Egyptian Fortress Yields New Finds-Archaeologists at the ancient Egyptian fortress at Jaffa in Israel uncover new clues to understanding a monumental city gate complex Popular Archaeology

The First Great Human Population Explosion-It began with hunter-gatherers, not herders and farmers, says this genetic study Popular Archaeology

September 22nd & 23rd, 2013 Edition

Archaeological dig seeks evidence of the very first islanders' arrival This is Cornwall

UC Davis research finds Neandertals, not modern humans, made first specialized bone tools in Europe US Davis

Goddess Aphrodite statue unearthed in Turkey Deccan Herald

Heat, dust and history in the sand as the riddle of Masada was uncovered Guardian UK

Animal Sacrifice Powered Ancient Jerusalem's Economy Live Science

Mycenean Palace and Linear B Tablets Discovered in Sparta Area Greek Reporter

How Third-Century China Saw Rome, a Land Ruled by 'Minor Kings' Smithsonian

Remains of ancient Ottoman town found in Hungary News Daily

Skeleton of Ancient Prince Reveals Etruscan Life Discovery

Archaeologists Reveal Evidence of Two Major Destructions at Biblical Site Popular Archaeology

Cave Paintings Among the Oldest in Europe Popular Archaeology

September 19th to 21st, 2013 Edition

Australian archaeologists seek to solve mystery of the lost city of Zagora The Australian

UT Archaeologists Uncover Lost Roman Outpost in Southern Jordan University of Tennessee

Odd tale of headless Norse men: Slaves buried with the rich USA Today

Giant Prehistoric Elephant Slaughtered by Early Humans Science Daily

Hidden life of the slave in Pompeii Past Horizons

Archaeologists unearth earliest complete human figurine in Cyprus Cyprus Mail

Spectacular tombs from the early Middle Ages discovered in Burdag Nauka w Polsce

Rarely Seen Mesoamerican Artifacts Revealed Popular Archaeology

September 18th, 2013 Edition

Ancient nit comb found at castle dig News Wales

Developers destruction of Pre-Inca pyramid goes unpunished Past Horizons

Polish archaeologists discovered a Roman garrison commander's house in the Crimea Nauka w Polsce

Archaeologists discover Inca ruins in Nazca, Peru Peru This Weeks

Finnish archaeologist digs up ancient civilization in Brazil YLE

September 15th to 17th, 2013 Edition

More on Artifacts in northern Quebec could be 7,000 years old CBC News

Egyptian Mummies Set on Fire in Morsi Ousting Riot International Business Times

Biblical-Era Town Discovered Along Sea of Galilee Live Science

Epic Fire Marked ‘Beginning of the End’ for Ancient Culture of Cahokia, New Digs Suggest Western Digs

Mt. Zion dig reveals possible second temple period priestly mansion EurekAlert

Who was eating salmon 45,000 years ago in the Caucasus? PhysOrg

Warrior grave found in excavation Gazette News

Modern Humans in India Earlier Than Previously Thought? Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists discover remains of ancient church in York city centre Culture 24

Archaeologists discover: God's wife? Israel is touted as the birthplace of monotheism, but mounting evidence suggests that the Israelites, and later the Judahites - like their neighbors - worshiped a pantheon Haaretz

Iron age horse found as Norway glacier melts The Local

September 14th, 2013 Edition

Underwater survey in Tamil Nadu to verify Ptolemy’s account Deccan Chronicle

Ancient sportsmen took doping too, findings show-Archaeological research in western Anatolia shows doping in sports was a common – and acceptable – part of athletic competition in ancient Greece Hurriyet News

More on China finds ancient tomb of 'female prime minister' BBC News

September 13th, 2013 Edition

Uros people found to have distinctive genetic ancestries Past Horizons

Dating of Beads Sets New Timeline for Early Humans Science Daily

Poznan archaeologists back in Iraq Nauka w Polsce

September 12th, 2013 Edition

Paleorivers across Sahara may have supported ancient human migration routes EurekAlert

Lakeshore archeology dig finds artifacts from 4,000 years ago (With video) Windsor Star

10,000 year old bones are earliest from northern Britain Past Horizons

Land of the tomb raiders: Bulgaria is trying to claw back tens of thousands of ancient artefacts plundered from its historic sites in a £25m-a-year export racket Independent UK

Tomb found of ancient Chinese female plotter and lover South China Morning Post

Stone me! It’s Britain’s newest stone circle Whitehaven News

Laser Technology Reveals Mysterious New Features at Angkor Popular Archaeology

Roman artifacts enough to fill a museum in Siirt Hurriyet News

September 11th, 2013 Edition

Stonehenge ditch discoveries prove archaeology link to River Avon true Culture24

New passage-tomb discovery near Newgrange Past Horizons

Extraordinary kurgan burial shines new light on Sarmatian life Past Horizons

Face-to-face: Skull study shows variation of pre-Columbian cultures in Mexico PhysOrg

'Bull ring' was silver Viking ring treasure BBC News

Archaeologists Uncover Hidden Structures in Ancient Maya City Through New Technology Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists Recover Ancient Boat Near Great Pyramid in Egypt Popular Archaeology

Astronomical observatory discovered in Machu Picchu Nauka w Polsce

September 8th to 10th, 2013 Edition

Byzantine Era Golden Treasure Uncovered at Foot of Temple Mount Jewish Press

Clovis spearpoints likely were all-purpose tools Columbus Dispatch
and this Clovis Points – Paleoindian Boy Scout Knives? Ohio Archaeology

More learned about 1,200 year old village site on National Guard property Missouri Net

New 10 second sourcing technology set to transform archaeology University of Sheffield

12,000 year old lineage of the first settlers in the Americas Past Horizons

More on Egypt wasn't built in a day, but it did rise quickly-New timeline of ancient civilization's earliest days finds little time between earliest villages and dominant centralized state Science News

'Early Pictish Royal remains' discovered at Rhynie BBC News

Archeologists date human femur found in northern Britain to 10,000 years ago PhysOrg

Mount Sinai monastery latest victim of Egypt's upheavals-Closure of St Catherine's monastery due to security concerns has devastated tourist trade of nearby town named after it Guardian UK

Ur Digitization Project: August 2013-Reconstructing Excavation Processes Penn Museum

Field teeming with Bronze Age gold rings Science Nordic

Path of a Tyrant: Uncovering Genghis Khan's Lost Legacy-As competing researchers race to locate Genghis Khan's tomb, discoveries by German and Mongolian archaeologists are shedding light on his son Ögödei's equally impressive accomplishments Spiegel

7000-year-old defensive wall emerges near Bulgaria’s Shoumen Sofia Globe

Maya dismembered their enemies: Researchers at the University of Bonn discover a 1,400-year old mass grave at Uxul, Mexico EurekAlert

Roman soldier’s chain mail found at battle site Past Horizons

More on Gold Hoard Discovered Near Temple Mount in Jerusalem Popular Archaeology

Pagan-era rock tombs unearthed in southeastern part of Turkey Huriyet News

September 7th, 2013 Edition

First world war model battlefield to be dug up-Archaeologists will begin charting site in Staffordshire, the only example of its kind left in Britain Guardian UK

The blue-white ceramics of China and Iznik Hurriyet News

More on Carbon dating shows ancient Egypt's rapid expansion New Scientist

Major archaeological dig to begin in northern Peru Peru This Week

September 5th & 6th, 2013 Edition

Remains of first religious structure discovered in Central Anatolia Hurriyet News

New microplasma source excites matter in controlled way, may revolutionize how archaeologists date objects in the field PhysOrg

Lost Tudor Sculptures Reassembled With Help from 3-D Scanning Science Daily

Toxic Gas First Used in Syria 1,700 Years Ago Discovery

George Washington's Incredible Garbage Dump Popular Archaeology

Authorities Recover 216 Archaeological Items Stolen During Clash in Egypt Hispanically Speaking

September 4th, 2013 Edition

New timeline for origin of ancient Egypt BBC News

Richard III had roundworm infection, scientists claim Guardian UK

UK treasure hunters make archeologists see red Deutsche Welle

Melting Snow Reveals Iron Age Sweater Discovery

Archaeologists discover burials from the Roman period in Czelin Nauka w Polsce

Modern Humans Were in China Much Earlier Than Previously Thought Popular Archaeology

August 31st to September 3rd, 2013 Edition

Striking Patterns: Skill for Forming Tools and Words Evolved Together Science Now

Bones from Neolithic era found in Turkey's Hasankeyf Hurriyet News

Bulgarian archaeologists find ‘twin’ of Sozopol ‘vampire’ at Perperikon Sofia Globe

Burning rock! Experiments with fire setting at the Stone Age Melsvik chert quarries in Northern Norway Per Storemyr Archaeology & Conservation

Evidence of Production of Luxury Textiles and Extraction of Copper from Unknown Part of Cypriote Bronze Age City University of Gothenburg

Archeological mystery on the shore of James Bay The Star

Declassified spy photographs reveal lost Roman frontier PhysOrg

African genes tracked back-Method extends archaeological and linguistic data by tracing early human migration Nature

The Diet of Pyramid Builders: What Did They Eat? Science Blog

UN: Syria's ancient history faces new threats PhysOrg

Prehistoric Climate Shift Linked to Cosmic Impact Science Daily

Excavations Underway At The Largest Hillfort In Britain Past Horizons

Italy calls for German assistance as Pompeii falls further into ruin-German archaeologists to use nanotechnology as Italians come under pressure from Unesco over vandalism Guardian UK

Valuable findings of Polish archaeologists in Sudan Nauka w Polsce

Generosity Leads to Evolutionary Success, Say Researchers Popular Archaeology

Grisly Mass Grave in Utah Cave Is Evidence of ‘Prehistoric Warfare,’ Study Says Western Digs

Laser technology captures Aboriginal rock art in Kakadu National Park Past Horizons

New Dates on 'King Solomon-Era' Copper Mines Israel Hayom

New Acadia Project could rewrite region's history Town Talk

August 31st, 2013-No news until Tuesday: I'm out of here and don't know if I will have a connection

August 30th, 2013 Edition

First Scottish Iron Age 'loch village' found in Wigtownshire BBC News

Repairing and rebuilding Timbuktu’s cultural heritage Past Horizons

Melting Snow Reveals Iron Age Sweater Discovery

Valuable findings of Polish archaeologists in Sudan Nauka w Polsce

More on Fort Palisade Lines and Early Planting Uncovered at 1607 James Fort Popular Archaeology

August 29th, 2013 Edition

Plea to save ancient Georgian gold mine from total destruction Past Horizons

19th-Century Samurai Training Text Deciphered Live Science

Four thousand year old sheepskin recovered from burial cist in Sutherland Past Horizons

More on Hidden shell middens reveal ancient human presence in Bolivian Amazon EurekAlert

1,300-year-old monastic site hailed the new Clonmacnoise by archaeologists Irish Independent

19th-Century Shipwreck Off N.J. Coast Identified Discovery

Mexican archaeologists discover twenty-eight flint knives adorned as warriors Art Daily

August 27th & 28th, 2013 Edition

Work completed on historic sunken Yenikapi ships in Istanbul Hurriyet News

European hunter-gatherers owned pigs as early as 4600BC EurekAlert

Excavations at Byzantine castle in Istanbul reveal 80 artifacts Hurriyet News

Archeologists discover two stone sculptures at Chavin de Huantar in Ancash Peru This Week

Bulgarian archaeologists find Roman-era frigidarium in Bourgas Sofia Globe

Canaanite Alter Discovered in Northern Israel Jewish Press

Neolithic settlement reconstructed Past Horizons

Revealing the mysteries of Kosovo’s Roman ruins EuroNews

Archaeologists discovered a unique woman figurine in Silesia Nauka w Polsce

Proof of ancient farming at Winnipeg Forks-400,000 artifacts found at historic site including fragments of hoes, squash knives CBC News

Possible Griffin shipwreck artifact to get CT scan to determine age Detroit Free Press

2,000-Year-Old Bear Ring Found In Siberia, Used In Ancient ‘Bear Cult’ International Business Times

Scientists Discover Earliest Human Presence in Bolivian Amazon Popular Archaeology

