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February 11th, 2016 Edition

All Roads Lead to Rome: Exploring Human Migration to the Eternal City through Biochemistry of Skeletons from Two Imperial-Era Cemeteries (1st-3rd c AD) PLoS

Archaeologists present findings of Chamorros migration PhysOrg

Archaeologists uncover buried village on Anglesey BBC News

Sterkfontein Caves produce two new hominin fossils-The famous caves have yielded some new surprises, raising new questions related to human evolution Popular Archaeology

February 9th & 10th, 2016 Edition

Vandals strike ancient archeological site near Tucson KOLD News

Remains of 'extraordinary' Roman arcade found in Colchester Telegraph UK

Bronze Age burial near Stonehenge discovered by badger BBC News

Some 5,000 years ago, silver mining on the shores of the Aegean Sea-An exceptional archaeological discovery at Thorikos (Greece) Ghent University\EurekAlert

Ancient Roman Brooch Contains 'Lovely' Palindrome Live Science

Mysterious Ancient ‘Padlock’ Found in Excavations of Ancient Serdica in Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia Archaeology in Bulgaria

700-year-old Danish 'Civil War' coins uncovered The Local

Discovering the source of marble used in Roman buildings Past Horizons

February 6th to 8th, 2016 Edition

Archaeology: Mammoth find in Siberia could change understanding of America's discovery Columbus Dispatch

A surprising find about a possible early human ancestor-Study shows Australopithecus sediba didn't likely consume hard foods Popular Archaeology

Unknown Richly Decorated Statue of Roman Emperor Trajan Kept in Storage of Bulgaria’s National Museum of History for Decades Archaeology in Bulgaria

New 'Little Ice Age' coincides with fall of Eastern Roman Empire and growth of Arab Empire-Drop in temperature following volcanic eruptions shaped history, suggest researchers Popular Archaeology

200,000 fish bones suggest ancient Scandinavian people were more complex than thought-Archaeologists discover fish fermentation site in Sweden Elsevier\EurekAlert

Egyptian archaeologists call for tougher security measures after 'sale of pyramid pieces' Ahram Online

February 5th, 2016 Edition

Archaeological Excavation Conducted in Cremisan Valley International Middle East Media Center

Lasers reveal 'lost' Roman roads United Kingdom Government

U of A Researchers Help Capture Lifecycle of Roman Pottery University of Arkansas

From genes to latrines—Vikings and their worms provide clues to emphysema PhysOrg

February 4th, 2016 Edition

Legal bid fails to rebury remains of 2,500 year old tattooed 'ice princess' Siberian Times

Peru recovers largest batch of cultural relics Andina

Historic church discovered in Turkey’s Nevsehir ‘could change history of Orthodoxy’ Hurriyet News

DNA evidence uncovers major upheaval in Europe near end of last Ice Age PhysOrg

February 3rd, 2016 Edition

90 archaeological sites found in Arequipa, Peru Andina

UNESCO: Machu Picchu improves and leaves 'endangered heritage' list Peru This Week

Humans evolved by sharing technology and culture-Our early ancestors, Homo sapiens, managed to evolve and journey across the earth by exchanging and improving their technology Popular Archaeology

Ancient Tomb from Thracian-Roman Period Discovered during Construction Works in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Archaeology in Bulgaria

Samurai Secrets: 1888 Martial Arts Manual for Cops Revealed Live Science

Hiker Discovers 3500-Year-Old Egyptian Seal in Galilee Jewish Press

Powerful Women Buried at Stonehenge Discovery

Laser reveals secrets of early medieval Prussians Science in Poland

February 2nd, 2016 Edition

More on Discovery shows prehistoric man consumed tortoises Popular Archaeology

‘Sex toys’ or religious relics? Wooden phalluses found at lost burial site in Xinjiang desert point to quirks of ancient Chinese society South China Morning Post

The discovery of an ornate Roman fresco revealed Museum of London Archaeology

New research sharpens understanding of poison-arrow hunting in Africa University of Kansas

New early Lapita site discovered in Bua Fiji Village

February 1st, 2016 Edition

Turtle soup, perchance? Prehistoric man had a penchant for tortoises American Friends of Tel Aviv University\EurekAlert

Archaeologists long underestimated early hominins Senckenberg-University of Tübingen

A unique boat from the pyramid age discovered at Abusir by the expedition of the Czech Institute of Egyptology Charles University Prague

Study suggests how modern humans drove Neanderthals to extinction Popular Archaeology

January 30th & 31st, 2016 Edition

Nearly 20 Stone-Tool Sites, Dating Back Up To 12,000 Years, Discovered In Nevada Western Digs

Decapitated Gladiators Reveal Roman Empire's Genetic Influence Live Science\Yahoo News

Chinese archaeologists are expected to dig in Egypt for the first time, as authorities of the two nations are in discussion of a cultural cooperation project Xinhuanet

January 27th to 29th, 2016 Edition

Ancient Babylonians Used Geometry to Track Jupiter-The method was developed by the Babylonians over a thousand years before it was reinvented in 14th century Europe Popular Archaeology
and this Math whizzes of ancient Babylon figured out forerunner of calculus Science Magazine

Ancient Australian bird extinction points to humans-Study provides first reliable evidence humans were preying on now-extinct Australian Megafauna about 50,000 years ago Popular Archaeology

Inscriptions on Sharjah tomb prove Oman kingdom existed in third century BC The National UAE

‘Fujizuka’ mound in Shizuoka dates to Edo Period, survey shows Asahi Shimbun

January 26th, 2016 Edition

Excavation Reveals Significant Statuettes at Archaeological Site of Aptera Greek Reporter

As the Arctic Erodes, Archaeologists Are Racing to Protect Ancient Treasures Smithsonian Magazine
and this History is Melting Hakai Magazine

Discovering a Roman Imperial Winery at Vagnari (Italy) Past Horizons

January 22nd to 25th, 2016 Edition

East Asia makes a comeback in the human evolution stakes The Conversation

Roman-Byzantine grave unearthed on Istanbul’s Istiklal Avenue Hurriyet News

Archaeologists uncover surprising secret in Bristol Cathedral’s first dig for more than 150 years Bristol Post

Research reveals K’omoks people’s advanced fishing methods a thousand years ago Comox Valley Echo

Archaeologists find remains of women sacrificed 1,000 years ago in Peru Jerusalem Post

Neolithic megalithic tomb in Spain comprehensively examined for the first time University of Basel\EurekAlert

Ancient humans dispersed through Arabia during greener times-Recent research has provided evidence of early human presence in an otherwise hostile environment Popular Archaeology

Lima: Remains of presumed weaver dating back to 3,500 years ago found in huaca Peru This Week

The aftermath of 1492-Study shows how Native American depopulation impacted ecology Popular Archaeology

Genetic history of present-day Indians-Genetic study sheds new light on ancestral populations of the Indian subcontinent Popular Archaeology

Study overturns prevailing ideas about sacrifices at Tenochtitlan EFE\Fox News

Pottery Analysis Reveals Visigoths Settled En Masse in Northeast Bulgaria Shortly before Roman Empire’s Division Archaeology in Bulgaria

January 21st, 2016 Edition

Earliest Case Of Scurvy In Ancient Egypt Detected By Archaeologists Forbes

Uncovering the Culture of Bronze Age Logboats Hakai Magazine

Neolithic tomb reveals community stayed together, even in death-47 individuals buried around 3700 BC part of closely related farming community Popular Archaeology

Oldest Human Footprints in the Southwest Discovered at Tucson Construction Site Western Digs

Archaeologists Discover 7,000-Year-Old Fortress Wall in Prehistoric Settlement near Bulgaria’s Hotnitsa Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Discover Large Ancient Theater on Greek Island of Lefkada Greek Reporter

January 20th, 2016 Edition

No fairy tale: Origins of some famous stories go back thousands of years Science News

Undersea treasure: archaeologists find submerged Qin dynasty ‘seaside palace’ of China’s first emperor South China Morning Post

Huge collection of medieval documents discovered in Gniezno Science in Poland

Prehistoric 10,000-year-old Mass Murder Site Discovered by Kenyan Lake Haaretz

Danes discover 9,000-year-old skeletons with a strange history Copenhagen Post

January 19th, 2016 Edition

Before Hatshepsut: Early Egyptian Queen Revealed in Hieroglyphs Live Science

Piecing together the gruesome story of York’s headless Romans University of York

Stalagmite unlocks ancient secrets Deutsche Welle

January 16th to 18th, 2016 Edition

Archaeologists believe they've found artifacts from Alaska's 'cursed' warship, the Neva Alaska Dispatch

Archaeologists Find Wooden Wall, ‘Four-Leaf Clover’ Amulet in Prehistoric Settlement Mound in Bulgaria’s Petko Karavelovo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Particles could reveal clues to how Egypt pyramid was built PhysOrg

Chinese archaeologists locate ancient city famed for political reform China Daily

Two Danish discoveries among 2015's best archaeology Science Nordic

Archaeologists know more about the ancient capital of Cyprus Science in Poland

Fresh archaeological dig gives rare chance to uncover Tasmanian convict history ABC News

January 15th, 2016 Edition

Archaeologists Find North Gate of Ancient Agathopolis in Bulgaria’s Ahtopol, ‘Brand New’ Gold Coin of Byzantine Emperor Justine I Archaeology in Bulgaria

'Cave of forgotten dreams' may hold earliest painting of volcanic eruption Nature

Prehistoric mat reveals ancient Chinese weaving techniques Xinhuanet

Meet the archaeologists making ancient rock art into 3D reality University of Cambridge

Grisly find suggests humans inhabited Arctic 45,000 years ago Science Magazine

Researchers confirm site of hangings for Salem witch trials San Francisco Chronicle

List of Murderers Revealed on Cathedral Wall-inscription found in a Russian cathedral that names men who murdered a prince Discovery

January 14th, 2016 Edition

Bronze Age village found near ancient Roman city The Local

Plague may have persisted in Europe during 300-year period, including 'Black Death’-Genetic analysis reveals Y. pestis bacteria may have persisted long-term in Europe Popular Archaeology

Caral surprises the world for advanced knowledge and technology Andina

New evidence reveals humans on Indonesian island 60,000 years earlier than previously thought University of Wollongong

Sixth-century wooden foot thought be Europe's oldest prosthetic implant The Guardian UK

New discoveries concerning Ötzi's genetic history-The Iceman's maternal genetic line originated in the Alps and is now extinct Popular Archaeology

January 12th & 13th, 2016 Edition

Italian-Russian archeologists make major discovery in Sudan Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

What History Gives, the Sea Steals Hakai Magazine

'A bronze age Pompeii': archaeologists hail discovery of Peterborough site Guardian UK

Archaeologists Begin Excavation of Honduran 'Lost City' National Geographic

Behind the Myth of King Midas-The Penn Museum reveals newly discovered archaeology and artifacts of the royalty and kingdom of King Midas of the Golden Touch Popular Archaeology

January 9th to 11th, 2016 Edition

Archaeologists discover world's oldest tea buried with ancient Chinese emperor The Independent UK

This Ancient City Was Three Times Bigger Than Archaeologists Suspected Smithsonian Magazine

New findings on prehistoric stone tool industry in Italy-The Uluzzian stone tool industry, widely thought to be the product of anatomically modern humans, may actually have its roots in a stone tool tradition linked to Neanderthals Popular Archaeology

Prosthetic Leg with Hoofed Foot Discovered in Ancient Chinese Tomb Live Science

Real Sunken Cities-These five sunken cities testify to the risks of coastal life Hakai Magaine

Ancient burial rituals prove you can take it with you... and what you take says a lot EurekAlert\University of Cincinnati

New digital tools could help speed up cultural heritage work-Archaeologists will soon have access to new digital tools for reassembly and erosion, while advances in predictive scanning could open up new market opportunities Cordis

4500 years old tomb of unknown Ancient Egyptian Queen discovered Luxor Times

The Anthropocene: hard evidence for a human-driven Earth University of Leicester

Footprints among top findings of Yenikapi excavations Hurriyet News

Long-lost Roman roads discovered on flood maps: Hi-tech Lidar data reveals the route of 2,000-year-old highways across Britain Daily Mail

January 8th, 2016 Edition

Ancient Roman toilets did not improve sanitation-Research shows Romanization actually spread parasites Popular Archaeology

More on Wrecks From Infamous 19th Century Whaling ‘Disaster’ Discovered Off Alaska Coast Western Digs

Archaeologist discovers Maya royal burial PhysOrg

Honduras to make archeological dig for mysterious 'White City' PhysOrg

Fish trap from the Middle Ages discovered in Lake Lednickie Science in Poland

January 7th, 2016 Edition

Neanderthal genes gave modern humans an immunity boost and allergies Popular Archaeology

Pathogens found in Otzi's stomach EurekAlert

Buried treasure: 1700s ship, preserved in a watery grave, emerges as hotel goes up Stars and Stripes

January 6th, 2016 Edition

Bulgaria’s Sozopol to Restore Ancient Statue of Apollo, ‘Colossus of Apollonia Pontica’, Not Unlike Greece’s Plans to Rebuild Colossus of Rhodes Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeological Discovery Yields Surprising Revelations about Europe’s Oldest City University of Cincinnati

Sharjah excavations unearth objects dated as early as 8,000BC The National UAE

Five missing kings and queens – and where we might find them Independent UK

There’s a 3,400 Year Old Canaanite Citadel in my Basement Jewish Press

Remains of lost 1800s whaling fleet discovered off Alaska’s Arctic coast NOAA

January 5th, 2016 Edition

Early 17th century church at Jamestown to be excavated-Plans include investigation of the 1617 church remains Popular Archaeology

Researchers to uncover forensic secrets of Britain's historic wax seals PhysOrg

Day 1 of dig unearths evidence of 1,300-year-old village Herald Tribune

Untangling an Accounting Tool and an Ancient Incan Mystery New York Times

January 3rd & 4th, 2016 Edition

Skeleton of 16th century 'pirate' discovered under Edinburgh primary school Telegraph UK

Fort dig uncovered War of 1812 horse mystery Columbus Dispatch

Archaeologists Return to Neanderthal Cave as ISIS Pushed from Iraq Live Science

The first European farmers are traced back to Anatolia EurekAlert

Ancient grave in Alberta farmer's field unearths historical mystery CBC News

January 1st & 2nd, 2016 Edition

Archaeologists unearth military arsenal from the era of Ivan the Terrible PhysOrg

Ancient road uncovered in Turkey’s Tarsus Hurriyet News

Using Lasers to Preserve Antiquities Threatened by ISIS New York Times

Latest study suggests early human dispersal into Spain through Strait of Gibraltar-Most recent dating places one wave of human dispersal out of Africa into southeastern Spain at almost one million years ago Popular Archaeology

King Amenhotep III statue accidently recovered in Edfu Ahram Online

Half of artifacts from Confederate gunship returned to river Stars and Stripes

December 31st, 2015 Edition-Happy New Year to All!!

Unearthing Roman 'nerve centre' in Spain BBC News

Digging up the Past in 2016: What Archaeologists Expect to Find Live Science

The surprising thing ancient mummies tell us about what to eat Washington Post

New discovery in Qantara West suggests date of origin of Tel Al-Dafna site Ahram Online

December 29th & 30th, 2015 Edition

20,000 items and counting at Haihunhou CCTV

Archaeological dig in central Israel uncovers Byzantine church and 2700-year-old farm Jerusalem Post

Microstories from before 4000 years Science in Poland

New Insights Emerging on America’s First English Colony-Clues from the soil raise new questions Popular Archaeology

Ancient shepherd's hut dating from more than 4,500 years ago discovered by chance South Wales Argus

Remains of Stone Age Hunters Found in Western Iran Tasnim News Agency

December 27th & 28th, 2015 Edition

Historic bath and mosaics found in central Anatolia Hurriyet News

Top 5 Archaeology Discoveries in the American West of 2015 Western Digs

Son of Hercules vs. Hydra: Altar Showing Mythical Battle Discovered Live Science

Kinder, Gentler Vikings? Not According to Their Slaves National Geographic

Scientists sequence first ancient Irish human genomes-The genomes show unequivocal evidence for mass migrations into Ireland Popular Archaeology

New insights on origin of Polynesians-Study supports an early Lapita origin for Polynesians Popular Archaeology

800-year-old shipwreck found off Salento coast The Local

Statue of a ram discovered near ancient church in Caesarea Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

December 24th to 26th, 2015 Edition

More on scientists find 1500-year-old Viking settlement beneath new airport site Ars Technica

Ancient Egyptian artefacts discovered in Aswan's Gebel Al-Silsila Ahram Online

Did Egypt’s Old Kingdom Die—or Simply Fade Away? National Geographic

Choquequirao – Field Report 2015 Peruvian Times

December 22nd & 23rd, 2015 Edition

Archaeological Finds in El Salvador Tell a Whole Different Tale about Maya Society-Artifacts uncovered by the Cerén dig suggest Maya citizens enjoyed certain freedoms when trading and making societal decisions Scientific American

History mystery: Gold tool discovered in Jerusalem cemetery leaves archaeologists stumped Jerusalem Post

Iron-Age Norwegians Liked Their Bling NewsWise\Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Archaeologists Find Altars for Chthonic Deity Rituals in Fortresses of Ancient Thracian Tribe Asti in Southeast Bulgaria Archaeology In Bulgaria

Construction crew unearths remains of ‘corduroy road’ in Fairfax Washington Post

Greek and Danish archaeologists excavate the ancient Greek harbour town Lechaion University of Copenhagen

Tiny Tudor treasure hoard found in Thames mud Guardian UK

Chinese archaeologists in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province, found important clues to a bronze casting workshop during the recent excavation at Haojing Site China Daily

Religion a key to early state formation in ancient Mexico Popular Archaeology

December 20th & 21st, 2015 Edition

Decapitated body with head between legs found among unusual Roman burials at new armed forces site Culture 24

Evil-Thwarting 'Rattles' Found in Prehistoric Infant's Grave Live Science

Thracologists Discover Ancient Thracian Rock Step Pyramid in Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Southern Bulgaria Archaeology in Bulgaria

600-year-old Charlemagne insignia found in Zurich SwissInfo

External coffin lid of 2,000-year-old Chinese tomb opened China Daily

Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun's wet nurse might have been his sister The Guardian UK

Islamic State seizes Unesco heritage site in Libya The Telegraph UK

More on Archaeologists study Scythian nomad graves Past Horizons

December 18th & 19th, 2015 Edition

The Mystery of Red Deer Cave-New insights emerge about the enigmatic archaic human remains found in a Chinese cave Popular Archaeology

Ancient Egyptians described Algol's eclipses Science Daily

Could Queen Nefertiti's Tomb Reveal Secrets From Egypt's Shadowy Past? National Geographic

University of Haifa Excavations Uncover Unique Hebrew Inscription Showing Existence of a Jewish Village at Kursi University of Haifa\Newswise

Sickle-Wearing Skeletons Reveal Ancient Fear of Demons Live Science

Archaeologists find traces of violent coup in ancient Kingdom of Bosporus Popular Archaeology

December 16th & 17th, 2015 Edition

800-Year-Old Camp Found in Oregon Sand Dunes Poses Migration Mystery Western Digs

Archaeologist Claims to Have Unlocked Phaistos Disk Mystery Greek Reporter

Anclient marble slab discovered as Kinneret water levels drop Jewish Press

Ancient Thracian Gold Laurel Wreath Which May Have Originated in Ancient Troy Turned In to Bulgaria’s National Museum of History Archaeology in Bulgaria

Rare marble sphinx unearthed in NW China Xinhuanet

Dog has been man's best friend for 33,000 years, DNA study finds Telegraph UK

Cult of Zeus found in Metropolis Hurriyet News

Site of first multi-year European settlement in the U.S. identified by University of West Florida archaeology program University of West Florida

December 13th to 15th, 2015 Edition

Archaeological Site and Village in Armenia among Europe’s ‘Most Endangered’ Asbarez News

Why Stonehenge's bluestones 'were moved from Wales by glaciers NOT prehistoric people' Wales Online

Archaeologists Discover 3,000-Year-Old Ancient Thracian Necropolis with Gold Finds during Rescue Digs near Bulgaria’s Dragoman Archaeology in Bulgaria

131 ancient Chinese ‘hanging’ coffins found on side of 100m cliff near Three Gorges Dam South China Morning Post

Archaeologists Discover Elite 6th Century AD Cavalryman With Unique Foot Prosthesis Forbes

This One Bone Is The Only Skeletal Evidence For Crucifixion In The Ancient World Forbes

Rare treasure found in Suffolk depicts medieval 'Wild Man' BBC News

Archaeologists are studying the cradle of the Scythians Science in Poland

Millet: The missing link in prehistoric humans' transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer Popular Archaeology

December 12th, 2015 Edition

6,000-year-old skeletons in French pit came from victims of violence Science News

Archaeologists unearth slice of pre-1906 earthquake Chinatown amid Central Subway construction San Francisco Examiner

Archaeologists unearth new evidence of Roman and medieval Leicester University of Leicester

More on Viking hoard discovery reveals little-known king 'airbrushed from history' Telegraph UK

December 11th, 2015 Edition

Sunken haul of Roman fish sauce found off Italy The Local

Studies show early human hunters more advanced than previously thought-Archaeological evidence reveals new insights into prehistoric hunting culture in present-day Germany 300,000 years ago Popular Archaeology

Dutch archaeologists find proof of Julius Caesar-led massacre in the Netherlands Dutch News

DNA tests uncover rare 2,000 year-old golden horse Xinhuanet

December 10th, 2015 Edition

Archeological student's report could change story of Civil War massacre The Carthage Press

Archaeologists discover earliest British gun flints on Clan island off coast of Scotland Culture 24

Gold-plated teeth recovered from Nalanda archaeological site Times of India

Archaeologists Discover Huge Ancient Roman Horreum (Granary) in Kovachevsko Kale Fortress near Bulgaria’s Popovo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Viking hoard found in field sheds light on England's origins Associated Press\Yahoo News