August 26th, 2013 Edition

Innovative studies of Polish archaeologists in Colorado Nauka w Polsce

Feasting and fighting: the long-lost secrets of Beowulf-Archaeologists in Denmark have excavated the sixth-century great dining hall at the centre of the epic work Independent UK

Lincoln Castle archaeologists to extract sarcophagus BBC News

August 24th & 25th, 2013 Edition

Pictures: Looters Shatter Museum of Ancient Egyptian Treasures National Geographic

This 1,600-Year-Old Goblet Shows that the Romans Were Nanotechnology Pioneers Smithsonian

Oregon Trail damaged in south-central Idaho Idaho Press

Artifacts in northern Quebec could be 7,000 years old CBC News

One Mummy Many Coffins Past Horizons

August 23rd, 2013 Edition

More on Archaeologists Find Israel Was Land of Milk, Honey – and Cinnamon Jewish Press

Montana State University students unearth artifacts in Virginia City The Republic

Excavations begin in Turkey's Ani ancient city Hurriyet

Rare Southern Arabian Artifacts Find Home at Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery-History Preserved in Sand Reveals Clues to the Ancient Qataban Civilization Popular Archaeology

Ancient Libyan necropolis threatened by real estate speculators France24

Earliest Signs of Agriculture Uncovered at Historic Jamestowne Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

Tomb find confirms powerful women ruled Peru long ago PhysOrg

Saving Egypt’s heritage-How have Egypt’s monuments and museums fared in the ongoing violence Al-Ahram Weekly

Fossil Insects Tweak Date of Deadly 'Atlantis' Eruption-Bean weevils are key to figuring out mystery of event that destroyed a civilization National Geographic

Groundbreaking discovery of archaeologists in Wloszczowa Nauka w Polsce

Prohibition Time Capsule Found in New Jersey Estate NJ Online

August 21st & 22nd, 2013 Edition

Torpedo Shot from USS Iowa in 1899 Surfaces Military News

Early South Americans conquered the Atacama desert New Scientist

Archaeologists race to save Gaza's ancient ruins STLToday

Newly unearthed ruins challenge views of early Romans PhysOrg

Oldest Globe of New World Carved on Ostrich Eggs? National Geographic

Ancient stone circle discovered in Ukraine Nauka w Polsce

The Race to Save Petra From Its Own Success Skift

Fragments of Mayan Jaguar Sculptures Found in El Salvador Latin American Herald Tribune

Lewis Canyon Petroglyph Site – Gigapan Images Past Horizons

Prehistoric Meteorite ‘Shrines’ in Arizona May Be Linked, Says Archaeo-Astronomer Western Digs

Archaeologists uncover lost Roman outpost in southern Jordan PhysOrg

More on Meteorite Beads Oldest Example of Metalwork National Geographic

Prehistoric Europeans Spiced Up Their Food-Ancient pottery residues provide evidence of garlic mustard seed used as spice over 6,000 years ago Popular Archaeology

August 20th, 2013 Edition

14th-century poison ring found near Bulgaria’s Kavarna Sofia Globe

Evidence of 3,000-Year-Old Cinnamon Trade Found in Israel Live Science

Egypt's devastating museum looting latest casualty Boston Globe

TAU Archaeologists Find Massive Fortifications from the Iron Age American Friends of Tel Aviv University

First colonisers of the Faroe Islands were not the Vikings Durham University

Oldest 'Bog Body' Found with Skin Intact Discovery

Prehistoric Native American Diversity in California Shaped by Environment, Say Researchers Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists discover hidden slave tunnel beneath Hadrian’s Villa The Telegraph UK

Mayan Sculpture Remains Found in El Salvador’s Cihuatan Archaeological Park Hispanically Speaking News

Rome’s Start to Architectural Hubris New York Times

2,000-year-old ancient skeleton mask discovered in Turkey Hurriyet News

August 17th to 19th, 2013 Edition

Prophet Abraham's lost city found in Turkey's Kilis Hurriyet News

3,000-year-old nomad shields excavated in China Business Standard

Excavation reveals largest trove of Yup'ik artifacts Anchorage Daily News

2,700 Year Old Inscription in the City of David Jewish Press

Handaxe design reveals distinct Neanderthal cultures EurekAlert

New and cheaper method to screen ancient bones for DNA Past Horizons

Poole Swash Channel Wreck: Rudder brought ashore BBC News

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends of antiquity Hurriyet News

Polish archaeologists discovered medieval coins on Bornholm Nauka w Polsce

Corps archaeologists study Missouri River's past News & Observer

Nara researcher finds oldest weights in Japan Japan Times

August 15th & 16th, 2013 Edition

Assyrian fortress found in Ashdod Jewish Press

Oldest Gaming Tokens Found in Turkey Discovery News

More on Climate change may have caused demise of Late Bronze Age civilizations Los Angeles Times

Macaque stone tool use under threat in Thailand Past Horizons

Part of 14th Century Ottoman commander’s armour found at Bulgaria’s Perperikon Sofia Globe

Roman temple clues found during dig in Conwy Valley BBC News

Finding lost cities of the Maya Past Horizons

Kosovo Hails Discovery of Ancient Roman Site Balkan Insight

World's oldest temple built to worship the dog star New Scientist

Ancient artefact gets a good bake PhysOrg

Burren archaeological discovery of woman and two children 'very significant' Irish Times

Peru's Drones Used For Agriculture And Archaeology Huffington Post

August 13th & 14th, 2013 Edition

Ancient ammunition found at Mingary Castle The Scotsman

Thousands of artifacts found in Silver Springs ABC News

DNA reveals details of the peopling of the Americas-Migrants came in three distinct waves that interbred once in the New World Science News

Mini-Colosseum of 'Gladiator' Emperor Found Discovery

Meadowcroft Revisited: Archaeologists Return To Excavate Storm Damaged Site Past Horizons

Earliest Specialized Neanderthal Bone Tools Discovered-Finds said to be earliest evidence of Neanderthals shaping bone to create standardized bone tools Popular Archaeology

Badger digs up medieval warrior graves The Local

New CU-Boulder led research effort dates oldest known petroglyphs in North America EurekAlert

Human occupation of Madagascar pushed back 2500 years Past Horizons

Archaeologist locates the real location of the Battle of Bosworth PhysOrg

Mexican Experts to Reconstruct Face of Pre-Columbian Man Hispanically Speaking News

August 10th to 12th, 2013 Edition

Huge old columns found underground in ancient city of Laodicea Hurriyet News

Mystery dagger molds imply ancient links to northern China Asahi Shimbun

Ancient ship to set sail again to Egypt Hurriyet News

More on Mysterious Byzantine dump puzzles archaeologists Past Horizons

Analysis of ancient glass beads from cult site in Germany Past Horizons

Laois ‘bog body’ said to be world’s oldest-4,000-year-old remains were discovered on Bord na Móna land in Co Laois in 2011 Irish Times

Archaeological Census Reveals Human Presence in Cuba 8,000-10,000 Years Ago Latin American Herald Tribune

Head of a goddess statue discovered in Aegean province Hurriyet News

August 9th, 2013 Edition

The day before death: A new archaeological technique gives insight into the day before death EurekAlert

NYC becomes archaeological site covering centuries PhysOrg

Vikings ‘ransacked Church gold for jewellery’ Irish Examiner

Ancient art fills in Egypt's ecological history Nature

August 6th to 8th, 2013 Edition

Stunning Maya sculpture unearthed from buried pyramid USA Today

Hoard of 1500 year old gold coins found in ancient garbage dump Jewish Press

People of India Today a Mixture from the Pre-Caste Era, Say Scientists-Genetic study sheds light on the history of today's Indian population Popular Archaeology

Herzliya Byzantine-era find sheds light on ancient Samaritans’ lives Jerusalem Post

Idaho gets grant to study Bear River Massacre site KTVB News

London railway tunneling yields archaeological trove of ancient artifacts and long-dead Londoners CBS News

More on Tomb of a Powerful Moche Priestess-Queen Found in Peru National Geographic

August 5th, 2013 Edition

An archaeologist’s dream: Exploring Camp Asylum The State

Bulgarian Archeologists Uncover Large Votive Relief of Zeus Novinite

Alabama Prof. Uncovers 1,500 year old village in northern Israel Jewish Press

Ancient Crusader Hospital Uncovered in Old City of Jerusalem Jewish Press

Cambyses’ Lost Army and the Physics of Sandstorms Scientific American

Secrets of the tiny, unspoilt Lesser Cyclades islands unveiled Kathimerini

One of the world's oldest breweries reconstructed Nauka w Polsce

More on Neanderthals Found in Greece Popular Archaeology

August 4th, 2013 Edition

Bow and arrow forever changed ancient cultures Columbus Dispatch
and this Social Complexity and the Bow and Arrow in Ancient Ohio Ohio Archaeology

More on Archaeologists hope to recover portion of Meadowcroft Rockshelter Observer Reporter

Mycenaean artifacts found in Bodrum Hurriyet News

Rich Thracian tomb with lion-goat ornament discovered in Sliven Standart News

Dig reveals full extent of convicts' mass grave on Spike Island Irish Examiner

August 3rd, 2013 Edition

AP PHOTOS: Settlement of merchants from pre-Islamic history slowly rises from Bahrain sands Washington Post

Oldest Human Fossil in Western Europe Found in Spain Popular Archaeology

More on A village believed to be at least 200 years old has been uncovered in Alaska USA Today

August 1st & 2nd, 2013 Edition

Ancient Feathered Shield Discovered in Peru Temple Live Science

Mercyhurst team headed to storm-damaged Meadowcroft GoErie

Moche Mural in Peru Revealed in Stunning Detail National Geographic

Neolithic engraved stone discovered at the Ness of Brodgar Past Horizons

The village people: An early history of neighbourly disputes Past Horizons

Researchers Shed New Light on Genetic Adam and Eve Popular Archaeology

Texas A&M University at Galveston’s research scientists and archaeologists and students have joined National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) experts in investigating a 200-year-old shipwreck located about 150 miles from Galveston Texas A&M University

Honduras Opens Mayan Fortress to Public Hispanically Speaking News

Archaeologists Uncover Pre-Contact Inupiat Village Near Kiana Alaska Public Media

Archaeologists in Morelos find a Pre-Hispanic oven meant for ceramic production Art Daily

July 31st, 2013 Edition

Mexican archaeologists find the bow of a 210-year-old canoe in the State of Baja California Art Daily

Russian Envoy Urges Archaeology Dig in California Past Horizons

Roman skeletons discovered in Gloucester BBC News

Pike's Cantonment dig unveils new evidence Stars and Stripes

Archaeology: The milk revolution-When a single genetic mutation first let ancient Europeans drink milk, it set the stage for a continental upheaval Nature

July 27th to 30th, 2013 Edition

Kooskia Internment Camp Discovered In Mountains Of Idaho Huffington Post

Traces of 'lost village' found in Nottinghamshire BBC News

Mystery deepens in coffin-within-a-coffin found at Richard III site EurekAlert

Find helps scientists map waves of migration across the continents PhysOrg

Edirne Palace restorations reveal Ottoman era culture Hurriyet Daily News

Walrus Bones Found in Old London Burial Ground Live Science via Discovery

Severed Head Offering Found in Aztec Temple Past Horizons

Polish archaeologists and restorers returned from Marina el-Alamein Nauka w Polsce

Stone Tools in India Have Implications for Early Dispersal of Modern Humans Out of Africa, Say Researchers Popular Archaeology

8,000 year old campsite discovered along Minnesota River in Chanhassen Star Tribune

Two 6,000-year-old 'halls of the dead' unearthed, in UK first EuerkAlert

Brief: Mummified Incan teen drank, did drugs-Girl, who was sacrificed, may have been sedated by alcohol, coca leaves Science News

July 26th, 2013 Edition

Western Australia’s archaeology beneath the waves Past Horizons

Replica of 10,000 year old mesolithic dwelling built by UCD experimental archaeologists on campus PhysOrg

Medieval Mansion Found at U.K. Construction Site Discovery

In Easton, archaeologists hope to uncover earliest free African-American settlement Baltimore Sun

July 25th, 2013 Edition

Archaeologists dig up backyard of living museum at Hull House PhysOrg

Ancient Technology for Metal Coatings 2,000 Years Ago Can't Be Matched Even Today Science Daily

Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Roman Capital in Macedonia Popular Archaeology