December 9th, 2015 Edition

New discoveries redefine Angkor Wat's history University of Sydney\EurekAlert

Shifting sand dunes reveal large Bronze Age settlement BBC News

Astronomy archaeology – finding 120-year-old observations University of Copenhagen

The tomb of sultan Suleiman in Szigetvár University of Pécs

December 8th, 2015 Edition

Traces of Vikings found at Bathonea archaeological excavation in Istanbul Today's Zaman

Unexpected wood source for Chaco Canyon great houses Popular Archaeology

More on ‘Forgotten Casualty’ of Pearl Harbor Attack Revealed Off Coast of Hawaii Western Digs

NYU-led research differentiates facial growth in Neanderthals and modern humans-Scientific team advances understanding of the morphological processes that distinguish Neanderthals' faces from modern humans' Popular Archaeology

December 6th & 7th, 2015 Edition

More on University of Lincoln uncovers hundreds of 11,000-year-old tools BBC News

Technology to help pinpoint 1862 Pea Ridge battle lines Arkansas Online

Archaeologist Discovers 8,000-Year-Old Nephrite ‘Frog-like’ Swastika in Slatina Neolithic Settlement in Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia Archaeology in Bulgaria

Stonehenge 'bluestone' quarries confirmed 140 miles away in Wales PhysOrg
and then there is this 'No evidence' Stonehenge bluestones came from Pembrokeshire BBC News

Archaeological Society denies claims of Agamemnon throne discovery eKathimerini

UA anthropologists study ancient peoples through their kitchens University of Arizona

Colombia finds treasure galleon, ending 300-year mystery AFP\Yahoo News

Bolivian Archaeologists Dig For Rare Artefacts teleSUR

The first inter-cultural ‘party’ in Europe? Past Horizons

Poles study ancient Greek colony of Tanais Science in Poland

December 5th, 2015 Edition

Ancient 'Wand' May Be Oldest Example of Lead Work in the Levant Live Science

2000-year-old Han Dynastry site discovered in northwestern China CCTV

Intact, Packed Etruscan Tomb Found Discovery

December 4th, 2015 Edition

More on Rebel Paleolithic artist breaks the rules, draws a campsite 13,800 years ago Los Angeles Times

Archaeologist Finds Marble Head from Ancient Roman Female Statue during Rescue Digs in Bulgaria’s Stara Zagora Archaeology in Bulgaria

US Seaplane Lost in Pearl Harbor Revealed Discovery

Silver jewellery dating back a thousand years found in Czermno Science in Poland

What secrets has this huge hole at the University of Lincoln revealed? Lincolnshire Echo

Glacial Rock in Greenland Offers Clues to Norse Migration Patterns Popular Archaeology

December 3rd, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists uncover Bronze Age trade routes between Iran and Mesopotamia Past Horizons

Nara's Great Buddha has a bad hair day The Asahi Shimbun

More on Impression of biblical king's seal found in Jerusalem BBC News

Vietnam’s ancient Dong Son drum found in Timor Leste Vietnam Net

December 2nd, 2015 Edition

Imaging yields evidence of heart disease in archaeological find EurekAlert

Couple unearth remains of 'rich' female buried up to 1,000 years ago with her rare Chinese bronze mirror Siberian Times

King Hezekiah’s Seal Discovered in Jerusalem Jewish Press

8000-year-old "Viste Boy" sent for DNA analysis PhysOrg

Oldest Peach Pits Found in China Discovery

An abandoned Roman villa: The Otford site which was systematically demolished in the 4th century Culture24

Engraved schist slab may depict paleolithic campsites-13,000 year-old engraving may map hunter-gatherer campsite Popular Archaeology

December 1st, 2015 Edition

Female 'Amazon' warrior buried 2,500 years ago in Altai Mountains was... male Siberian Times

Mexico experts: passageway may lead to Aztec ruler's tomb Austin American Statesman

Ancient Greek Temple Aligned to Full Moon Discovery

Archaeologist reveals how pre-Columbian cultures adapted to El Niño Peru This Week
and this The Civilizing Power of Nature Hakai Magazine

Huge Geometric Shapes in Middle East May Be Prehistoric Live Science

November 29th & 30th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists uncover Shakespeare's kitchen at dig in Stratford-upon-Avon Coventry Telegraph

Ancient Floridians knew how to cope with rising seas, archaeologists find Tampa Bay Times

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Thracian Clay Altar in Newly Found Ancient and Medieval Settlement in Coal Mine near Bulgaria’s Radnevo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaelology: Scientists work to tell story of Battle of Wabash Columbus Dispatch

U.S. Forest Service: Man Shared Photos Of Illegal Artifact Excavation On Instagram 5News

Human nature’s dark side helped us spread across the world University of York

More on people roamed tip of South America 18,500 years ago Science News

November 26th to 28th, 2015 Edition

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography: Georgians falsified facts during restoration at Keshikchidagh monastery complex APA News

‘Well-preserved’ sarcophagus of 22nd dynasty nobleman unearthed in Egypt’s Luxor Ahram Online

Pre-hispanic mummies from 1,000 AD discovered in Peru Telegraph UK

'First Roman fortlet' found on Anglesey using geo survey BBC News

War, More Than ISIS, Is Destroying Syria's Ancient Sites National Geographic

Betrayals of trust increased speed and character of human dispersals Past Horizons

November 25th, 2015 Edition

Ancient underground city in Cappadocia will 'rewrite history' Hurriyet News

Egypt discovers ancient fence, dating back over 3,500 years Seattle Post

Italy roadworks unearth frescoed Roman room The Local

Paleolithic elephant butchering site found in Greece Science Daily

November 24th, 2015 Edition

Revering Ancient Gods on the Roof of the World-Archaeologists are uncovering an early civilization on the high Tibetan Plateau Popular Archaeology

Studies illuminate human evolutionary past-Genetic studies show certain ancient adaptations and infections helped to shape the human family of today Popular Archaeology

1,700-Year-Old Ring Depicts Nude Cupid, the Homewrecking God Live Science

Getting under the skin of a medieval mystery EurekAlert

Did the iconic funerary gold mask of King Tutankhamun belong to his stepmother Queen Nefertiti? Nevine El-Aref reviews a scholarly work on the mystery Al-Ahram Weekly

Agriculture Linked to DNA Changes in Ancient Europe New York Times

November 21st to 23rd, 2015 Edition

An entire ancient island has been rediscovered in the Aegean National Geographic

Columbus 'didn't bring syphilis to Europe': study The Local

Technology Change Doomed Ancient Soapstone Quarry Hartford Courant

Chilean Chinchorro Or Alpine Ötzi? Archaeologists Settle Debate Over World's Oldest Tattoos Forbes

Glastonbury myths 'made up by 12th-century monks'-Archaeological study dismisses abbey’s links to King Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea, saying many stories were created to raise funds after a fire The Guardian UK

November 19th & 20th, 2015 Edition

Skeleton of Burnt 'Witch Girl' Found in Italy Discovery

Oldest stone tools in the Americas claimed in Chile Science Magazine
and this New clues about the earliest known Americans Popular Archaeology

Trove of ancient Roman coins found in Switzerland BBC News

Evidence of pulque god found in Tlaxcala Mexico Daily News

'Dongzhi Man' China's latest ancient human fossil find Xinhuanet

November 17th & 18th, 2015 Edition

Was Pottery Invented to Process Fish? Hakai Magazine

Port Arthur archaeological dig to unearth little-known facts about settlement's convicts ABC News Australia

Scientists discover the cause behind prehistoric climate change Science Nordic

1,500-year-old wine presses found in Netivot Israel Foreign Affairs

Gold coins, hoofs found in 2,000-yr-old Chinese tomb Xinhuanet

More on Denisovans: Ancient teeth reveal more about mysterious human relatives CBC News

Looking to the future by examining the past-ASU archaeologist receives NSF grant to study humans' relationships with the environment Arizona State University

How Floods Shaped Civilization-Humans adapted to climate in the past, and we have to do so again Slate

November 15th & 16th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists Reveal Another Ancient, Luxurious Mosaic in Lod Jewish Press

Ancient Board Game Found in Looted China Tomb Live Science

'Fourth strand' of European ancestry originated with hunter-gatherers isolated by Ice Age PhysOrg

Wailing at the wrong wall? Challenging accepted tradition, some researchers have proposed a controversial new perspective on Jerusalem’s ancient Temple Mount and the location of the temple that was central to Israelite and Judahite worship in biblical times Popular Archaeology

Whiskers still bristling after more than 10,000 years in the Siberian cold Siberian Times

November 13th & 14th, 2015 Edition

Lost Pharaoh? Great Pyramid May Hide Undiscovered Tomb Live Science

Byzantine 'flat-pack' church to be reconstructed in Oxford after spending 1,000 years on the seabed The Independent UK

Chinese archaeologists unearth ancient smoke-absorbing lamps China Daily

Fragments of Roman building sign discovered at Silchester Past Horizons

The ancient Greeks in Ukraine Science in Poland

An elegant 2,200-year-old Hellenistic bronze incense shovel found this summer could help determine how and when Judeans settled the hills near the Kinneret Times of Israel

DNA from Inca boy sacrificed 500 years ago shows how humans spread to South America PhysOrg

November 12th, 2015 Edition

A new countryside legacy from Roman Britain PhysOrg

Early farmers exploited the honeybee at least 8,500 years ago Popular Archaeology

Gladiator Colosseum Found in Tuscany Discovery

Inca child mummy reveals lost genetic history of South America Science Magazine

Fossils shed new light on North American mammoths-Mammoths crossed the Bering Land Bridge as much as 2 million years ago, suggests study Popular Archaeology

November 10th to 11th, 2015 Edition

Infrared thermography study suggests other chambers exist inside Tutankhamun's tomb Ahram Online

Archaeologists Find Ceramic Sarcophagus in Necropolis of Ancient Greek Polis Apollonia Pontica in Bulgaria’s Sozopol Archaeology in Bulgaria

Prehistoric 'Stonehenge' monument in Golan Heights fuels mystery Reuters\Yahoo News

More on Earliest church in the tropics unearthed in former heart of Atlantic slave trade Science Daily

Missing land mentioned in ancient books discovered by archeologists in Izmir Today's Zaman

November 7th to 9th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists uncover 2,300-year-old theatre on Cyprus AFP/Yahoo News

Archaeologists Discover Elamite Era Site in Southwestern Iran Tasnim News Agency

Nearly 9,000 Artifacts Uncovered in California Desert, Spanning 11,500 Years of History Western Digs

Vehicles unearthed in Western Han Dynasty cemetary China Daily

Kon-Tiki2: Why would you cross the Pacific on a wooden raft? BBC News

Selinunte: Site of ancient massacre yields the secrets of a lost Greek city The Independent UK

Breakthrough for mining research in the Bronze Age-Mining already took place 3,500 years ago in the Austrian region of Montafon EurekAlert

More on Defining the Nez Perce Trail: Archaeologist seeks artifacts from 1877 Army campsites Billings Gazette