Archaeological finds reveal prehistoric civilization along Silk Road Global Times

Artifact Trove on Deepest Shipwreck Explored off U.S. National Geographic

Archaeologists uncover English ship remains in Maryland WTOP News

Archaeologists Continue Searching for 'First Humans' in Europe at Atapuerca Site in Spain Hispanically Speaking News

July 24th, 2013 Edition

Remains of Duck-Billed Dinosaur Found in Coahuila, Mexico, Lived 72 Million Years Ago Hispanically Speaking

Oldest European fort in inland USA discovered in Great Smoky Mountains, 450 Years after it was destroyed by Native American tribesmen Mail Online
and this Oldest European fort in the inland US discovered in Appalachians EurekAlert

Viking Jewelry Unearthed in Denmark Live Science

More from Maryport: Archaeological experts uncover Roman temple PhysOrg

Polish archaeologists return to Bornholm Nauka w Polsce

Cradle of Humankind Brings Early Human Fossils Closer to Home Popular Archaeology

July 23rd, 2013 Edition

Fourth pillar revealed at Sagalassos old city Hurriyet News

British archaeologists recently discovered more than 40 German U-boats sunk during World War I off the coast of England-Now they are in a race against time to learn the secrets hidden in their watery graves Spiegel

Ancient coffin found near Richard III site to be opened ITV

Hellenic mosaic discovered in massive Italian find ANSA

More on Archaeologists Uncover Classical Temple on Northwestern Fringe of Roman Empire Popular Archaeology

Grisly Egyptian mummy mysteries unraveled USA Today

July 22nd, 2013 Edition

Evidence of Pre-Pottery Neolithic in Saudi Arabia Past Horizons

Archaeological excavations reveal ancient Trans-Pecos life Odessa American

Thracian temple, sanctuary of Zeus and Hera found in Bulgaria’s Sredna Gora Sofia Globe

Church in Stebark - possible burial place of the knights of Grunwald Nauka w Polsce

Provincial archeologist is starting an excavation of the remains of a ship found near Poxy Island, near Georgetown-Prince Edward Island CBC News

July 19th to 21st, 2013 Edition

Mammoth ivory figurine’s head found in cave Past Horizons

History in the making: a Roman map… and an 18th-century hoax Guardian UK

More on Israeli archaeologists say they have discovered King David’s palace, drawing skepticism Washington Post

An Ochered Fossil Marine Shell From the Mousterian of Fumane Cave, Italy PLoS One

Fossilized Elephant Tusk Found on Seafloor Discovery

Corinium’s dead – Excavating Cirencester’s Tetbury Road Roman cemetery Current Archaeology

Hemerdon tungsten mine: Bronze Age axe and pottery found (Video) BBC News

Rare two faced 3000 year old bronze head dup up in China Hill Post

Researchers Find Early Foraging Societies Were Not Warlike Popular Archaeology

July 16th to 18th, 2013 Edition

More from Operation Nightengale: Soldiers take part in award-winning archaeology project UK Government

Manure used by Europe's first farmers 8,000 years ago PhysOrg

One More Homo Species? 3D-Comparative Analysis Confirms Status of Homo Floresiensis as Fossil Human Species Science Daily

When Lettuce Was a Sacred Sex Symbol Smithsonian

A new accelerator mass spectrometer will help solve long-standing archaeological mysteries thanks to the high precision of its dating Past Horizons

Gold Coins from Sunken 1715 Spanish Galleon Found at Ocean’s Bottom near Florida Hispanically Speaking News

Stone Monument Adds Chapter of Maya History Laboratory News

Mummy Teeth Tell of Ancient Egypt's Drought Live Science

6,000-year-old decorative wood carving unearthed on Welsh mountainside Wales Online

Archeologists dig up King David's palace Jerusalem Post

Discovery of stone monument at El Perú-Waka’ adds new chapter to ancient Maya history Washington University in St. Louis

Ice Age Figurine's Head Found: Archaeologists Put New and Old Finds Together to Reassemble Ancient Work of Art Science Daily

More on Polish archaeologists discovered an intact pre-Inca tomb in Peru Nauka w Polsce

3100 Year Old City Could Date Back to David and Solomon Jewish Press

Rare Artifact Found on San Clemente Island US Navy

July 13th to 15th, 2013 Edition-Back from a short vacation in the mountains

Archaeologists find remains of sacrificed woman in Peruvian ruins Peru This Week

Experts row over 'earliest' Chinese inscriptions find at the Zhuangqiaofen archaeological site Art Daily

Ancient Graves, Pyramid Ruins Found in Mexico Live Science\Yahoo News

Found after 10,000 years: the world’s first calendar Independent UK

Cuba Cataloging Its Pre-Columbian Archaeological Sites, Over 3,000 Identified Hispanically Speaking News

'Vampire' graveyard found in Poland? The News Poland

Unique medieval harness found at Cork castle Irish Examiner

Roman mosaics discovered in Amasya Hurriyet News

Excavations at Yoros Castle to move to military zone Hurriyet News

Remains of pony found at historic theatre site Horsetalk

Drunken thugs attack ancient Donegal fort - defecate in holy well Irish Central

July 11th & 12th, 2013 Edition

2,000-Year Old Pyramid and Multiple Pre-Columbian Burial Sites Found in Veracruz, Mexico Hispanically Speaking News

Inscriptions found in Shanghai pre-date 'oldest Chinese language by 1,400 years' Guardian UK

Ancient Jewish tombstones found in Vienna KHOU News

A vast, ancient and sophisticated city has been uncovered beneath Angkor Wat in Cambodia Mail & Guardian

Excavations Uncover Earliest Middle Paleolithic Stone Tools in India Popular Archaeology

July 10th, 2013 Edition

Oldest Alphabetical Written Text Found Near Temple Mount Jewish Press

Chersonesus, Crimea, 2300-Year-Old Massacre Greek Reporter

A tantalizing hint of an ancient trading town in Norway PhysOrg

More on Ancient Egyptian Leader Makes Surprise Appearance at Archaeological Dig in Israel Science Daily

Yamaç Houses of Ephesus reveal mysteries of history Hurriyet News

Visit 50,000 Year Old Underwater Primeval Forest Found in Gulf of Mexico (VIDEO) Hispanically Speaking News

More on Archaeologists in Mexico have catalogued thousands of etchings carved into stones that they believe were made by hunter-gatherers 6,000 years ago BBC News

July 7th to July 9th, 2013 Edition

Update: Timbuktu manuscripts damaged Hurriyet News

Shipwreck off Vietnam yields 700-year-old coins and ceramics MENA

More on Unlooted Royal Tomb Found in Peru Smithsonian

Remains of 1300 BC village‚ pre-Ashokan shrines in Lumbini Himalayan Times

Construction Magnate Donates Millions To Restore Pompeii As UNESCO Criticises Italian Government Italy Magazine

Medieval ruins discovered in Somerset puzzle architects-Wessex Archaeology team aim to crack mystery of unidentified foundations before work begins on housing estate at the site Guardian UK

Scientists want to study Bulls Scarp, ocean-bottom archaeological site that was Ice Age coast The Post and Courier

Painted bronze excavated from central China tombs Xinhuanet

Search for Strong Egyptian Leader Ends in Tel Hazor Dig Jewish Press

Unearthed Late Roman well may have modern-day significance PhysOrg

Scholars Assemble to Discuss Archaeology of Sound Popular Archaeology

July 6th, 2013 Edition

Mysterious Toe Rings Found on Ancient Egyptian Skeletons Live Science\Yahoo News

Massacre dating back 2,300 years in the Crimea Past Horizons

Archaeologists find secret chamber at Drum Castle The Scotsman

July 3rd to July 5th, 2013 Edition

Ancient Anchors from Punic Wars Found Off Sicily Discovery

Mexican Archaeologist to Map Ancient Mayan City of Chactun Hispanically Speaking

Medieval tower and paintings discovered by Polish archaeologists in Sudan Nauka w Polsce

Team says 1662 St. Francis Xavier chapel found Southern Maryland News

Inside Cambodia's stunning new temple discoveries CNN News

How X-Rays Demystified a 2,500-Year-Old Battle Wound (Op-Ed) Live Science

1,800-Year-Old Roman Legion Headquarters Unearthed Jewish Daily Forward

More on Ancient mosaic of Samson found, which also presents a bit of a mystery Jewish Press

Archaeologists unearth carved head of Roman god in ancient rubbish dump EurekAlert

DNA proof supports Metlakatla oral history Past Horizons

Beginnings of Agriculture in Fertile Crescent More Widespread Than Thought, Study Says Popular Archaeology

Transition to farming simultaneous across most of Fertile Crescent Past Horizons

Archaeologists Excavate Jerusalem Cave and Tunnel Network Popular Archaeology

July 2nd, 2013 Edition

5,000-year-old pyramid destroyed in Lima-An ancient archaeological structure has been ruined by private construction companies Peru This Week

More on Mysterious Pair Buried With Flowers—Oldest Example Yet National Geographic

Dig may reveal more about Lincoln’s neighbor State Journal

June 29th to July 1st, 2013 Edition

Hopewell Use of Meteoritic Iron Ohio Archaeology

Sunken ships seen in ancient city of Tieion Hurriyet News

Archaeological surprise shines light on ancient culture of Trempealeau La Crosse Tribune

Restoring the glory of ancient Babylon Hurriyet News

Stone Age, Canaanite, Arrowheads and Blades Found in Judean Foothills Jewish Press

White man's skull has Australians scratching heads PhysOrg

Roman shrine found at Rutland Water nature reserve BBC News

Saxon skeleton discovered in Lincoln Castle Telegraph UK

1,500 Year-Old Nicotine Habit Found in Chilean Mummies Hispanically Speaking

Israeli archaeologists have unearthed 12,000-old Natufian society graves that are the oldest-ever proof that flowers were used for decorating graves Jewish Press

June 28th, 2013 Edition

Deir al-Surian, a treasure chest in the desert Past Horizons

Archaeologists Keep Wari Tomb Discovery Secret to Prevent Looting Peruvian Times

Saving the Holy Land's oldest monastery in Gaza Hurriyet Daily News

June 27th, 2013 Edition

History records the siege of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, but archaeologists never have found evidence of the famine that plagued Jews–until now Jewish Press

Jews buried in 13th century Spanish cemetery ‘well preserved’ JTA News

19 monuments found in Chactun give archaeologists new data about the ancient city Art Daily

Throwing with speed and accuracy an uniquely human adaptation Past Horizons

Unearthing Tuscaloosa’s early history Past Horizons

700,000 year old horse gets its genome sequenced Past Horizons

Isle of Man Viking silver declared 'treasure trove' BBC News

First Unlooted Royal Tomb of Its Kind Unearthed in Peru National Geographic
and this First Pictures: Peru’s Rare, Unlooted Royal Tomb National Geographic

June 25th & 26th, 2013 Edition

Did NC Underwater Archaeologists Find Blackbeard The Pirate’s Sword? The Raleigh Telegram

Section of 1800 Year Old Road Discovered In Jerusalem Jewish Press

New mosaics discovered in synagogue excavations in Galilee PhysOrg

Snail Trail Reveals Ancient Human Migration Science Daily

Colonial America's Oldest Unsolved Murder NPR Proto Journalist

The Gate of Ramsis IX of the Ramesside Temple of Ra in Arab Al-Hisn in Ancient Heliopolis, Cairo was set ablaze Egypt Daily News

Newly revealed Maya farming hotspots hold key to ancient culture PhysOrg

Jerusalem Home Harbors Buried Second Temple Artifacts Jewish Press

June 23rd & 24th, 2013 Edition

Search continues for Roman fort of the northern frontier Past Horizons

Royal Rhynie focus of Pictish excavation Past Horizons

A Roman townhouse is probably located underneath Lincoln Castle, according to archaeologists digging at the site BBC News

Archaeologists find evidence of Highland Clearance violence BBC News

Is Haryana home to older, larger Harappan-era site? Business Standard

Largest Known Ancient Roman Settlement in the Hadrian's Wall Frontier Under Exploration Popular Archaeology

Parthian city of Hatra in Northern Iraq in an alarming state Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies

Site of Earliest Known Urban Warfare Threatened by Syrian War Live Science\Yahoo News