November 5th & 6th, 2015 Edition

Locked tomb in eastern China may hold key to fate of little-known emperor 2,000 years ago South China Morning Post

Viking longhouse discovered in East Iceland Iceland Monitor

Dura-Europos painted wooden shield undergoes new analysis Past Horizons

More on Mysterious Symbols in Kazakhstan: How Old Are They, Really? Live Science

Archaeologists Find Exquisite Medieval Ring with Obsidian Gemstone in Bulgaria’s Rock City Perperikon, Complete Excavations of Its Acropolis Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Searched for 1877 Army Route on the Nez Perce Trail this summer County 10

Fancy some Neolithic smoked fish? Siberian Times

Birchbark Message Tells Story of Medieval Traveler Discovery

Archaeologists uncover human tragedy at ancient Elamite site of Haft Tappeh Past Horizons

New map shows how drought affected 1,000 years of history-Along with other maps, it completes the first big-picture view across Northern Hemisphere Popular Archaeology

November 4th, 2015 Edition

More on Remarkably preserved ancient Maya village reveals daily life-Ancient village of Ceren, buried in ash from volcanic eruption, features details as fine as footprints and finger marks Popular Archaeology

Italy's first Neanderthal dates back 250,000 years The Local

New test for ancient DNA authenticity throws doubt on Stone Age wheat trade Science Daily

Archaeologist will investigate strangers in ancient Egypt Science in Poland

17th Century Hyett Family Burial Vault is unearthed at Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester Cathedral

Bulgaria’s Oceanology Institute Finds Sunken Galley, Explores 500-Year-Old Pirate Ship in Black Sea Archaeology in Bulgaria

November 3rd, 2015 Edition

Ancient Mystery Solved: Hellenistic Citadel that Restricted Jewish Rule in Hasmonean Jerusalem Jewish Press
and this Greek fortress, key to ancient Jerusalem, uncovered, researchers say Reuters

These Satellite Views of Ancient Earthworks Are Stirring Debate-Images of mysterious shapes inspire intriguing theories, but solid answers will come from on-the-ground study, archaeologists say National Geographic

CU-Boulder study: Ancient Salvadoran village buried by ash freezes daily life in time-Footprints on ceremonial road may indicate residents were fleeing volcano EurekAlert

Paleolithic humans in Europe dealt with saber-toothed cats, study shows-Either as hunters or the hunted, prehistoric humans interacted with saber-toothed cats 300,000 years ago Popular Archaeology

October 31st to November 2nd, 2015 Edition

Team of archaeologists work at ancient harbour in Cyprus Famagusta Gazette

Tomb Tells Tale of Family Executed by China's 1st Female Emperor Live Science

Invaluable ancient Syrian mosaic discovered EurekAlert

New technology takes NAU students back 2 million years Northern Arizona University

Revealing the mysteries of the Maya script PhysOrg

Ice Age engravings found at Jersey archaeological site BBC News

Did This Spanish Shipwreck Change the Course of History? National Geographic

17th-Century Box's Contents Revealed by X-Rays Discovery

October 29th & 30th, 2015 Edition

More on Rare Unlooted Grave of Wealthy Warrior Uncovered in Greece National Geographic

Early humans linked to ancient Australian extinction Popular Archaeology

Prehistoric 'eco-house' 1,300 years older than Stonehenge discovered by archaeologists The Independent UK

2,500-year-old female Siberian warrior is beheaded by excavator Siberian Times

Beyond the temples, ancient bones reveal the lives of the Mayan working class Popular Archaeology

Latest Archaeological Discoveries in Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia Tangle Up Search for Roman Forum of Ancient Serdica Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Find Building’s Portico, Governor’s Residence Hypocaust in Ancient Roman Colony Ratiaria near Bulgaria’s Archar Archaeology in Bulgaria

October 27th & 28th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists Discover 10 Graves in Necropolis of Bronze Age Danube River Culture near Bulgaria’s Baley Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists make new discoveries at site in Peru Fox News

More on UC team discovers rare warrior tomb filled with Bronze Age wealth and weapons EurekAlert

22 Shipwrecks Found in Single Location in Greece Discovery

Pre-contact Amazonian natives had little impact on land, new research finds Popular Archaeology

Archeologists searching for Grand-Pré Acadian church site CBC News

Amateur archaeologist finds Viking treasure on Danish island Copenhagen Post

October 25th & 26th, 2015 Edition

Ancient shipwrecks found in Istanbul's Yenikapi shed light on ancient ship production Hurriyet News

Archeological Dig Finds Dozens Of Confederate Graves NewsChannel 5

The man trying to save ancient sites from ISIS CNN News

Meet this extinct cave lion, at least 10,000 years old Siberian Times

A Warrior’s Grave at Pylos, Greece, Could Be a Gateway to Civilizations New York Times

Did missionaries influence earliest Ohioans? Columbus Dispatch

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Thracian Ruler’s Residence near Bulgaria’s Brodilovo Archaeology in Bulgaria

‘ScanPyramids’ project hopes to decipher ancient secrets Ahram Online

Is It a Fake? DNA Testing Deepens Mystery of Shroud of Turin Live Science\Yahoo News

What Really Killed Notorious English Leader Oliver Cromwell? Live Science

Polish archaeologists discovered an unknown temple of Hatshepsut Science in Poland

DNA from ancient baby remains in Alaska supports Bering land bridge layover Popular Archaeology

October 23rd & 24th, 2015 Edition

New insights on the wooden weapons from the Paleolithic site of Schöningen Popular Archaeology

Excavation of Ancient Greek healing temple at Feneos site reveals god statues and garden (Photos) International Business Times

Aboriginal female hunters aided by dingoes Science News

Prehistoric Utah Rock Art Does Not Depict a Pterosaur, Study Confirms Western Digs

October 22nd, 2015 Edition

The earliest known abecedary PhysOrg

More on 1,200-year-old Viking sword discovered by hiker CNN News

Dig uncovers '8,000-year-old snacks' BBC News

Plague infected humans much earlier than previously thought EurekAlert

October 21st, 2015 Edition

Snake unlikely to have killed Cleopatra PhysOrg

Archaeologists discover secret tunnel in ancient Hittite castle This Week Magazine

Ancient civilization: Cracking the Indus script (commentary)Nature Journal

Ancient Mexican Temple Reappears as Water Levels Drop Time

Hiker finds 1,200-yr-old Viking sword The Local

Archaeologists Make Last Discoveries As They Excavate in Full Medieval Monastery at Urvich Fortress near Bulgaria’s Sofia Archaeology in Bulgaria

Fixing Tutankhamun's beard: 'unfortunately they used epoxy' The Guardian UK

October 20th, 2015 Edition

Haunting new find of death masks from ancient Siberian warrior race Siberian Times

Being rich in the Middle Ages led to an unhealthy life EurekAlert

Climate impacted on agrarian states in Mexico and Peru Past Horizons

Marble Medusa Head Unearthed in Ancient Roman Ruins Live Science

October 16th to 19th, 2015 Edition

The environment of the Cantabrian Region in the course of 35,000 years is reconstructed Popular Archaeology

Thracologist Finds Bulgaria’s Largest Dolmen So Far, ‘Stone Egg’ Megalith near Zlatosel Archaeology in Bulgaria

Medieval graves found near Exeter 'mystify' archaeologists BBC News

Chan Chan archaeological remains found at burial platform in Peru Andina

95 years on, Marine archaeologists find shipwreck off Point Reyes San Francisco Chronicle

Archaeologist Finds Wooden Homes on Platforms: First Ever Middle Bronze Age Discoveries in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bloody Ancient Arrowhead Reveals Maya 'Life Force' Ceremony Live Science

Pope’s speech inscribed in a Persian document 2500 years ago IBNA

Iraqi Museum Discovers Missing Lines From the Epic of Gilgamesh Smithsonian Magazine

Zahi Hawass' take on the tomb of Queen Nefertiti Al-Ahram Weekly

The Sphinx that came to Philadelphia-The story of a colossal Egyptian sphinx's journey to America Popular Archaeology

October 15th, 2015 Edition

Severed Heads, Skull Bowls Found in California Graves Were Tributes, Not War Trophies, Study Finds Western Digs

Ancient ‘water law’ unearthed in Laodicea Hurriyet News

Does Celtic art have links with Asia? Past Horizons

Shift in weaning age supports hunting-induced extinction of Siberian woolly mammoths-Amidst the debate about what brought on the extinction of the mammoths, new study results point to human hunting as the cause Popular Archaeology

Our ancestors probably didn't get 8 hours a night, either-UCLA led study on present-day hunter-gatherers dispels myths about how humans evolved in sleeping Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists discover prehistoric weapons on RSPB Scotland reserve RSPB

Buddha statue, circa 9th century Korea, found Korea Herald

October 14th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists make unique discovery near Aarhus Copenhagen Post

7,000 year old Siberian warrior: more advanced than we supposed? Siberian Times

Modern humans out of Africa sooner than thought PhysOrg

Biblical city of Sodom 'found in Jordan'-Archaeologists have been excavating the ancient site of Tall el Hammam The Independent UK

October 10th to 13th, 2015 Edition

4,000-year-old Relics from China's Largest Ancient City Discovered CRIEnglish

A Matter of Class: 2,400-Year-Old Tombs Yield Ancient Aristocrats Live Science

Pig Point likely a hub of vast Native American settlement Capital Gazette

Event highlights the mystery of the moon and Newark mounds Columbus Dispatch

Skeletons Found in Early Christian Tomb on St. Ivan Island off Bulgaria’s Sozopol Belonged to Syrian Monks Who Brought St. John the Baptist’s Relics Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists memorialize the historic chancel burials at Jamestown-Famous early founders of Jamestown remembered with new reconstruction at the original church site where Pocahontas was married Popular Archaeology

Feasts and food choices: The culinary habits of the Stonehenge builders EurekAlert

Ancient 'casket in casket' found in China IANS\Yahoo News

One of Henry V's Ships Likely Found Discovery

Spear injuries show worker life in ancient Egypt USA Today

October 8th & 9th, 2015 Edition

Archeological site in Mexico yields new details of sacrifice of Spaniards Fox News

Woolly mammoth skin found 'well preserved in permafrost' gives new hope for cloning Siberian Times

Mysterious Ancient Maya Mural Keeps Its Secrets-Revealing the full mural will have to wait, but overlying plaster shows ancient graffiti inscribed on its surface Popular Archaeology

Skeletons Found in Chalcolithic Necropolis in Bulgaria’s Kamenovo Belonged to Women and Children of ‘Mediterranean Anthropological Type Archaeology in Bulgaria

New research shows Scotland inhabited 3000 years earlier than previously thought University of Reading

Archaeologists to uncover secrets of Viking fortress Copenhagen Post

From a very old skeleton, new insights on ancient migrations PhysOrg

October 6th & 7th, 2015 Edition

Battle field of gladiators found in Anavarza Hurriyet News

Archaeologist Discovers Early Byzantine Basilica in ‘Frankish Quarter’ of Medieval Bulgarian Capital Tarnovgrad Archaeology in Bulgaria