June 22nd, 2013 Edition

Shellfish and the rise of modern human behaviour Past Horizons

More on Aswan tombs attacked-The Tombs of the Nobles on the west bank of the Nile at Aswan have been looted by armed gangs Al-Ahram Weekly

Excavations reveal remains of a Turkish bath in Aegean province Hurriyet Daily News

June 20th & 21st, 2013 Edition

Egyptian customs seize smuggled artefacts from Peru, Ecuador Ahram Online

High-tech inspired insights into Japan's ancient 'Kofun' burial mounds PhysOrg

Archaeologists Make Significant Find of Early 1800s Artifacts On University Campus Science Daily

Pre-Hispanic Chiefs in Panama Were Born to Rule-New discovery provides evidence for inherited power, points to complex culture National Geographic

Snails Reveal Ancient Human Migration from France to Ireland Popular Archaeology

Biggest Viking exhibition in 20 years opens – and this time they're angry: Recent peaceful Viking rebrands are smashed in a vast and bloodthirsty show that will soon set sail for London Guardian UK

More on A golden find: unique Iron Age figurine from Bornholm World Archaeology

Crews raise two cannons from QAR Carteret County News-Times

June 18th & 19th, 2013 Edition

Excavation uncovers ancient Egyptian town in northern Egypt Ahram Online

Stone Age technological and cultural innovation accelerated by climate EurekAlert

Virginia site of Pocahontas rescue will be preserved Gazette Net

Extensive Maya city discovered in Campeche Past Horizons

Wooden beam in Lake Michigan appears to have been there for centuries Denver Post

Prehistoric rock art maps cosmological belief PhysOrg

Polish scientists will examine how climate changed in Egypt thousands of years ago Nauka w Polsce

Ancient Toilet Reveals Parasites in Crusader Poop Live Science

June 17th, 2013 Edition

More on Unchecked looting guts Egypt’s heritage, with one ancient site ‘70 percent gone’ Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Ancient Chinese Murals Saved From Tomb Robbers Live Science\Yahoo News

Guardians of Peru’s Treasures Stake Out Post Office to Block Smuggling New York Times

Two remarkable ships may show that the Viking storm was brewing long before their assault on England and the continent Archaeology Magazine

Mexican Marine Archaeologists Identify Sunken Ships Hispanically Speaking News

7 thousand years old chocolate flint mines discovered Nauka w Polsce

Archaeologists Unearth Roman Frontier Fort and Settlement in England Popular Archaeology

June 16th, 2013 Edition

Diving into the search for lost 17th-century ship Boston Herald

Egyptologist risks life, career to expose looting Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Long-lost medieval inscribed stone found in a stream Heritage of Wales News

June 15th, 2013 Edition

More on Lost city of Mahendraparvata discovered in Cambodian jungles Ties of India

Department of Antiquities unearths Byzantine church in Jerash Ammon News

Archaeology: Bulgaria's 2013 season underway with new discoveries The Sofia Globe

June 13th & 14th, 2013 Edition

Serbia: ancient tombs discovered from 2,500 years ago ANSA

Ancient Siberians may have rarely hunted mammoths-Study suggests Stone Age folk sporadically killed the beasts, primarily for ivory Science News

Spoken Language Influenced by Elevation, Say Anthropologists POpular Archaeology

Unique gold figurine of naked woman found in Denmark Science Nordic

Uncovering Canada’s first industrial neighbourhood-Workers have discovered the remains of a piece of the city’s gaslight history Montreal Gazette

Revealed: a lost city and a holy temple Canberra Times

Study shows microblades connected with mobile adaptations in North-Central China PhysOrg

Medici Children Suffered From Rickets Discovery

Scientists Uncover Clues to Pattern of Leprosy in Medieval Europe Popular Archaeology

June 12th, 2013 Edition

European Music Archaeology Project Past Horizons

Last surviving German bomber could take years to preserve Telegraph UK

Easter Island's 'Walking' Stone Heads Stir Debate Live Science

June 9th to 11th, 2013 Edition

Archeological Find: A Thousand Year Old Church Iceland Review

19th Century Shipwreck Located Off Of Mexico Hispanically Speaking News

More on Mysterious Monument Found Beneath the Sea of Galilee American Friends of Tel Aviv University

Modern humans did not settle in Asia before the devastating eruption of Sumatra’s volcano Mount Toba 74,000 years ago University of Huddersfield

Volcanic eruption near Naples may have killed Neanderthals Gazetta Del Sud

Egypt's city of bean counters suffered flash floods New Scientist

Kazakhstan archaeologists discover Saka princess tomb Tengri News
and this Beheaded skeleton discovered next to Saka princess's tomb Tengri News

2,500-year-old tombs in China suggest sun-worshiping culture United Press

Ötzi the Iceman's Dark Secrets: Protein Investigation Supports Brain Injury Theory Science Daily

Archaeologists Uncover Magnificent Town of Emperor Diocletian in Bulgaria Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists Say 400 Animal Species Were Offered to Gods in Tenochtitlan Hispanically Speaking News

June 8th, 2013 Edition

Team to excavate Griffin, Lake Michigan shipwreck La Crosse Tribune

More on Ancient Ball Player Statue Found in Mexico Discovery

Beachcombing for Early Humans in Africa Past Horizons

Ape-like feet 'found in study of museum visitors' BBC News

June 6th & 7th, 2013 Edition

Mexican Archaeologists Discover Items From Mezcala, Olmec Cultures in Abandoned Cave Hispanically Speaking

Bone Tumor Found in Neanderthal Rib-A cancer thought common to modern humans is now discovered in the fossil remains of a Croatian Neanderthal Popular Archaeology

New North America Viking Voyage Discovered Live Science

Archaeologists Unearth Remains of 18th Century Maine Fort Maine Public Broadcasting

Ancient Irish texts show volcanic link to cold weather BBC News

Boston hospital cleaning 2,500-year-old mummy PhysOrg

Arrowhead Fragment Found in Macedonian Warrior Past Horizons

On the beginnings of urban life in Poland Nauka w Polsce

Researchers to Recover Cannons, Other Artifacts from Blackbeard's Sunken Flagship Popular Archaeology

June 5th, 2013 Edition

Diet Change After 3.5 Million Years Ago a Gamechanger for Human Ancestors, Say Scientists Popular Archaeology

The Ancient Romans Were Better At Making Sustainable Concrete Than We Are US News

Archaeologists seek ships sunk in Peruvian battle 400 years ago Reuters

Fossil Discovery Will Rewrite Primate and Human Evolutionary History, Say Scientists Popular Archaeology

June 2nd to June 4th, 2013 Edition

Shaman 'Rainmaking' Center Discovered in South Africa Live Science\Yahoo News

More on The Hanging Gardens of … Nineveh? Blame it on a bad translation. This ancient wonder may not have been in Babylon National Geographic

The Lost Temples of Angkor-In Cambodia, archaeologists are still discovering temples that are more than 1,000 years old Popular Archaeology

2nd-century wooden mask unearthed in Nara, oldest yet found Asahi Shimbun

Pottery and household items found at Oshawa archeological dig Durham Region

Smuggler's Shipwrecked Steamer Found Discovery

Walking tall on the African savannah may be choice rather than necessity Past Horizons

Holy Land archaeological site caught in political crossfire, suffers from looting, neglect Associated Press\Yahoo News

Caernarfon dig finds Roman construction site and medieval cemetery BBC News

Robert the Bruce Battle of Bannockburn letter discovered BBC News

U.S. Navy dolphins find antique torpedo CNet

Nicotine mummies of Chile Chileno

Eight bronze age boats surface at Fens creek in record find Past Horizons

Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Winemaking in France Discovered-Archaeologist says it was imported first by Etruscans, then became a locally-made product Popular Archaeology

'Tracking in Caves': On the Trail of Pre-Historic Humans Science Daily

May 31st & June 1st, 2013 Edition

Shaman 'Rainmaking' Center Discovered in South Africa Live Science\Yahoo News

More on The Hanging Gardens of … Nineveh? Blame it on a bad translation. This ancient wonder may not have been in Babylon National Geographic

The Lost Temples of Angkor-In Cambodia, archaeologists are still discovering temples that are more than 1,000 years old Popular Archaeology

2nd-century wooden mask unearthed in Nara, oldest yet found Asahi Shimbun

Pottery and household items found at Oshawa archeological dig Durham Region

May 30th, 2013 Edition

Barrow Island surveyed on human life 8,000 years-ago Science Network

Ancient Egyptians accessorized with meteorites EurekAlert

How consorts shaped Europe Past Horizons

'World's oldest Torah' scroll found in Italy BBC News

The Kings of Kent-The surprising discovery of an Anglo-Saxon feasting hall in the village of Lyminge is offering a new view of the lives of these pagan kings Archaeology Magazine

Archaeologists unearth more clues from ancient Cahokia civilization KBIA News

May 29th, 2013 Edition

More on Re-creating the original colors of treasured ivory carvings from the ancient past EurekAlert

Captain Cook’s Maori paddles: an artefact of encounter Past Horizons

Stone artifacts unearthed from the early Paleolithic site of Danjiangkou reservoir area, China PhysOrg

1,000-year-old First Nations clam gardens unearthed Times Colonist

Thousands of Greek antiquities repatriated from Germany-8,000 pottery fragments illegally excavated during Second World War ENet

Ancient Indigenous Camps Dating Back Thousands of Years Found in Mexico Hispanically Speaking

May 28th, 2013 Edition

Archaeologists find underground Medieval refuge Past Horizons

Were the African coins found in Australia from a wrecked Arab dhow? The National

How the internet is fast unravelling mysteries of the Mayan script-Online collaborators are decoding ancient glyphs that for hundreds of years refused to give up their secrets Guardian UK

Earliest Case of Child Abuse Discovered in Egyptian Cemetery Live Science

May 26th & 27th, 2013 Edition

Georgia Civil War camp turns up hundreds of artifacts Herald Tribune

Real, or Desert Mirage? A remote site in the Atacama desert of Chile awaits an expert survey by archaeologists Popular Archaeology

What prehistoric dog burials tell us about owners NBC News

Chinese tourist scribbles name on ancient Luxor Temple-The graffiti can be removed without damaging the ancient stone relief, Egyptian officials say Ahram Online

A discovery that changed the antiquity of humankind who lived in Indian subcontinent The Hindu

May 25th, 2013 Edition

More on Nearly 5,000 Pre-Hispanic Cave Paintings Found in Tamaulipas, Mexico(Photos!) Hispanically Speaking

Why did our ancestors start walking upright? Ancient terrain may hold clue Christian Science Monitor

20 ancient tombs unearthed near China's 3 Gorges reservoir New Straits Times

May 23rd & 24th, 2013 Edition

Baby Neanderthal Breast-Fed for 7 Months Live Science

Submerged structure stumps Israeli archaeologists Austin Statesman

Archaeologists uncover nearly 5,000 cave paintings in Burgos, Mexico: The images are thought to have been created by three groups of hunters Independent UK

Renegotiation of contract with Chinese company mean more time for dig at former Buddhist settlement in Afganistan Past Horizons

Ponce De Leon Never Searched for the Fountain of Youth-How did this myth about the Spanish explorer even get its start? Smithsonian

Rare Finding of Ancient Greek Warrior Greek Reporter

Update: King Richard III Buried in Hasty Grave Discovery

Are Human Evolutionists Confusing Cause and Effect? Popular Archaeology

Archaeologist treats guests to 1,000-year-old recipes Sun Advocate

May 21st & 22nd, 2013 Edition

Archaeology dig near Helena searches for ancient pollen The Missoulian

When Did Humans Begin Hurling Spears? Science Magazine

Who invented clothes? A Palaeolithic archaeologist answers Guardian UK

Bahrain digs unveil one of oldest civilisations BBC News

X marks the spot: The find that could rewrite Australian history-Ancient African coins lead experts to question who discovered islands Independent UK

Caltrans dig near Novato unearths Miwok artifacts Marin Independent

Comprehensive analysis of impact spherules supports theory of cosmic impact 12,800 years ago EurekAlert

Ancient Celtic Knots inspire scientific breakthrough Past Horizons

The battle for Egypt’s ancient Roman site, Antinopolis The Art Newspaper

Villagers discover ancient ball game statue in Mexico PhysOrg

Neanderthal Greek Paradise Found Discovery

Climate change boosted human development: study AFP

Prehistoric Dog Lovers Liked Seafood, Jewelry, Spirituality Discovery

New archaeological ‘high definition’ sourcing sharpens understanding of the past University of Sheffield

May 19th & 20th, 2013 Edition

Archaeology-Studies examine clues of transoceanic contact Columbus Dispatch
and this Did Japanese Fisherman Discover America 5,000 years ago? Ohio Archaeology

Coins key to rewriting the history of Australia New Zealand Herald

Ancient Ivory: Metal traces on Phoenician artifacts show long-gone paint and gold C&EN

Protests halt excavation on ancient mausoleum Xinhuanet

Scientists have theorized that ancient humans evolved by adapting to environmental change-Now they describe a role reversal with alarming implications Popular Archaeology

May 17th & 18th, 2013 Edition

Remains of Nubian soldier who lived 1,400 years ago found in Egypt La Prensa

Isle of Iona may be ancient burial site The Scotsman

Cemetery Reveals Baby-Making Season in Ancient Egypt Live Science\Yahoo News

Fine for destruction of ancient Mayan pyramid? $5,000 Fox News

Relics from Lord Buddha's period found from excavation The Himalayan Times

May 15th & 16th, 2013 Edition

Have archaeologists discovered the mysterious lost city of Ciudad Blanca? Independent UK

Boys Killed Pets to Become Warriors in Early Russia National Geographic

New geoglyphs of the Jordanian Harrat Past Horizons

Light cast on lifestyle and diet of first New Zealanders Univerisity of Otago

The Ancient Burmese City of Bagan Struggles for International Recognition Time Magazine

Underwater archeologists helping tell story of Louisbourg siege The News

Early church and burials found at Lincoln castle Past Horizons

Viking-era coins unearthed by Danish teenage PanARMENIAN

Scandalous Construction in Bulgarian Black Sea Archaeology Site Halted Novinite

Archaeologists begin salvage operation at historic fort site in Wyoming Star Tribune

Neanderthal culture: Old masters-The earliest known cave paintings fuel arguments about whether Neanderthals were the mental equals of modern humans Nature

May 14th, 2013 Edition

Mysterious Mounds: Uncovering Matagalpa Archaeology in Central Nicaragua National Geographic

Prehistoric and Roman remains rewrite history of the Tees Estuary Past Horizons

More on Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed for road fill CNN News

Prehistoric ear bones could lead to evolutionary answers PhysOrg

Brain Structure, Not the Frontal Lobe, Responsible for Advanced Human Intelligence, Say Evolutionist Researchers Popular Archaeology

Mysterious Minoans Were European, DNA Finds Live Science

May 13th, 2013 Edition

Reconstruction of the face of an ancient Maltese woman The Stone Pages

LiDAR and lost cities in Central America Past Horizons

Researchers find trickery in ancient Chinese divination Xinhuanet

Log-boat found in Boyne could be 5,000 years old Irish Independent

Unique workshop of Palaeolithic hunters discovered in Silesia Nauka w Polsce

Housing development threatens Oregon Trail guard camp in Wyoming Star Tribune

May 11th & 12th, 2013 Edition

Highway Construction Uncovers Spectacular 1500-year-old Mosaic Jewish Press

Archaeologists located a city dating back more than 500 years Nauka w Polsce
and this 3D reconstruction of medieval Nieszawa Nauka w Polsce

No More Noh Mul? Contractor Bulldozes Mayan Temple Past Horizons

Ravenglass Roman fort: Project to unearth civilian settlement BBC News

Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Human Ancestors Hunting and Scavenging Science Daily

Lost Lands Found by Scientists-Atlantis was a myth, but real-life lost lands do exist National Geographic

May 10th, 2013 Edition

The Elephant's Tomb in Carmona may have been a temple to the god Mithras EurekAlert

Uruk rises again in digital 3D Past Horizons

Ancient Ale: once upon a time… Past Horizons

Book by three University of Oregon archaeologists lands state award University of Oregon

From rumour to bulldozer-Will Egypt’s illustrious heritage fall into oblivion under the toll of urban and agricultural encroachment? Al-Ahram Weekly

Plague Helped Bring Down Roman Empire Discovery

Archaeologists find human remains of about 28 individuals thought to be approximately 1,500-2,500 years old at Colima Mexico Art Daily

Archaeologists Unearth Lost Temple of Apollo Popular Archaeology

May 9th, 2013 Edition

In ancient China, sago palms were major plant food prior to rice cultivation EurekAlert

Secret Streets of Britain's 'Atlantis' Are Revealed Science Daily

New excavations to find lost Pictish kingdom The Scotsman

Roman-era mosaic tiles found in Milas WB News

May 8th, 2013 Edition

Second Temple Era Key Exposed at New Highway Site Jewish Press

Necropolis bioarchaeology at Roman Sanisera Past Horizons

Genetics Reveal Europe Is One Big Family New York Times

May 6th & 7th, 2013 Edition

Stunning Astronomical Alignment Found at Peru Pyramid Live Science\Yahoo News

First Nations group outraged at destruction of ancient rock art sites The Record

Babylon’s hanging garden: ancient scripts give clue to missing wonder Guardian UK
and this The biggest wonder about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? They weren’t in Babylon Past Horizons

Mystery of 200-year-old British soldier found in the dunes of Holland BBC News

Ancient Milan church yields tombs, coins from 4th century ANSA

Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Sustained Carnivory by Human Ancestors Popular Archaeology

Linguists identify 15,000-year-old ‘ultraconserved words’ Washington Post

May 4th & 5th, 2013 Edition

Frontier fort from Revolutionary War found in Georgia News & Observer

Why Did Ancient Civilizations Build Such Huge Monuments? National Geographic

New archaeology apps may make you an armchair Indiana Jones Fox News

Archeologists burn pigs to investigate historical mystery Science Nordic

Dealing with the doldrums on a Viking voyage Science Nordic

Europe’s Hypocritical History of Cannibalism-From prehistory to the present with many episodes in between, the region has a surprisingly meaty history of humans eating humans Smithsonian

May 3rd, 2013 Edition

Roman cemetery–under another car park in Leicester Past Horizons

Rune stone rediscovered after 300 years Past Horizons

Origins of Chinese agriculture pushed back by 12,000 years Past Horizons

More on Hundreds of mysterious yellow orbs discovered under Mexico’s Temple of the Feathered Serpent Independent UK

Ancient paintings discovered in Aydin Hurriyet Daily News

May 1st & 2nd, 2013 Edition

Cannibalism at Jamestown colony World Archaeology
and this Starving Settlers in Jamestown Colony Resorted to Cannibalism Smithsonian

140 ancient burials unearthed in northern Vietnam Past Horizons

Toba super-volcano catastrophe idea 'dismissed' BBC News

Forestry protections increased after PG&E logging damages Maidu site Sacramento Bee

More Early Jamestown Remains Revealed Popular Archaeology

Astronomers Solve 'Stonewall' Jackson Mystery Discovery

April 30th, 2013 Edition

More Evidence Of Tequesta Civilization Unearthed Near Miami River WLRN News

Robot Finds Mysterious Spheres in Ancient Temple Discovery

Carbon test hopes for 1264 'Battle of Lewes casualty' BBC News

Archaeologists discover Revolutionary War fort WJCL News

April 28th & 29th, 2013 Edition-Happy Anniversary Bear!

Old Sana’a, an endangered UNESCO heritage site Past Horizons

Mapping medieval monastic wetland management Past Horizons

Solved: Riddle of ancient Nile kingdom's longevity PhysOrg

New discovery solves ancient Egyptian chariot mystery Albawaba

Egyptians grab ancient land of the pharaohs to bury their dead-Archaeologists fear for pyramid sites as illegal building gathers pace in wake of Arab spring Guardian UK

Archaeologists make last ditch attempt to rescue remains of pre-historic tombs in RAK The National

Dam digs archeological finds dating millions of years Portugal News

Mexican archaeologists study cave paintings found in the northeast part of Argentina Art Daily

Surprising Discoveries From the Indus Civilization-Archaeologists find skeletons of immigrants, hints of brutal violence National Geographic

Sky Train excavation at Sky Harbor Airport uncovers ancient canal Arizona Republic

Ancient bones under Lewes school may be warrior The Argus

April 26th & 27th, 2013 Edition

New Evidence Unearthed for the Origins of the Maya-The Maya culture began differently than previously thought, study says National Geographic

New excavations indicate use of fertilizers 5,000 years ago EurekAlert

Millennia-old burial chamber found in Oman Gulf News

Did an Earthquake Destroy Ancient Greece? Discovery

Tracing Our Footsteps: Archaeology in the Digital Age PLoS

April 25th, 2013 Edition

Archaeological team digs at St. Augustine's Fountain of Youth First Coast News

Anzac's Next Chapter-Archaeologists conduct the first-ever survey of the legendary WWI battlefield at Gallipoli Archaeology Magazine

Humans may have reached the Americas 22,000 years ago New Scientist

Shaman petroglyph recorded in Veracruz Past Horizons

Sewer workers in Bath reveal part of Roman city's walls BBC News

More on Skeletons discovered holding hands in coffin together The Express

7 more skeletons found near Old Town knight grave The Scotsman

Roman industrial area uncovered in Egypt's Suez Canal Ahram Online

April 23rd & 24th, 2013 Edition

First Australians may have been migrants rather than drifters Nature

Giza Secret Revealed: How 10,000 Pyramid Builders Got Fed Live Science\Yahoo News

More on Mini-robot finds surprise in Mexico's ancient Temple of Quetzalcoatl NBC News

Archaeologists find first ancient mirror workshop in China New Straits Times

Prehistoric Metalwork Discovered at Iron Age Site, Along With Gaming Pieces Science Daily

Syria clashes destroy ancient Aleppo minaret BBC News

April 21st & 22nd, 2013 Edition

Carolinas’ rocks hold ancient messages Charlotte Observer

Four-thousand year old gold-adorned skeleton found near Windsor The Independent UK

Romanian archeologists uncover Romeo & Juliet: medieval couple buried together with hands clasped Romainia Insider

Lynchburg project seeks to find, ID unmarked Confederate graves in historic city cemetery Washington Post

66 Ancient Skeletons Found in Indonesian Cave Discovery

Oldest Temple in Mexican Valley Hints at Possible Human Sacrifice Live Science\Yahoo News

Significant collection of prehistoric metalwork discovered at Iron Age site – along with gaming pieces University of Leicester

April 19th & 20th, 2013 Edition

King David Era Find ‘Buried’ by Authorities for Political Reasons Jewish Press

Stonehenge occupied 5,000 years earlier than thought BBC News

Norfolk Broads: Bronze Age evidence 'everywhere' BBC News

Team reports on abuse of students doing anthropological fieldwork EurekAlert

More Native American artifacts found on UT land with increase in oil, gas exploration The Daily Texan

Unearthing A Thousand Year Old Burial Crypt At Santa Rita 7 News Belize

April 17th & 18th, 2013 Edition

Modern Tech to Be Used in Exploring Mexico’s Teotihuacan Ancient Site Hispanically Speaking

Roman-Era 'Cosmetics' May Have Treated Eye Chlamydia Live Science

Temple of Jupiter And Caesar’s Last House Unearthed On The Palatine Hill Past Horizons

Media Mum on Hamas's Razing Roman Temple Israel National News

Burrup Peninsula rock art among world's oldest Australian Geographic

Brain size points to origins of 'hobbit' ABC Science News

Towards the Origin of America's First Settlers Science Daily

Oldest European Medieval Cookbook Found Discovery

April 13th to 16th, 2013 Edition

Iron Age warriors point to glories of Gaul AFP

600-year-old skeleton mystery at Fermanagh crannog site BBC News

Suspected tomb of Chinese tyrant discovered China Daily

The Hangman's Tale: Archaeologists Dig into History of Execution Spiegel

Mary Rose reveals armour piercing cannonball secret Telegraph UK

First discovery of a pre-Columbian port on the Gulf Coast Past Horizons

To most people, a useless flint axe is just that. To archaeologist Sigrid Alræk Dugstad, it is a source of information about Stone Age children PhysOrg