Human Ancestor Candidate Sported Hands and Feet Much Like Modern Humans-The newly discovered Homo naledi species walked much like us and had hands that could manipulate objects similar to that of modern human hands, say researchers Popular Archaeology

Mysterious Archaeological Site with Rock Carved Animal Heads Found near Bulgaria’s Sliven Archaeology in Bulgaria

A Neolithic causewayed enclosure and other exciting discoveries at Thame, Oxfordshire Cotswold Archaeology

Pigs Unearth Hunter-Gatherer Civilization Discovery

Polish archaeologists discovered a unique Germanic burial in the Czech Republic Science in Poland

Ancient Roman Mosaic Found in Tuscany Discovery

October 3rd to 5th, 2015 Edition

Q&A with minister of antiquities on search for Nefertiti in Tutankhamun's tomb Ahram Online

Rare ancient tomb found in North China Xinhuanet

Ancient gladiator ring where warriors fought wild animals found in south Turkey BGN News

Petroglyph in Spain Marks when Atlantic and Mediterranean Cultures Met-Bronze Age rock carving depicts a Mediterranean style boat Popular Archaeology

Brawny Bones Reveal Medieval Hungarian Warriors Were Accomplished Archers Forbes

Militants blow up ancient Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, antiquities chief says ABC News

Ruins of ancient Egyptian temple unearthed under modern Cairo Cairo Post

Washtenaw County mammoth find hints at role of early humans University of Michigan

'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Records Hint at Improbable Journey of Controversial Papyrus Live Science

October 2nd, 2015 Edition

Mass Grave Found in California Reveals Prehistoric Violence Against ‘Outsiders’ Western Digs

The Iceman Cameth-All early American ancestors hailed from East Asia and Siberia? Not so fast, says a prominent scientist Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists uncover Bronze Age ‘sauna house’ in Orkney Historic Scotland

Could Cramond hold the secret of Scotland during Dark Ages? Edinburgh Council

Ancient human remains found in dirt pile in Haines, Alaska Alaska Public Media

October 1st, 2015 Edition

Mummification was commonplace in Bronze Age Britain-Bronze Age burial remains in U.K. show signs of preservation consistent with mummification Popular Archaeology

Using ancient DNA, researchers unravel the mystery of Machu Picchu PhysOrg

Bone clue to Skye's ancient hunter-gatherers BBC News

Radar reveals two new rooms in Tutankhamun tomb BBC News

Amphipolis tomb was dedicated to companion of Alexander, experts say eKathimerini

September 30th, 2015 Edition

Archeologists unearth ancient Mataram Hindu temple Jakarta Post

Viking symbols of travel, prestige and adventure Past Horizons

Bronze Age log boat discovered in Kent Past Horizons

Jamestown Unearthed: Archaeologists Confirm Indoor Well Found Near Fort Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

September 29th, 2015 Edition

Fit for a God? Ancient Booty Discovered in Transylvania Live Science

Builders in Omsk stumble across Bronze Age burial site Siberian Times

Scans show Pompeii victims 'in good health' The Local Italy

Archaeologists Discover Marble Gladiator Head, Decipher Newly Found Inscription from Ancient Roman City Augusta Traiana in Bulgaria’s Stara Zagora Archaeology in Bulgaria

A Rare 1,500 Year Old Mosaic was Discovered that Depicts Ancient Streets and Buildings in Egypt Israel Antiquities Authority

2200 year old walrus bones suggest the most famous medieval chess set might be Icelandic in origin Iceland Magazine

Archeologists uncover secrets of Revolutionary War site PhysOrg

Archaeologists uncover Bronze Age sauna house at Links of Notland Past Horizons

September 25th to 28th, 2015 Edition

Ancient carving stolen decades ago in Mexico found in France PhysOrg

Ancient artefacts, statues discovered in Pakistan IANS\Yahoo News

1st Century AD Inscription Found in Ancient Thracian Tomb in Bulgaria’s Tatarevo Turns Out to Be Verse from Solon’s ‘Prayer to the Muses’ Archaeology in Bulgaria

Marine Archaeologists Excavate Greek Antikythera Shipwreck Woods Hole Oceanographic

Unique items from ancient times found in Rusovce The Slovak Spectator

Rare 3,000-year-old King David era seal discovered by Temple Mount Sifting Project Jerusalem Post

Fossilized ear bones reveal human ancestors heard higher frequencies-Study results have implications for the evolution of human language Popular Archaeology

Possible site of ancient Sodom yields more finds-Archaeologists continue to uncover evidence of a massive Bronze Age city-state in present-day Jordan Popular Archaeology

The World's Oldest Papyrus and What It Can Tell Us About the Great Pyramids Smithsonian Magazine

Russia exhumes bones of murdered Tsar Nicholas and wife BBC News

New archaeological work at Sissi examines Minoan complex Past Horizons

Franklin expedition update: New photos of HMS Erebus artifacts, but still no sign of HMS Terror CBC News

September 24th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists find bone fragments in hunt for 'real' Mona Lisa AFP\Yahoo News

Archaeologists recover cannon from sunken Confederate ship PhysOrg

Stem cell research hints at evolution of human brain Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists Find 6,300-Year-Old Gold Jewel in Solnitsata (‘The Salt Pit’) Prehistoric Town in Bulgaria’s Provadiya Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Unearth Moscow's Oldest Road The Moscow Times

September 23rd, 2015 Edition

Bronze age burial site discovered in Azerbaijan AzerNews

More on Long-Lost Tomb of Jewish Rebels Possibly Found Discovery

9,000 year-old ritualized decapitation found in Brazil-Decapitated skull buried with amputated hands Popular Archaeology

September 22nd, 2015 Edition

Antiquities Authority attempts to solve mystery of Tomb of the Maccabees Jerusalem Post

Egypt approves Radar for Nefertiti Tomb Quest Scientific Computing

'Witchcraft' Island Reveals Evidence of Stone Age Rituals Live Science

Archaeologists Discover 6,500-Year-Old Prehistoric Necropolis underneath School Yard in Bulgaria’s Kamenovo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Earliest evidence of ancient North American salmon fishing verified EurekAlert

Website walks visitors on virtual tour of biblical archaeological sites-The next best thing to being there Popular Archaeology

September 19th to 21st, 2015 Edition

Board Game Pieces Found in Settlement Built on Roman Military Fort Live Science

America’s Largest Earthwork, Cahokia’s Monks Mound, May Have Been Built in Only 20 Years, Study Says Western Digs

Book about America’s discovery gets it all wrong Columbus Dispatch

Archaeologists Discover Satyr Mask in Ancient Greek Emporium Pistiros in Thracians’ Odrysian Kingdom near Bulgaria’s Vetren Archaeology in Bulgaria

Pre-Roman tomb unearthed in Pompeii The Local

Skeletons of 200 Napoleonic troops found in Germany The Guardian

Intact 2,700-Year-Old Tomb Found in Northern Peru Latin American Herald Tribune

September 18th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologist says he’s found true burial site of Mountain Meadows Massacre victims — and it’s not on LDS-owned land Salt Lake Tribune

5,000-Year-Old Throne Found in Turkey Discovery

Lower Silesia/ Archaeologists have discovered a large burial ground from the Bronze Age Science in Poland

More on Homo naledi: DNA evidence from massive trove of bones shakes up human evolution Popular Archaeology

September 17th, 2015 Edition

More on 200-Year-Old Shipwreck Survivors’ Camp Found on Alaska Island Western Digs

18th Century Ottoman Turkish Inscription, Byzantine Coins Found in Bulgaria’s Zimovina Archaeology in Bulgaria

Frankfurt archaeologists discover 'Roman Village' in Gernsheim-Civilians clearly stayed behind after the Roman military left EurekAlert

Can DNA evidence fill gaps in our history books? Study identifies certain migrations and related interbreeding as key to establishing the current West Eurasian genetic landscape Popular Archaeology

September 16th, 2015 Edition

New DNA tests on ancient Denisovan people 'shows them occupying Altai cave 170,000 years ago' Siberian Times

16 Pyramids Discovered in Ancient Cemetery Live Science

Archaeologist reconstructs faces of Stone Age people: Human remains as old as 10,000 years ago come alive in hyper-realistic recreations Popular Archaeology

Kalehöyük home to traces of five civilizations Hurriyet Daily News

September 15th, 2015 Edition

Earliest evidence for ambush hunting by early humans in the Kenyan Rift Science Daily

Archaeologists in the Hanged Man Cave Science in Poland

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Three Roman Pagan Temples, Nymphaeum at Ancient and Medieval Rock City Perperikon Archaeology in Bulgaria

Mystery of medieval child grave in Frankfurt The Local

September 12th to 14th, 2015 Edition

Findings reveal ancient Chamorro life in Guam Pacific Daily News

Skeletons unearthed at Sicily's Valley of Temples The Local

Hopes to preserve Tannery Village go down the drain Montreal Gazette

Medieval Bones Burst From Ground When Tree Topples Discovery

Ancient campfires show early population numbers Science Network-Western Australia

Oldest, Longest Ancient Egyptian Leather Manuscript Found Discovery

Archaeologists unearthed monumental stone structures in the Carpathians Science in Poland

The Mysterious Chacmool Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists Find 7,500-Year-Old Cult Complex, ‘Europe’s Largest Stone Building’ in Island Prehistoric Settlement in Bulgaria’s Durankulak Lake Archaeology in Bulgaria

September 11th, 2015 Edition

Origin of ‘Spanish Armor,’ Said to Have Been Found in Texas Desert, Stumps Scientists Western Digs

Archaeologists Discover Early Christian Medallion in Burgos (Poros) Fortress in Bulgaria’s Black Sea City Burgas Archaeology in Bulgaria

Cornish beauty spot 'possible mass grave' site BBC News

Ancient pottery, fragments of bridges and ships found in the Vistula Science in Poland

More on DNA from Neandertal relative may shake up human family tree Science Magazine

10,000-year-old stone tools unearthed in Redmond dig Seattle Times

September 9th & 10th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists piece together how crew survived 1813 shipwreck in Alaska National Science Foundation

Excavation of Rome home shows city bigger than thought PhysOrg

Archaeologists discover earliest known stone wall in Poland Past Horizons

Scientists Discover New Early Human Species-Massive South African fossil trove shakes up the human family tree Popular Archaeology

Cod bones from Mary Rose reveal globalized fish trade in Tudor England Popular Archaeology

September 6th to 8th, 2015 Edition

Lampeter archaeologist hopes to map land lost under North Sea BBC News

'Archaeology on steroids': huge ritual arena discovered near Stonehenge Guardian UK

Cocoa, Caffeinated ‘Black Drink’ Were Widespread in Pre-Contact Southwest, Study Finds Western Digs

Archaeologist Finds Clay Lamp with Eros, Other Roman Age Artifacts in Ancient and Medieval Rock City Perperikon Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Unearth Large Early Christian Basilica with Roman Grave Right Outside of Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia Archaeology in Bulgaria

Melting Ice in Yellowstone is Revealing Ancient Artifacts Faster Than Researchers Can Handle Smithsonian

Scientists report Stone Age flour production-Grinding tool dated to more than 32,000 years ago used to grind grains into flour, say researchers Popular Archaeology