More on Egypt's King Khufu's harbour in Suez discovered Ahram Online

Clamshells Reveal Secrets of Pre-Columbian Society's Decline Inside Science

Copper Plates Baffle Archaeologists Popular Archaeology

April 12th, 2013 Edition

Scientists Find Groundbreaking New Surprises in Examination of Early Human Ancestor Popular Archaeology

Maya Long Count calendar and European calendar linked using carbon-14 dating EurekAlert

More on Sumatran cave yields ancient art and 66 human burials Past Horizons

A Late Palaeolithic site at Ouriakos (Limnos, Greece) in the north-eastern Aegean PAst Horizons

April 10th & 11th, 2013 Edition

Mysterious Stone Structure Discovered Beneath Sea of Galilee Live Science\Yahoo News

12,000 Year-old Intact Giant Mammoth Uncovered Near Mexico City Hispanically Speaking

Pottery reveals Ice Age hunter-gatherers' taste for fish EurekAlert

Mikve from Second Temple era unearthed in Jerusalem Jerusalem Post

Archaeologists find 10,000 objects from Roman London Guardian UK

Study debunks lead poisoning theory in Franklin mystery CBC News

More on Archaeologists uncover world's oldest port, hieroglyphic papyri AdnKronos

Archaeologists Shine New Light On Easter Island Statue Science Daily

Ancient Roman Man Hidden Beneath Famous Painting at the Louvre Science Daily

Art, bodies found in ancient caves Illawarra Mercury

April 9th, 2013 Edition

Nunalleq: The Yupiit and the Arctic World Past Horizons

Several lines at Nazca suffer irreparable damage Past Horizons

Unearthed Scots find gives insight into Battle of Flodden Herald Scotland

New research holds fascinating revelations about an ancient society's water conservation and purification PhysOrg

Part of Northampton’s Medieval castle unearthed Northhampton Chronicle

April 8th, 2013 Edition

4,000-year-old stone tools, earthenware unearthed from banks of river Narmada in Bhopal India Today

More on Ur Project confirms massive building complex in southern Iraq Past Horizons

New Light Shed On Ancient Egyptian Port and Ship Graveyard Science Daily

Chemical Analysis Leads to New Discoveries in Archaeological Research Popular Archaeology

After being uncovered by Soviet archaeologists, ancient mysteries revealed in Turkmen desert sands Art Daily

April 6th & 7th, 2013 Edition

Mound City digs provide insight into Hopewell Columbus Dispatch
and this The Archaeology of a Renowned Hopewell Mound Center Ohio Archaeology

Pennsylvania field holds secrets of 1780s British POW camp AP\Yahoo News

Archaeologist Richard Lobban has discovered a lost temple of the Meroitic Empire Rhode Island College

Robes and Shovels: Medieval Monks Cultivated Wetlands Live Science

More from Sudan-Ancient Kingdoms in Land of War New York Times

April 5th, 2013 Edition

Djehuty Project discovers significant evidences of the 17th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt EurekAlert

Colourful murals discovered in 600-year-old tomb in China ZeeNews

Crowdfunding the past: is this the future of archaeology? Past Horizons

Bringing Babylon back from the dead CNN News

Shark Tool Weapons Reveal Lost Species Past Horizons

April 2nd to April 4th, 2013 Edition

Sensitive Sites: UC Research Examines Preservation of Southwest Archaeology in Time of Tight Budgets University of Cincinnati

UC Research Examines Ancient Puebloans and the Myth of Maize University of Cincinnati

UC Research on Maya Village Uncovers ‘Invisible’ Crops, Unexpected Agriculture University of Cincinnati

Shark tooth weapons reveal missing shark species in Central Pacific islands EurekAlert

Ancient monument 'damaged by cattle' This is Cornwall

Maya Blue Paint Recipe Deciphered Live Science

Bronze warship ram reveals secrets National Oceanography Centre

Byzantine winepress, unique lantern unearthed in dig Times of Israel

Huge find throws new light on ancient Iraq PhysOrg

March 31st & April 1st, 2013 Edition

Cologne Archeological Dig Revives Ancient Jewish Heritage-An archaeological dig in western Germany has unearthed myriad traces of daily life in one of Europe's oldest and largest Jewish communities Arutz Sheva

Trove of Neanderthal Bones Found in Greek Cave Live Science

More on Investigating Bronze Age stone ships on Gotland Past Horizons

Truth about ‘controversial’ Bennachie colonists sought by archaeologists University of Aberdeen

March 30th, 2013 Edition

Never mind the hunt for Richard III, what about Boudicca? Independent UK

First Love Child of Human, Neanderthal Found Discovery News

Newly found pyramids reveal aspects of social equality in ancient Sudan-Three years of digging by French team at Sedeinga unearth 35 pyramids that emphasise contrast between ancient cultures of Sudan, Egypt Middle East Online

March 29th, 2013 Edition

'Stunning' Stockholm shipwrecks wow experts The Local

Mystery unfolds: Monastery unearthed in Taxila valley-The only Buddhist monastery in the Taxila valley was a thriving centre of learning at the end of the third century AD Pakistan Tribune

'Hell's Gate' Found in Turkey: Photos Discovery News

The Vengeance of Ivarr the Boneless-Did he, and other Vikings, really use a brutal method of ritual execution called the "blood eagle"? Smithsonian Magazine

March 28th, 2013 Edition

Layers of time: Bronze Age to World War II Past Horizons

Stone Age Phallus Found in Israel Live Science

Ancient Iraq yields fresh finds for returning archaeologists Christian Science Monitor

Archaeologists Reopen Investigation of Early Humans at Manot Cave in Israel Popular Archaeology

Snowy landscape reveals Wales' forgotten ancient remains Wales Online

March 25th to 27th, 2013 Edition

Artifacts Shed Light on Social Networks of the Past University of Arizona

Technology helps Mexican archaeologists find new structures at El Tajin archaeological zone Art Daily

Secret crypts found under cathedral Past Horizons

Archaeologists Explore Early Bronze Age Settlement on Greek Island of Keros Popular Archaeology

Chumash burial site uncovered during Los Osos sewer work San Luis Obispo Tribune

Unmarked grave dug up in hunt for England's King Alfred the Great CNN

Archaeology: Amalfi greenlights sarcophagus restoration ANSA

Fish Based Diets Cause Archaeological Dating Problems Past Horizons

Sutherland shipwreck intrigues archaeologists BBC News

Afghanistan hurries to uncover, document ancient Buddhist city Seattle Times

March 23rd & 24th, 2013 Edition

Excavation to the Hailongtun Castle in Zunyi, Guizhou Province Institute of Archaeology-Chinese Academy of Social Science

Afterlife of Early Neolithic houses in the Polish lowlands Past Horizons

Maritime trade thrived in Egypt, even before Alexandria University of Oxford

New finds at Aigai-New light to the study of Macedonian Tombs Archaeology & Arts Blog

Mussolini’s ‘most secret’ bunker discovered beneath historic Roman structure Yahoo News

Lost and found, the first find of an early human artwork PhysOrg

Centuries Ago, a Cat Walked Across This Medieval Manuscript Smithsonian

March 20th to 22nd, 2013 Edition

Pre-Viking tunic found by glacier as warming aids archaeology Alert Net

Space archaeology: Dredging up the future The Economist

Unearthing Ancient Sweden Through Archaeology Past Horizons

Orpheus Relief Project results in surprise for researchers Past Horizons

2,400-Year-Old Myths of Mummy-Making Busted? Live Science\Yahoo News

Out of Africa date brought forward PhysOrg

Stone Ships Show Signs of Maritime Network in Baltic Sea Region 3,000 Years Ago Science Daily

Kon Artist? Though evidence against his theory grew, Kon-Tiki sailor Thor Heyerdahl never steered from his course Smithsonian

Ancient Roman Mausoleum No Match for Earthquake Popular Archaeology

March 17th to 19th, 2013 Edition

Archaeological dig aims to save Native American burial mounds The Tennessean

Afghanistan's heritage is at stake-One of the country's richest archaeological treasures sits on top of vast copper reserves now sold to the Chinese Independent UK

Crannog dig team gets one last reprieve Belfast Telegraph

Farming has deep roots in Chinese ice age New Scientist

Skulls of early humans carry telltale signs of inbreeding, study suggests EurekAlert

Explorers find evidence of 2,500-year-old planned city-The discovery in Chattisgarh is being billed as India’s biggest archaeological find in at least half a century Live Mint

Astronomical alignments were vital in Mesoamerica Past Horizons

Symbols of Fertility and Abundance in the Royal Cemetery at Ur, Iraq Past Horizon

Return to Antikythera: what divers discovered in the deep Guardian UK

Holy Land Farming Began 5,000 Years Earlier Than Thought Live Science\Yahoo News

March 16th, 2013 Edition

How Beer Gave Us Civilization New York Times

Archaeological Dig Unearths Slave History at Georgetown Estate Georgetown Patch

More on London rail workers find likely plague burial pit PhysOrg

Archaeologist says migration to Marianas longest ocean-crossing in human history Marianas Variety

March 15th, 2013 Edition

Roman artefact discovered in Sudeley Castle cupboard BBC News

Medieval Teutonic knights' remains found in Poland The Local

One of world's oldest sun dials discovered in Egypt Business Standard

London rail workers find likely plague burial pit San Francisco Chronicle

A promising new area will be investigated by a team of archaeologists at the ancient site of Vada Volaterrana, near the coast of Tuscany Popular Archaeology

March 14th, 2013 Edition

Signs of the agricultural revolution in the Stone Age were found in northern Israel-Archaeologists discovered remains of an ancient village, along with sexual symbols Jewish Press

Ancient Chinese coin found on Kenyan island by Field Museum expedition EurekAlert

Cirencester Roman cockerel 'best find' in 40 years BBC News

2500-year-old city discovered in Chhattisgarh Times Of India

Disputed finds put humans in South America 22,000 years ago-Brazilian site may have been home to people before the Clovis hunters Science News

Medieval knight found in Scotland parking lot The Examiner

Ancient stone tools show the pace of remarkable technological enhancements over time PhysOrg

March 11th to 13th, 2013 Edition

Máttaráhkká: Mother Earth in Sami rock art Past Horizons

1,200-year-old Egyptian text describes a shape-shifting Jesus1,200-year-old Egyptian text describes a shape-shifting Jesus Live Science\NBC News

Mummy CT scans show preindustrial hunter gatherers had clogged arteries EurekAlert

More Sekhmet statues unearthed at Amenhotep III's temple in Luxor Ahram Online

Ancient Reindeer Hunters Fished Ice Age Lakes Live Science

Ancient Egyptian Cemetery Holds Proof of Hard Labor-Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten's capital was no paradise for many adults and children National Geographic

New paleolithic site found in Tianjin, China PhysOrg

Failure to Hunt Rabbits Part of Neanderthals' Demise? National Geographic

7,000 BBC: The Dawn of Cinema Brought to Life Past Horizons

March 10th, 2013 Edition

Police return smuggled Neolithic artefacts to Kosovo The Stone Pages

Bronze-Age Donkey Sacrifice Found in Israel Live Science\Yahoo News

The way we weren't: U of Minnesota biologist debunks myth that humans peaked in Paleolithic era PhysOrg

Ancient settlement discovered in Azerbaijan APA

The discovery of a 2,500-year-old dagger in Hubei province might prove that the states of Sui and Zeng were actually the same Kaogu

Coral Clocks-Uranium dating of coral tools used by the earliest settlers of the South Pacific island kingdom of Tonga offers unprecedented precision in reconstructing their history The Scientist

Chinese archaeologists excavate earliest bronze armor pieces Xinhuanet

March 9th, 2013 Edition

Fish trap evokes powerful memories for Esperance Traditional Owners Past Horizons

Stonehenge may have been burial site for Stone Age elite, say archaeologists Past Horizons

Ancient people and Neandertals were extreme travelers-Stone Age groups' leg bones, spears reflect remarkably long treks Science News

Remarkable ringfenced burials from Roman Colchester Current Archaeology

The much-publicized Maya calendar end-date and its mythic associations need to be re-calibrated by eight years, according to researcher Popular Archaeology

March 7th & 8th, 2013 Edition

Human Ancestors Were Fashion Conscious Science Magazine

Stone-Age Skeletons Unearthed In Sahara Desert Live Science

Panther Cave rock art recorded in 3D Past Horizons

Australian uranium discovery threatens ancient indigenous cave art Guardian UK

A tiny scrap of wool found during an archaeological dig in Maryport has unlocked a piece of history Times & Star