September 4th & 5th, 2015 Edition

Bulgarian archaeologists find nearly 3000 coins in clay pot at Sofia dig Sofia Globe

Polish river reveals 17th century secrets amid drought PhysOrg

Kestrel Mummy Hints at Raptor Breeding in Ancient Egypt Discovery

Ancient ships discovered at Sungai Batu archaeological site Malay Mail

September 3rd, 2015 Edition

Here Are the Ancient Sites ISIS Has Damaged and Destroyed National Geographic

One more ancient civilisation found in Lake Issyk-Kul: could this be where St Matthew is buried? Siberian Times

Archaeologists Discover Large Early Hellenistic Building in Ancient Thracian, Greek, Roman City Heraclea Sintica near Bulgaria’s Petrich Archaeology in Bulgaria

Clues from ancient Maya reveal lasting impact on environment EurekAlert

Pottery brings to life the path of early Pacific people ABC Science

1,800 year-old sarcophagus discovered in Israel IANS\Yahoo News

Common origins of Neolithic farmers in Europe traced-For the first time, scientists sequence the genome of a Neolithic Iberian farmer Popular Archaeology

September 1st & 2nd, 2015 Edition

As Ancient Texts Disappear, Solar-Powered Device Offers Solution Live Science

Via handwriting analysis, scholar discovers unknown Magna Carta scribe PhysOrg

Mesolithic site on Skye to be investigated BBC News

Threatened Cypriot archaeological site to be investigated by University of Leicester archaeologists AlphaGalileo

Mysterious 2,000-Year-Old Podium Found in Jerusalem Discovery

17th Century Scottish Soldiers Identified from Mass Graves-Tests revealed they were the remains of soldiers captured at famous Battle of Dunbar Popular Archaeology

Scientists reveal New Zealand's prehistoric wildlife sanctuaries EurekAlert

Recreated Pit Roast Offers a Taste of Stone Age Life Live Science

August 29th to 31st, 2015 Edition

Evidence of Ergenekon epic found in Altay Mountains Hurriyet News

Archaeologists study largest Native American massacre site in history Herald Journal

Mysterious wooden statue found in peat bog is 'twice as old as Stonehenge' The Independent UK

The tomb of the 26th dynasty ruler of Upper Egypt uncovered in Assassif, Luxor Ahram Online

Ancient Greek Well Used For Hydromancy Discovered in Athens Greek Reporter

More on Philistines introduced key plants into Israel during the Iron Age Popular Archaeology

Bronze Age Greek city found underwater Spero News

Update: Revelations on Shigir Idol 'change our understanding of ancient civilisations' Siberian Times

Archaeologists Unearth Marble Sarcophagus, Tomb with Murals in Raided Ancient Thracian Mound from Roman Period in Bulgaria’s Boyanovo Archaeology in Bulgaria

August 28th, 2015 Edition

Oldest Case Of Heart Failure Found In Ancient Mummy Discovery

Update: Jamestown Unearthed: Recycled Breastplate, Stoneware Found in Probable Cellar Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

Philistines introduced sycamore, cumin and opium poppy into Israel during the Iron Age Science Daily

Archaeozoologists open bone lab at Ephesus Past Horizons

More on Unusual use of blue pigment found in ancient mummy portraits Popular Archaeology

August 27th, 2015 Edition

An ancient throne made of adobe has been found during excavations at Aslantepe Hurriyet News

Mummy of boy king Tutankhamun to remain in Valley of the Kings Ahram Online

Victims of Human Sacrifice at Cahokia Were Locals, Not ‘Foreign’ Captives, Study Finds Western Digs

Bulgaria’s Stara Zagora Unveils Restored Ancient Mosaics from Roman City Augusta Traiana Showing ‘Silenus with Bacchanals’ Archaeology in Bulgaria

Rare Use of Blue Pigment Found in Ancient Mummy Portraits Northwestern-Hearst Museum of Anthropology collaboration reveals hidden color Northwestern University

Ancient Egyptians Forced Open Mouths During Mummification Discovery

Prehistoric climate variability a key factor in human evolution, say scientists Popular Archaeology

August 26th, 2015 Edition

Fury as archaeological site ruined and replaced with picnic table The Local Spain

Shigir Idol is oldest wooden sculpture monument in the world, say scientists Siberian Times

Mummified new-born baby protected in leather shroud for 1,500 years ago found in Altai Mountains Siberian Times

Oregon archaeologists to revisit early human cave settlement Reuters

Prastio-Mesorotsos archaeological dig completed In-Cyprus

Unusual rituals at 2,000 years old cemetery Science in Poland

August 25th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists making exciting discoveries in Laconia eKathimerini

Soviet WWII plane, Jewish tombstones found in Polish rivers Daily Democrat

Poles preserve paintings in the villa buried by the ashes of Vesuvius Science in Poland

Fossil find in Serbia sheds light on archaic humans in Europe Popular Archaeology

Archaeologist Finds 14th Century Monogram, Coins of Bulgarian Tsars at Ancient and Medieval Rock City Perperikon Archaeology in Bulgaria

August 22nd to 24th, 2015 Edition

World's greatest ever haul of supersize cave lion bones found in Urals Siberian Times

Origins of 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' Begin to Emerge Live Science

Roman Fortress Ad Putea in Northern Bulgaria Was Burned Down Twice during Goth Invasions, Archaeologists Find Archaeology in Bulgaria

Destruction of Palmyra's Baalshamin temple 'a war crime' BBC News

Excavating meaning from the complex myths of southern Africa's San people PhysOrg

Jerusalem Dig Hits Pay Dirt Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists uncover new Yup’ik artifacts near Quinhagak Alaska Public Media

Archaeologists aim to unravel the mystery of the Rhynie Man University of Aberdeen

August 21st, 2015 Edition

Aztec skull trophy rack discovered at Mexico City’s Templo Mayor ruin site The Guardian UK

More on Looking for Queen Nefertiti Al-Ahram Weekly

If modern humans never existed......New study shows what the natural worldwide diversity patterns of mammals would be like in the absence of past and present human impacts Popular Archaeology

The Ceremonial Sounds that Accompanied Our Ancestors’ Funerals, 15,000 Years Ago University of Haifa

Dive team explores wreckage of Tuskegee Airman's WWII plane San Francisco Chronicle

Archaeologist Finds Gladiator Relief, Inscription Mentioning Roman Caesars in Ancient City Augusta Traiana in Bulgaria’s Stara Zagora Archaeology in Bulgaria

August 20th, 2015 Edition

Debris gone, archaeologists find passage in Agra Fort Times of India

Syrian Expert Who Shielded Palmyra Antiquities Meets a Grisly Death at ISIS’ Hands New York Times

Archaeologists Find Maimed Figurine of Roman God Mars in Ancient City Missionis near Bulgaria’s Targovishte Archaeology in Bulgaria

Ruins in Nara likely site of largest settlement in 4th century The Asahi Shimbun

The Human Hunter: Then and Now Popular Archaeology

August 18th & 19th, 2015 Edition

Ancient Hittite mine factory surprises archaeologists Hurrieyt News

First Scandinavian farmers were far more advanced than we thought Science Nordic

Archaeologists chance upon crouched skeletons of prehistoric trio in Dorset grave Culture 24

'Winged Monster' Rock Art Finally Deciphered Discovery

Thousand years old elite grave discovered in Sandomierz Science in Poland

More on Scientists uncover pattern of mass murder in Neolithic times Popular Archaeology

Human bones in Pennsylvania thought to be from 1918 flu pandemic Reuters

August 15th to 17th, 2015 Edition

Archaeology: Ancient groups likely used fire as landscape tool Columbus Dispatch

'Cahuachi Sanctuary is bigger than Chan Chan,' says archaeologist Peru This Week

Roman glass-making furnaces discovered in Egypt’s Delta Cairo Post

Adirondack Dig Finds Old British Fort-Dig at Colonial battleground in upstate N.Y.uncovers stone walls from unfinished British fort US News

Mass grave reveals prehistoric warfare in ancient European farming community The Guardian UK

Researchers report evidence of earliest stone tool usage Popular Archaeology

August 14th, 2015 Edition

Symbols of Hittite goddess of sexuality found on 4,000-year-old tablet discovered in central Turkey Hurriyet News

Fresh discoveries of ancient man's bone in Altai Mountains cave Siberian Times

Archaeologists Discover Inscription ‘Printed’ on Clay Vessel in Ancient Thracian Tomb in Bulgaria’s Tatarevo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Sun Temple Excavated in Denmark Science In Poland

Subterranean river discovered beneath Mexico's Chichen Itza ruins The Guardian UK

Incised stone sun discs found during Danish island excavations Past Horizons

August 13th, 2015 Edition

Victims of the Great Plague 'discovered' at Liverpool Street station BBC News

Chinese cave 'graffiti' tells a 500-year story of climate change and impact on society Popular Archaeology

Maryport Roman settlement: Dig unearths rare Roman jewellery BBC News

Archaeologists working on the Palatine Hill this summer excavated parts of sixth-century B.C. foundations New York Times

August 12th, 2015 Edition

To Smoke Or Not To Smoke: Scientist Says William Shakespeare Used Marijuana CBS News

'Sea Monster' Figurehead Emerges From Baltic Sea Discovery

Medieval Sword Bears Mysterious Inscription Discovery

Archaeologists discover forgotten castle in Sierpc Science in Poland

Finds shed new light on ancient Roman frontier settlement-Rare piece of Roman jewelry unearthed Popular Archaeology

Ancient 'warrior princess' skeleton found in Kazakhstan Telegraph UK

August 11th, 2015 Edition

Queen Nefertiti: Has the tomb of Tutankhamun's mother been found hiding in plain sight? Independent UK

Has the Baron de Rothschild’s Ship, lost over 100 years ago, been found? Science Daily

More on Doomed Mayan King Honored in 1,600-Year-Old Tablet Discovery

Archaeologists Discover Massive Roman Building from Ancient Serdica in Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bell of Sunken WWII Battlecruiser HMS Hood Recovered From Ocean Floor USNI News

August 8th to 10th, 2015 Edition

We Finally Have Clues to How America's Lost Colony Vanished National Geographic
and this The Roanoke Colonists: Lost, and Found? New York Times

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Rare Byzantine Gold Coin in Perperikon Novinite

Archeology students dig for 15th-century Iroquois artifacts CBC News

'Summer Palace' at Qutub Shahi has a chinese connect Times of India

Ancient Egyptian Mummies Embalmed With Unusual Recipes Discovery

Archaeologists dug into mysterious cellars beneath the town square in Muszyna Science in Poland

Archaeologist explores the first civilization of ancient Tibet-Vestiges of a once flourishing prehistoric civilization dot the landscape of Upper Tibet Popular Archaeology

August 5th to 7th, 2015 Edition

Australo-Melanesians and a very ancient ancestry-Extant Australo-Melanesians, according to researchers, are connected to a very early dispersal of modern humans out of Africa Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists Find Last Fragment of Early Christian Christogram in Bishop’s Basilica in Sandanski Archaeology in Bulgaria

'Ancient Hebrew inscriptions' baffle Israeli archaeologists BBC News

Head of Medusa found in Antalya Hurriyet News

Archaeology world excited about Gölmarmara findings-Four times larger than Troy Hurriyet News

Underwater 'Stonehenge' Monolith Found Off Coast of Sicily Discovery

August 4th, 2015 Edition

1,200-Year-Old Pouches Found in Arizona Cave Contain Prehistoric ‘Chewing Tobacco,’ Study Finds Western Digs

Bar-Ilan U. archaeologists uncover entrance gate and fortification of Biblical city EurekAlert

Archaeologists uncover rare finds near Sea of Galilee Popular Archaeology

Old Kingdom Jars Discovered in Edfu Luxor Times

August 2nd & 3rd, 2015 Edition

These petroglyphs believed to be drawn 8,000 to 10,000 years ago in remotest Siberia Siberian Times

National Park Service buries report on effigy mounds scandal Austin American Statesman

Ancient hillfort to be excavated in Lochaber BBC News

Henry V's Agincourt naval fleet much smaller than previously believed Science Daily

Archaeologists Unearth ‘Dancing Priestess’ Figurine in Neolithic Settlement in Bulgaria’s Varbitsa Archaeology in Bulgaria

Signs of 9000-year-old settlement found in Behbahan Mehr News

July 31st & August 1st, 2015 Edition

Remnants of 5th-century building where foreigners may have met found in Nara Asahi Shimbun

Pre-Colonial Town Excavated in Virginia William & Mary University

HMS Victory: The mystery of Britain's worst naval disaster is finally solved - 271 years later The Independent UK

Archaeologists Find Stone Eagle Relief near Ancient Roman City Novae in Bulgaria’s Svishtov Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologist Finds Two Human Skeletons, One Ram Skeleton in Early Christian Tomb on St. Ivan Island in Black Sea Off Bulgaria’s Sozopol Archaeology in Bulgaria

Ancient Irish were first to record an eclipse – 5,355 years ago Irish Central

July 30th, 2015 Edition

New Archaeological Findings of Apollo Sanctuary on Greek Island Greek Reporter

Pottery, beads retrace close links between India and Bali Zee News

Loughborough scientists’ new chemical blueprint could be the answer to tackling stone theft Loughborough University

Archaeologists Find Ram Head Pottery Decoration in Ancient Roman Ceramic Factory in Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Stone Inscription, Red Marble Pillar in Bishop’s Basilica in Roman and Byzantine Fortress Zaldapa Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists uncover human settlement dated to the dawn of civilization Popular Archaeology

July 29th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists have unearthed a 2 thousand years old mosaic Science in Poland

More on New Jamestown Discovery Reveals the Identities of Four Prominent Settlers Smithsonian Magazine

Remains of the Great Synagogue and Shulhof of Vilna are Rediscovered Seventy Years after their Destruction by the Nazis Israel Antiquities Authority

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover 11th Century Rakia Distillation Vessel Novinite

July 28th, 2015 Edition

Mass medieval grave found at Aberdeen school The Scotsman

Remains of 4 early colonial leaders discovered at Jamestown Daily Democrat

Antiquities Found on Shipwreck That Carried Elgin Marbles Discovery

Earliest Pictish fort yet discovered was situated on sea stack Past Horizons

Thracian sword at Bulgaria’s Perperikon among finds in July Sofia Globe

First glimpse inside the Siberian cave that holds the key to man's origins Siberian Times

French student finds tooth dating back 560,000 years The Guardian UK

4,000-year-old stelai unearthed south of Aswan Cairo Post

Obsidian a bread crumb trail to the past for Alaska archaeologist Fairbanks News Miner

Brazilian archaeologists find human presence dating back 4,000 years in Rio Fox News

July 26th & 27th, 2015 Edition

Gruesome Find: 100 Bodies Stuffed into Ancient House Live Science

Puebloan archaeological site buried for safekeeping USA Today

New research on the causes of the Viking Age EurekAlert

Study Finds Abrupt Climate Change May Have Rocked the Cradle of Civilization University of Miami

Ancient Carriage Road Unearthed in Vouliagmeni, Greece Greek Reporter

What is it? Archaeological team uncovers new finds at ancient Peruvian site Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists find ancient storage jar under Roman road UPI

July 23rd to 25th, 2015 Edition

Signs of world’s first pictograph found in Göbeklitepe Hurriyet News

'Oldest' Koran fragments found in Birmingham University BBC News

Wiltshire archeological dig unearths 4,000-year-old child skeleton Western Daily Press

18th century village discovered underneath Montreal interchange CTV News

ASU archaeologist uses new methods to explore how humans became farmers Arizona State University

Skeletons Of Napoleon's Soldiers Discovered In Mass Grave Show Signs Of Starvation Forbes

Teams digging into history of the earliest people in Texas Austin American Statesman

Great Lakes divers comb depths, find pristine shipwreck of John V. Moran lost in 1899

Evidence for plant cultivation at 23,000-year-old site in Galilee Past Horizons

Climate change, not human hunters, was the mammoth’s biggest enemy Popular Archaeology

July 21st & 22nd, 2015 Edition

New Stone Age remains dating back 5,000 years discovered in Monmouth South Wales Argus

Genome analysis pins down arrival and spread of first Americans EurekAlert
and this New light on first peopling of the Americas Popular Archaeology

More on New research effort claims King Phillip II buried in Tomb I not Tomb II PhysOrg

Archaeologists use new methods to explore move from hunting, gathering to farming PhysOrg

Fragments of a new female figurine from Hohle Fels Cave Science Daily

Cracked Bones Reveal Cannibalism by Doomed Arctic Explorers Discovery

Parts of burnt Ein Gedi scroll deciphered Past Horizons

Haifa Univresity Research Argues Europe Imported Its First Chickens from Israel Jewish Press

Two engraved reliefs unearthed on Red Sea coastline Ahram Online

July 18th to 20th, 2015 Edition

4,000-year-old tablets found in Turkey include women’s rights Hurriyet News

Archaeologists racing against time to uncover 3,000-year-old material before it falls into the sea Dorset Echo

Fishy finds in 660-year-old archaelogy dig Auckland Now

Tulane archaeologists discover ancient Mayan monuments Times-Picayune

Technology reveals inner secrets of iconic Renaissance building-Like non-invasive archaeology, state-of-the-art high tech imaging shows unseen features of the famous Renaissance period Baptistery of St. John in Florence Popular Archaeology

Two 4,000-year-old reliefs discovered in Egypt IANS\Yahoo News

Archaeologists Discover that Ancient Dead Scroll Is Chapter of Leviticus Jewish Press

Bones of Philip of Macedon Identified-The finding overturns previous views about the famous king's remains and the tomb in which he was interred Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists Discover Inscription Dedicated to Apollo and Diana in Ancient Roman City Novae near Bulgaria’s Svishtov Archaeology in Bulgaria

July 17th, 2015 Edition

Texas Department of Transportation stumbles upon centuries old Caddo village Houston Chronicle

Mummy of a child warrior from 'lost medieval civilisation' unearthed near Arctic Siberian Times

Bulgarian Archaeologist Discovers Early Christian Tomb of Senior Clergyman on Sozopol’s St. John Island in Black Sea Archaeology in Bulgaria

Centuries-Old Shipwreck Discovered Off North Carolina Coast Duke Today

July 15th & 16th, 2015 Edition

Nevada’s ‘Peace Camp,’ The Last Site of Its Kind, Reveals History of Cold-War Protests Western Digs

Classic ancient Maya 'collapse' not caused by overpopulation and deforestation, say researchers-The Maya practiced sustainable agriculture that supported dense populations well beyond the Classic period Popular Archaeology

Destroyed Iraqi Holy Sites Find New Life Online Live Science

Oxford Westgate dig: Medieval leather shoes found BBC News

Indian Village researchers find pot completely intact The Mitchell Republic

Amateur archaeologist finds Nazi gold hoard The Local

Oldest Dentistry Found in 14,000-Year-Old Tooth Discovery

Remnants of India's One of the Oldest Port Found in Goa NDTV

July 12th to 14th, 2015 Edition

Roman streets of ancient Soli gradually unearthed Hurriyet News

More on Kennewick Man remains a valuable teacher Columbus Dispatch

Museum teams unearth 4,000-year-old home in Sheffield ( photos,video)

The last Viking and his magical sword? AlphaGalileo

New assessment of recently found Mayan pyramid puts it up among the biggest News Australia

Intact pottery found at 1,000-year-old Indian village Washington Times

More on Peru's Nazca Lines Reveal Mysterious New Animal Images Discovery

Hellenistic bronze exhibit makes an unprecedented showing-Exhibition is the most comprehensive museum survey of Hellenistic bronzes ever organized Popular Archaeology

July 11th, 2015 Edition

Pre-Roman town found during Bournemouth University dig BBC News

The boneyard of the bizarre that rewrites our Celtic past to include hybrid-animal monster myths Independent UK

Radioactive Wreck of WWII Aircraft Carrier Discovered Near San Francisco Bay Western Digs

Ministry of Culture finishes recuperation of archaeological complex in Trujillo Peru This Week

July 10th, 2015 Edition

Rare ancient Roman frescos found in south of France RFI

Archaeologists discover traces of hunter gatherers in Cairngorms 10,000 years ago Press and Journal

South African sites reveal more about early modern human culture Popular Archaeology

July 9th, 2015 Edition

1,000-year-old corn cobs and kernels uncovered at Native American site Toronto Sun

Norwegian iron helped build Iron Age Europe Science Daily

Roman Concrete Mimicked Resistant Volcanic Rock Discovery

Maya Research Program acquires land that includes at least two ancient Maya settlements yet to be excavated, saving them from almost certain destruction from agricultural clearing Popular Archaeology

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Inscription at Aquae Calidae Revolutionizing Knowledge about Last Years of History of Ancient Thrace Archaeology in Bulgaria

July 8th, 2015 Edition

Viking-age hut found in Reykjavik Iceland Monitor

Investigating a Neolithic cemetery in the Western Desert Past Horizons

Bronze Age treasure found in Denmark The Local

Yamagata University team discovers 24 ancient geoglyphs in Peru The Asahi Shimbun

Did American volcanoes trigger fall of Roman Empire? American volcanoes sparked a huge dust cloud triggering catastrophic climate change which could have dealt the final blow to the Roman Empire Telegraph UK

In Search of a Philosopher’s Stone Archaeology Magazine

July 7th, 2015 Edition

Mysterious Maya ‘citadel’ begins to reveal its secrets-Working through extensive looters’ damage, archaeologists begin to piece together a puzzle of remarkable ancient Maya ingenuity Popular Archaeology

Researchers show how our sense of smell evolved, including in cave men University of Manchester

Rare stone slave quarters unearthed at Belvoir The Capital Gazette

Archaeologists unearth remains of 2,000-year-old Galilee garrison of Sixth Legion Ferrata, where 5,000 men kept order at time of Bar Kochba Revolt — the only permanent Roman military camp ever discovered in region Times of Israel