Archaeological Crusade: US Tries to Save Ancient Treasures Live Science\Yahoo News

March 6th, 2013 Edition

Ancient Egypt 'pyramid' boat threatened after sewage burst Bikya News

The Ancient Ironworks of Angkor Cambodia Daily

The governors of Ancient Egypt suffered from malnutrition and infectious diseases, dying before they were 30 years old University of Granada

It didn't sink! Full-size, sewn-together replica of a Bronze Age boat launched to trials success Independent UK

The discarded infants of ancient Poggio Civitate horrify, provoke and fascinate 2,500 years later PhysOrg

Sunstone Unearthed From Shipwreck Science Magazine

March 4th & 5th, 2013 Edition

Ancient king’s hat holds clues to Korean alphabet Pakistan Today

Hi-Tech Discoveries: Archaeology Transformed Illawarra Mercury

Archaeologist: Bodies may be earliest remains found in Charleston ABC News4

Death and diet: Peru’s sacrificial victims Past Horizons

Grotesque Mummy Head Reveals Advanced Medieval Science Live Science\Yahoo News

Refugia and Ice Age Evolution Past Horizons

Excavations in Oregon Reveal Promising New Early Paleoindian Site Popular Archaeology

March 2nd & 3rd, 2013 Edition

At the core of it: a Late Palaeolithic workshop, Wadi Kubbaniya, Upper Egypt Past Horizons

Prehistoric necropolis discovered in Romania The Stone Pages

Conservation work of a Macedonian site is under way The Stone Pages

Archaeologist: Bodies may be earliest remains found in Charleston ABC4 News

Archaeology: Magic caves in Illinois and other archaeological myths Columbus Dispatch
and this Burrows Cave and other archaeological fantasies Ohio Archaeology

So, what did the Romans do for us? New digs reveal truth about Hadrian's Wall Independent UK

Desert finds challenge horse taming ideas BBC News

Temple of 'Jupiter the Stayer' found Gazzetta del Sud

March 1st, 2013 Edition

Archaeologist makes historic discovery at Dana Adobe-Wood Removal Reveals Rare Floor Santa Maria Times

Florida crime ring selling Palaeoindian artefacts shut down Past Horizons

Did a Comet Really Chill and Kill Clovis Culture? Live Science\Yahoo News

Out of the Debris, a Stone Goddess-A stone goddess slumbered unseen for decades below a Brooklyn overpass New York Times

Most Ancient Romans Ate Like Animals Live Science\Yahoo News

Researchers uncover earliest tobacco use in the Pacific Northwest PhysOrg

Richard the Lionheart 'had mummified heart' PhysOrg

February 27th & 28th, 2013 Edition

Lost and Found: Ancient Shoes Turn Up in Egypt Temple Live Science\Yahoo News

11 pre-Hispanic bodies found at Peru sports center PhysOrg

Scientific results show evidence of the earliest identifiable human consumption of whale meat 14,000 years ago Past Horizons

Dig on Tinian pushes back settlement 3400 years-Northern Marianas Island Business

Geneticists Estimate Publication Date Of The 'Iliad' Live Science

Archaeological remake of 4,000-year-old boat faces 'moment of truth' in Cornwall Culture 24

Roman Remains Found Beneath London Bridge Station Londonist

Seeking Meaning in the Earliest Female Nudes Science Magazine

Archaeologists are rediscovering a Late Bronze Age Egyptian stronghold in the land of ancient Canaan Popular Archaeology

February 26th, 2013 Edition

11 Pre-Inca Tombs from Lima and Yschma Cultures Unveiled in Peru Hispanically Speaking

Sasanian palatial house discovered in Lorestan Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies

Mexican archaeologists reveal studies made on sacrificial stone found at Templo Mayor Art Daily

Palace maids cemetery unearthed in NW China China Daily

Evolution and the Ice Age Science Daily

Ancient Lost Continent Discovered in Indian Ocean-Landmass 'drowned' during continental breakup about 85 million years ago National Geographic

Maize was a Key to the Rise of Early Civilization in Peru, Say Researchers Popular Archaeology

February 25th, 2013 Edition

Conservation work of a Macedonian site is under way The Stone Pages

Radial routes ran outside Mesopotamia Science News

Archaeologist: Bones found in Turkey are probably those of Cleopatra's half-sister News & Observer

Shards of south Louisiana's ancient history found Washington Examiner

February 22nd to 24th, 2013 Edition

Aztec sacrifices at Tenochtitlán Past Horizons

Lost Collections of the Ancient World Past Horizons

Rotterdam archaeologists find old shoe stuffed with medieval money Dutch News

Polish archaeologists in Sudan claim 'unique' human settlement discovery

How a distaste for ‘pagan food’ first put the British off horsemeat Past Horizons

Byzantine wine presses a reminder of Jaffa’s rich agricultural past Past Horizons

The 2012 Petra Cyber-Archaeology Cultural Conservation Expedition: Temple of the Winged Lions Past Horizons

Who Wrote the Federalist Papers and the Letter to the Hebrews? New Findings On Debated Authorship Science Daily

February 21st, 2013 Edition

Dozens of 800-Year-Old Skeletons Discovered in Mexico Hispanically Speaking News

Early human burials varied widely but most were simple-Fewer women than men buried EurekAlert

Pyramid belonging to pharaoh's vizier found Emirates 24/7

Ancient copper plates, gold coins found in Karnataka temple The Hindu

Treasure-Filled Warrior's Grave Found in Russia Live Science

February 20th, 2013 Edition

Remains of Byzantine era liquid extraction installation found under Tel Aviv-Yafo Jewish Press

Archaeologists to survey and record prehistoric Himalayas Past Horizons

Syrian violence threatens ancient treasures Reuters

Little-Known Archaeological Site Could Answer Questions About The Enigmatic Indus Valley Civilization Popular Archaeology

Norwegian guerrilla warfare in the Iron Age Science Nordic

Will the study of archaeology soon become a thing of the past? Guardian UK

February 18th & 19th, 2013 Edition

'Amazing' bronze age burial site treasures on Dartmoor BBC News

Ancient Teeth Bacteria Record Disease Evolution

A Hoard of 16th and 17th Century Children's Toys-Irish Archaeology Past Horizons

Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover Major Roman Thermae Novinite

18 Ancient ‘Odyssey’ Mosaics Stolen In Syria Past Horizons

Crisis or continuity? – Roman coin hoards may hold the answer Past Horizons

Rock art discovered off the coast of Papua The Stone Pages

Mexican archaeologists discover two burials estimated to be over 500 years old Art Daily

World's smallest temple discovered in Damagou People's Daily

Canada’s oldest shipwreck to be resurrected in replica of 16th-century Basque galleon

February 17th, 2013 Edition

Buddhist ruins discovered in Taklimakan desert Past Horizons

Building with the Past: Archaeology’s Ideological Role in Israel Past Horizons

Origins and Evolution of the Etruscans’ mtDNA PLOS One

Briton finds 500-year-old arrest warrant for Machiavelli Telegraph UK

February 15th & 16th, 2013 Edition

Newfoundland birds were the heart of extinct Beothuk nation’s religion, study says

Fragments of stone cross lead to archaeological exploration in Scottish Highlands Past Horizons

Skin Decoration Goes Way Back, Suggests Researcher Popular Archaeology

Scientists Report Negative Side Effects of Human Evolution Popular Archaeology
and this Researchers Uncover New Clues to Human Evolutionary Adaptation Popular Archaeology

February 13th & 14th, 2013 Edition

Mexico finds fire-god figure at top of Pyramid of the Sun Los Angeles Times

More on Medieval secrets revealed in Norwich Cathedral Past Horizons

Selkirk water works unearth mediaeval village remains BBC News

1,500-year-old landfill discovered in US Virgin Islands PhysOrg

Didcot dig: A glimpse of 9,000 years of village life BBC News

Additional Testing for Richard III-Tracing a Royal Y Chromosome New York Times

February 12th, 2013 Edition

Isotopic data show farming arrived in Europe with migrants EurekAlert

More on Serbian cave produces oldest human ancestor in this part of Europe Past Horizons

Ancient languages reconstructed by computer program BBC News
and this Scientists Create Automated 'Time Machine' to Reconstruct Ancient Languages Science Daily

A different take on Tut-Egyptian archaeologist shares theory on pharaoh’s lineage Harvard University

February 11th, 2013 Edition

Did overhunting lead to domestication? Past Horizons

Pentillie Castle: Body found in knight's grave hunt BBC News

Fort Bragg archaeologists win environmental award Fayetteville Observer

Dead Sea Cave Yields New Finds Popular Archaeology

Hatshepsut's limestone chapel at Karnak to open soon for public Ahram Online

February 10th, 2013 Edition

Swiss dolmen reveals rituals of the Neolithic Past Horizons

Unearthed board games shed light on ancient holy land trivial pursuits Haaretz

New archaeological site found in Ras Al Khaimah Gulf News

February 8th & 9th, 2013 Edition

Palaeopathology: Two recent case studies Past Horizons

Slippers of Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister uncovered in museum Past Horizons

Qom’s Parthian fire temple left at her own devices to be destroyed Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies

Edinburgh First World War trench survey begins The Scotsman

Stone Age Stew? Soup Making May Be Older Than We'd Thought NHPR

Excavation Set to Shed New Light On London's Victorian Past Science Daily

February 7th, 2013 Edition

More on Face to face with Richard III Current Archaeology
and this Reconstructing Richard III’s resting place Current Archarology

New Radiometric Ages for the BH-1 Hominin from Balanica (Serbia): Implications for Understanding the Role of the Balkans in Middle Pleistocene Human Evolution PLOS One

More on Severed Heads Were Sacrifices in Ancient Mexico National Geographic

Curses, musical scores and a fisherman swallowed by a whale: Archaeologists' fascinating quest to decipher medieval graffiti scrawled on cathedral walls Mail Online

Early Humans in Southeast Europe Were of a Different Sort, Say Researchers Popular Archaeology

February 5th & 6th, 2013 Edition

Earlier Neandertal demise suggested by redating Science News

Archaeologists seek Alfred remains Liverpool Echo

The Earliest Matches PLOS One

The Last Neanderthals and Modern Humans Were Not Neighbors, Says Study Popular Archaeology

National Museum’s archaeological expedition uncovers more of Ancient Nubia’s secrets Radio Prague

Ancient rock art uncovered in the Scottish Highlands The Stone Pages

New steps recommended to preserve China's famous Terracotta Warriors and other relics EurekAlert

York Minster discoveries shine light on period between Romans and Vikings: Small pit at ancient church yields archeological treasures that help to tell full story of 2,000-year-old site Guardian UK

35 Ancient Pyramids Discovered in Sudan Necropolis Live Science\Yahoo News

February 3rd & 4th, 2013 Edition

Is this the skull of Richard III? Current Archaeology
and this Richard III: found! Current Archaeology

Iranian archaeologists to return to the prehistoric Bam-e Qeshm Geopark Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies

Antiquities bandits nabbed red-handed: Arrest of gang expected to slow wave of thefts at archaeological sites Times of Israel

When Did Humans Come to the Americas? Recent scientific findings date their arrival earlier than ever thought, sparking hot debate among archaeologists Smithsonian Magazine

Archaeological dig finds that ancient groups incinerated and buried their departed in pots Art Daily

A New Chapter Opens in the Study of the Assyrian Empire Past Horizons

New signs of pre-Viking life on the Faroe Islands Science Nordic

Five hundred years after Ponce de León landed near St. Augustine and named the land La Florida — celebrated this year with more than 100 historical commemorations and events — the state's main porthole into its distant past is being closed Tampa Bay News

Scan Discovers Possible Site of First Pilgram Meetinghouse Boston Golbe

February 2nd, 2013 Edition

Workmen find Georgian artefacts at old hospital site Past Horizons

Roman settlement uncovered by builders in Flintshire BBC News

ICHHTO to Deliver One Last Blow to the Already Suffered Sasanian City of Gundeshapur Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies

February 1st, 2013 Edition

Mexican severed head site revealed Past Horizons

Ancient California rock carvings recovered after theft San Francisco Chronicle

Modern mummification sheds light on Ramses II PhysOrg

Clovis Culture Comet Catastrophe is a Myth Past Horizons

Archaeologists unearth deeper Japan-Korea historical ties through weapons JApan Daily News

Ice Age Lion Man is world’s earliest figurative sculpture The Art Newspaper

1,300-year-old tomb cluster discovered in China Indian Express

January 30th & 31st, 2013 Edition

Timbuktu Update: Since the start of this week there are reports about the destruction of library buildings and book collections in Timbuktu Tombouctou Manuscripts Project

Ancient Nabatean site restored The Jewish Press

Aztec Conquest Altered Genetics among Early Mexico Inhabitants, New DNA Study Shows University of Texas

Archaic Native Americans built massive Louisiana mound in less than 90 days, research confirms Washington University

A wooden 17th Dynasty sarcophagus of a child and collection of 18th Dynasty Ushabti figurines of a priest found inside Djehuty's tomb in Luxor's west bank Ahram Online

A Lost Royal City in Nubia Past Horizons

Study Rebuts Hypothesis That Comet Attacks Ended 9,000-Year-Old Clovis Culture Science Daily

Spanish Archaeologists Find 3,550-Year-Old Sarcophagus in Egypt Latin American Herald Tribune

January 29th, 2013 Edition

The Solar Map Project–recording the Ita Letra: Enigmatic petroglyphs, once hidden deep within the Paraguayan jungle are a testament to the people of the Amambay hills Past Horizons

A Feud Between Biblical Archaeologists Goes to Court Time Magazine

Escrick sapphire ring's mystery history sparks meeting BBC News

What Does First-century Roman Graffiti Say? National Geographic

Oldest stone hand axes unearthed-Nearly 2 million years old, tools may correlate with rise of human ancestor Live Science\NBC News

Roman-era glass workshops found near Naples ANSA

Sicilian Mummies Bring Centuries to Life National Geographic

January 28th, 2013 Edition

Timbuktu mayor: Mali rebels torched library of ancient manuscripts Guardian UK

More on Petroglyphs on the Ledge of Souls Past Horizons

Sealing Norse Greenlanders’ fate? World Archaeology

Archaeologist Uncovers Clues To Ancient Roman Vineyard Italy Magazine

Pottery grave goods tell us about life Past Horizons

Archaeological dig finds that ancient groups incinerated and buried their departed in pots Art Daily

World's oldest portrait reveals the ice-age mind New Scientist

Hunley legend altered by new discovery Post and Courier

January 27th, 2013 Edition

Ancient earthworks share similarities Ohio Dispatch
and this Poverty Point and the Newark Earthworks Ohio Archaeology

Archaeologist Ken Feder Blasts 'The Fantasy of Ancient Astronauts' Ohio Archaeology

China conducting closed research into ancient Korean dynasty The Hankyoreh

Archaeologists find ancient Chinese arrowhead in western Japan Japan Daily Press

British cannon from Battle of Cape Passaro found off Sicily BBC News

Research Team Investigates Demise of Neanderthals in Spain Popular Archaeology

January 25th & 26th, 2013 Edition

Egyptian Mummy's Elaborate Hairstyle Revealed in 3D Live Science\Yahoo News

Skeletal Remains Found At Lake Eufaula Are Ancient 9 Mobile News

Mexican archaeologists find complex panel of 1,000 year-old petroglyphs in Nayarit Art Daily

Roman Marker Used to Measure Earth Found Discovery

A fragile Buddhist treasure Past Horizons

Turkey wages 'cultural war' in pursuit of its archaeological treasures- Ankara accused of blackmailing museums into returning artefacts while allowing excavation sites to be destroyed Guardian UK

Mass Human Sacrifice? Pile of Ancient Skulls Found Live Science\Yahoo News

Subway work in Greece unearths ancient gold wreath PhysOrg

January 24th, 2013 Edition

More on Ovarian tumor, with teeth and a bone fragment inside, found in a Roman-age skeleton EurekAlert

Earliest Evidence of Chocolate in North America Science Magazine

Clues to Prehistoric Human Exploration Found in Sweet Potato Genome Science Magazine

Aerial snow photos help archaeologists explore Wales' landscape BBC News

Native American connection to 40,000 year old human in northwest China Past Horizons

Palenque’s Red Queen Past Horizons

Japan's oldest bronze comma-shaped bead unearthed in Tottori CCTV

Trent University Archaeologists Find Ancient Jade Spoon in Belize Trent University

Entombing the Tomb of the Gladiator: Who Will Save the Roman Ruins? Time Magazine

Archaeologists Excavate Early Bronze Age City of Greater Megiddo Popular Archaeology

January 23rd, 2013 Edition

A French-Peruvian-Spanish Team Discovers a (Burial?) Chamber in Machu Picchu 24-7 Press Release

Ancient petroglyphs found in Mexico Yahoo News

Albanian Frescoes Sustain Irreversible Damage Past Horizons

January 21st & 22nd, 2013 Edition

Family footwear find shows new side to Roman military PhysOrg

Loom weights reveal existence of weaving since 2,500 years ago Hurriyet News

Toothy Tumor Found in 1,600-Year-Old Roman Corpse Live Science\Yahoo News

Fossil human traces line to modern Asians BBC News

Albanian frescoes sustain irreversible damage Past Horizons

A Relative from the Tianyuan Cave: Humans Living 40,000 Years Ago Likely Related to Many Present-Day Asians and Native Americans Science Daily

Turkey wages 'cultural war' in pursuite of its archaeological tresaures Past Horizons

January 19th & 20th, 2013 Edition

The Unsuccessful Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln Smithsonian

Colosseum Cleaning Yields Ancient Art Discoveries Including Old Frescos, Graffiti Huffington Post

A battlefield from the War of 1812 is 'frozen in time' Los Angeles Times

Archeologists revise image of ancient Celts Deutsche Welle

3-D sonar provides new view of Civil War shipwreck PhysOrg

January 16th to 18th, 2013 Edition

Sifting the Dust for Treasures While Trouble Swirls New York Times

Archaeological feast: Heap of ancient cattle bones discovered-Study finds site in Peloponnese, Greece, may be left from years of lavish dining NBC News

Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Greek Trade Center in Bulgaria Popular Archaeology

Rare Artifact Stolen from Tel Shiloh Archaeological Site-The artifact was stolen from the location where it had been found, still lodged in the wall The Jewish Press

Mayan Tombs Dating Back 1,200 Years Found in Southeast Mexico Latin American Herald Tribune

Stunning figurine represents high ranking Zapotec Past Horizons

Spitfire search in Burma draws a blank-Archaeologists cancel news conference after failing to find British fighter planes believed to be buried in Burma Guardian UK

Roman man's face finally revealed at Caerleon museum BBC News

Threats to Mali’s heritage Al-Ahram Weekly

Famed Warrior Medici Died From Gangrene Discovery

January 14th & 15th, 2013 Edition

Archaeological investigation of Caddo Indians nears end News Journal

4,000-year-old shaman's stones discovered near Boquete, Panama EurekAlert

War was central to Europe’s first civilisation - contrary to popular belief University of Sheffield

Indians 'broke Australian isolation 4,000 years ago' AFP

Storms expose iron age skeleton Shetland News

Searching for the lost royal city of Nubia in northern Sudan University of Michigan

Mesolithic people adapted their environment in Severn Estuary Past Horizons

What Did Our Ancestors Look Like? Hair and Eye Color Can Be Determined for Ancient Human Remains Science Daily

Archaeological finds reveal ancient Balkan civilizations Southeast Europe Times

January 13th, 2013 Edition

Roman era graffiti found on Colosseum Telegraph UK

Where Did The Ancient Xiongnu Get Their Gold? Chemical & Engineering News

More on Clay pot fragments reveal early start to cheese-making, a marker for civilization PhysOrg

Ancient Pompeians Could Go Upstairs to Pee Discovery

January 11th & 12th, 2013 Edition

Recent archaeological findings in Samaria shed light on the incomplete story of the destruction of Shiloh, the ancient capital of Israel Jewish Express

Molecular Exploration of the First-Century Tomb of the Shroud in Akeldama, Jerusalem Past Horizons

Restoring a Buddhist Monastery on the Trans-Himalaya Salt Route Past Horizons

Scale Model Discovered for Florence Cathedral Discovery

Pompeii 'Wall Posts' Reveal Ancient Social Networks Live Science

January 9th & 10th, 2013 Edition

Archaeologists unearth 3000-year-old Egyptian tombs: Human remains found in burial sites dating back to 1400 BCE Times of Israel

2,000-Year-Old Treasure Discovered In Black Sea Fortress Live Science\Yahoo News

'Exceptional' find of Roman statues linked to poet Ovid BBC News

Ancient floor not seen for 10,000 years Cyprus Mail

A History Lesson from Genes: Using DNA to Tell Us How Populations Change Science Daily

Abandoned Colony in Greenland Archaeologists Find Clues to Viking MysterySpiegel Online

Archaeologists Explore a Frontier Area of Ancient Italy Popular Archaeology

January 8th, 2013 Edition

Gaza's archaeological treasures at risk from war and neglect BBC News

Voluntary slavery? Ancient Egyptians paid a monthly fee to become temple slaves Nature Middle East

Archaeologists discover Augustan-era sculptures near Rome ANSA

Ancient Eye Treatment Recovered From Tuscan Shipwreck Science Magazine

Athenian 'Snake Goddess' Gets New Identity Live Science\Yahoo News

January 7th, 2013 Edition

Bulgaria claims find of temple to Priapus Sofia Globe

New dates refine Australian timeline Past Horizons

Illegal climbers are damaging rain-sodden Silbury Hill Gazette & Herald

Ancient gold coins discovered in Iraq-Iraqi archaeologists have unearthed 66 gold coins that are at least 1,400 years old in Aziziya Middle East Online

Roman theatre discovered in Kent: Archaeologists unearth enormous 2,000-year-old auditorium – the first of its kind in UK Guardian UK

Archaeologists Unearth More Than 300 Prehistoric Clay Figurines in Greece Science Daily

Royal Israelite Capital Detail Emerges from Jerusalem Dig Popular Archaeology

January 5th & 6th, 2013 Edition

Maya ‘fat god’ platter found in ruins USA Today

Don’t underestimate Viking women Science Nordic

Excavators head to Burma hoping to uncover buried stash of WWII fighter planes Fox News

Eight million dog mummies were uncovered at the dog catacomb in Saqqara Ahram Online

Research uncovers how single and widowed women shaped the religious culture of colonial Latin America PhysOrg

January 4th, 2013 Edition

Stone Age hunters liked their carbs Science Nordic

Nearly Intact 1,200 Year-Old Funerary Vessel Identified in Oaxaca, Mexico Temples Hispanically Speaking

Excavating Con Moong Cave in the central province of Thanh Hoa, archaeologists found tons of shells and a lot of working tools-The most valuable discovery is the remains of prehistoric people in tombs dating back tens of thousands of years ago Vietnam Bridge

Study Reveals Looting of Archaeological Sites as Massive Global Problem Popular Archaeology

Remains of Nazi Goering's Wife Identied Discovery

Ancient manuscripts indicate Jewish community once thrived in Afghanistan CBS News

January 2nd & 3rd, 2013 Edition

Privacy hedges date back to the Iron Age Science Nordic

Ancient Carving Shows Stylishly Plump African Princess Live Science\Yahoo News

Research Unearths Terrace Farming at Ancient Desert City of Petra University of Cincinnati

Ancient water system found at Citadel Tuoi Tre News

Famed Roman shipwreck reveals more secrets USA Today

Ancient religious texts among the 25,000 new images online Past Horizons

Blood of guillotined French king 'authentic' France 24

How Some Medieval Cultures Adapted to Rise of Islam Science Daily

December 31st, 2012 & January 1st, 2013 Edition-Happy New Year!

'Peking Man' Was a Fashion Plate Live Science\Yahoo News

More on Who Created Las Labradas Petroglyphs Past Horizons

Early Human Ancestors May Have Walked AND Climbed for a Living Popular Archaeology

Artifacts help pinpoint key Hatfield-McCoy battle Times-Standard

Bust of Memnon: Images of Blacks in Ancient Greece Past Horizons

Drones Accelerate Archaeological Site Mapping Scientific American