Four pre-dynasty tombs have been uncovered at Tel Al-Farkha in the Nile Delta Ahram Online

July 4th to 6th, 2015 Edition

Last Northern Anatolian amphitheater to be unearthed Hurriyet News

Foreign archaeological missions resume excavating Upper Egypt after 13-year ban Cairo Post

Mongolian shipwreck from Kublai Khan's 13th century invasion of Japan discovered by archaeologists International Business Times

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Thracian Shrine from Odrysian Kingdom underneath ‘Lead Mosque’ in Karlovo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Discover 23 New Ancient Roman, Medieval Bulgarian Archaeological Structures in Danube City Silistra Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Lots of Animal Bones at Ancient and Medieval Fortress Vratitsa (Gradishte) near Vratsa Archaeology in Bulgaria

New data uncovered on Bronze Age humans' diet and the arrival of new crops in the Iberian Peninsula Canal Ugr

Student archeologists report from field, add to knowledge of ancient Greece PhysOrg

Poles discovered a unique 6.5 thousand years old burial in Egypt Science in Poland

Archaeology helps recreate picture of eve of the American War of Independence Popular Archaeology

July 3rd, 2015 Edition

ISIL Takfiris destroy iconic statue outside Palmyra museum Press TV

Archaeologists uncover new finds at historic Jamestown Popular Archaeology

Ancient bobcat buried like a human being Science Magazine

Ancient 'mummy' unearthed from 'lost medieval civilisation' near Arctic, claim scientists Siberian Times

July 2nd, 2015 Edition

Workers find centuries-old artifacts under Seattle bridge KOMO News

Archaeologists return to the ruins of San Felipe Sealy News

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Tall Medieval Man’s Skeleton in Vratitsa (Gradishte) Fortress near Vratsa Archaeology in Bulgaria

Medieval Rahovets Fortress in Central Bulgaria Was Also Thracian Rock Shrine, Archaeological Excavations Reveal Archaeology in Bulgaria

In Angkor Wat research, the focus has long been on temples and high society-A new project there is taking a different approach, laying the foundation for a new understanding of the iconic empire Phnom Penh Post

June 30th & July 1st, 2015 Edition

2,000-year-old ritual bath found under family’s Jerusalem living room floor Jerusalem Post

From the Sands of Egypt-The discovery of the world's largest trove of ancient writings opened an unparalleled window on a vanished world Popular Archaeology

Bulgarian Archaeologist Discovers Previously Unknown Ancient Thracian Fortress in Thick Forest along Ropotamo River Archaeology in Bulgaria

Chornancap priestess origin to be discovered Peru This Week

Study shows U.S. public views on human evolution-Clear majority of adults believe humans evolved over time Popular Archaeology

New study shows South Africans using milk-based paint 49,000 years ago EurekAlert

Archaeologists call on feds to protect Chaco Canyon area Denver Post

Largest freshwater lake on Earth was reduced to desert dunes in just a few hundred years Science Daily

Forgotten World: The Stone-walled Settlements of the Mpumalanga Escarpment Past Horizons

Bulgaria’s National Museum of History Shows Newly Discovered Artifacts from Urvich Fortress Archaeology in Bulgaria

The Fall and Rise and Fall of Pompeii-The famous archaeological treasure is falling into scandalous decline, even as its sister city Herculaneum is rising from the ashes Smithsonian

June 29th, 2015 Edition

Mummified remains found at northwestern Indiana quarry site Dayton Daily News

Into the light: how lidar is replacing radar as the archaeologist’s map tool of choice The Guardian UK

Iron Age Warrior Lived with Arrowhead in Spine Live Science

Researchers rediscover ancient Chamorro village at Ritidian, Guam Pacific Daily News

June 27th & 28th, 2015 Edition

More on Ancient Human Footprints Found on Canadian Island May Be Oldest in North America Western Digs

Workers uncover Roman burial site, antiquities in Sidon The Daily Star

Rare Viking relic discovered at Perthshire dig The Scotsman

Database of African Rock Art Goes Online Independent UK

Roman-era athlete found in Turkey's west Hurriyet News

5,500-Year-Old Fingerprint Found on Ceramic Vessel Discovery

Inka Road still a monumental achievement after 500 years Popular Archaeology

Ancient Urns or Drinking Vessels for Giants? Behind the Mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos Smithsonian

June 25th & 26th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists Search for Monticello's Stone Stable NBC29

Archaeologists Discover Grave of Bulgaria’s First Christian Martyr, Crown Prince St. Boyan Enravota Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Discover Ancient, Medieval Coins, Stone Projectiles in Bulgarian Black Sea Resort Sozopol Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archeologists have found 14th century artifacts on what could be the site of the Battle of Morgarten The Local

Well-preserved ancient Roman ship found in waters off Sardinia coast-Divers find the wreck of a Roman ship, loaded with terracotta roofing tiles, 2,000 years after it sank off the coast of Sardinia The Telegraph UK

Dundee experts recreate face of Saxon man at Lincoln Castle University of Dundee

Archaeologists find Bronze Age food at prehistoric settlement 'comparable to the Mary Rose' Culture 24

Athenian Wealth: Millions of Silver Coins Stored in Parthenon Attic Live Science

Mysterious 2,000-year-old marble dolphin surfaces near Gaza Times of Israel

June 23rd & 24th, 2015 Edition

Bones of Exotic Macaws Reveal Early Rise of Trade, Hierarchy in Chaco Canyon Western Digs
and this The parrot talks: complex pueblo society older than previously thought University of Virginia\EurekAlert

Footprints uncovered off B.C. coast could be oldest in North America Globe and Mail

Mummified bishop is a unique time capsule from the 17th century Lund University

UHart Archaeological Team Finds Ancient Mosaic Floor from the Church of the Annunciation (Greek Orthodox) in Nazareth University of Hartford

Archaeologists Unearth 7,000-Year-Old Chalcolithic Workshop for Flint Tools in Bulgaria’s Kamenovo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists in Bulgaria’s Sapareva Banya Unearth Roman Villa Graves of Child, Man Likely Killed in Hun Invasion Archaeology in Bulgaria

Discovery of metal vessels 'will change the story about Chachapoyas' Peru This Week

June 19th to 22nd, 2015 Edition

Dog Catacomb at Saqqara Surveyed Live Science

Major archeological findings at Taosi ruins in Shanxi China Daily

Archaeologists find King's hammered coin at site of Anglo-Scottish conflict which was last medieval battle on British soil Culture 24

Archaeologists Find Thracian Arrow, Unfinished Medieval Ring in Urvich Fortress near Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Find Gold Coin of Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II in Roman Villa near Ancient City Germania in Bulgaria’s Sapareva Banya Archaeology in Bulgaria

Camp Douglas: Excavations of major Civil War site in Chicago gets underway Past Horizons

3.5 - 2 thousand years old gold objects found near Jaslo Science in Poland

Gold Sun Disc from time of Stonehenge revealed to the public-Rare Bronze Age gold artifact found in burial mound in Wiltshire, U.K Popular Archaeology

Like being there: Walking through an ancient Roman town-The emerging miracle of non-invasive archaeology reveals an ancient Roman town in unprecedented detail. This video shows the remarkable result. Popular Archaeology

Early European modern human had a close Neanderthal ancestor-DNA analysis of a 40,000-year-old human jawbone from Romania suggests that an early modern group of humans interbred with Neanderthals soon after their first arrival in Europe Popular Archaeology

June 18th, 2015 Edition

Autopsy carried out in Far East on world's oldest dog mummified by ice Siberian Times

Digging up history at Shaker Museum in New Hampshire WCAX News

Remote cave study reveals 3000 years of European climate variation Science Daily

Kennewick Man closely related to modern Native Americans Popular Archaeology

Award-winning Maryport Roman Temples Project begins its final dig at Hadrian's Wall Culture 24

'Globally unparalleled' evidence of prehistoric Welsh feasting practices unearthed by archaeologists Cardiff University

June 17th, 2015 Edition

Uncovering history along the eroding Bow River Calgary Herald

400,000-year-old dental tartar provides earliest evidence of manmade pollution EurekAlert

Armada artefacts taken from seabed Belfast Telegraph

I Stood Here for Rome-The clear imprints of the soles of Roman soldiers' footwear leave rare personal signatures at an ancient Roman enclave Popular Archaeology

Face of Tehran’s 7 millennia old woman reconstructed Mehr News Agency

Arsonists torch storerooms with 4,000-year-old artifacts Times of Israel

June 16th, 2015 Edition

Rare Inscription from King David Era Discovered in Jerusalem Hills The Jewish Press

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Ancient Greek Bucranium Amulet in Black Sea Town Sozopol Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Turkish Cemetery in 15th Century Ottoman Mosque in Karlovo Archaeology in Bulgaria

British scientists hunt for Viking traces in Norman DNA PhysOrg

Excavation Begins at England’s Marden Henge University of Reading

June 13th to 15th, 2015 Edition

Ancient saltpan first in Anatolia Hurriyet News

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Lower Layer of Early Christian Mosaics, Murals, Roman Building in Plovdiv’s Great Basilica Archaeology in Bulgaria

Gladiator Fights Revealed in Ancient Graffiti Live Science

Archaeologists say climate change destroys Arctic artifacts San Francisco Chronicle

Bones in Alexander the Great Era Tomb Give Up Few Secrets Discovery

Late Bronze-Age site destroyed by fire to be excavated further Past Horizons

The Unfolding Story of an Ice Age V.I.P.-A unique and special burial in a Spanish cave opens a window on a prehistoric culture Popular Archaeology

Walking dead among the ancient Greeks? Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that ancient Greeks believed the dead could rise up from their graves Popular Archaeology

June 10th to 12th, 2015 Edition

3,800-year-old statuettes found in Peru PhysOrg

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Late Antiquity Cafeteria, Amphorae from North Africa in Byzantine Fortress on Black Sea Cape Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Roman Temple, Apollo Statuette in Excavations of Ancient Rock City Perperikon Archaeology in Bulgaria

Discovery of Medieval wall at East-West Link Road site Lincolnshire County Council

Byzantine-era church uncovered in Jerusalem highway expansion The Times of Israel

Bulgarian Customs Capture US-Bound Smuggled Treasure of Silver Coins of King Philip II of Macedon Archaeology in Bulgaria

This ancient liquor popular among Vikings may be the answer to antibiotic resistance Business Insider

Mystery of Infant Skeletons Found in Athens Ancient Agora Well Solved Greek Reporter

Estonian Construction Workers Dig Up Medieval Ships NDTV

Stone tools from Jordan point to dawn of division of labor EurekAlert

Not the Griffin, state archeologists say after dive of Lake Michigan wreck MLive

Archaeologists find 1,000-year-old pitcher in Jutland Copenhagen Post

Hidden secrets of 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging PhysOrg

More on 26th Dynasty tombs uncovered in Aswan Al-Ahram Weekly

When modern Eurasia was born-Modern Eurasian populations are a product of major migrations beginning in the Bronze Age, suggests DNA study Popular Archaeology

June 9th, 2015 Edition

Archaeological remains found at building site in Tarxien Times of Malta

Ethiopia Aksum excavation uncovers 2000 year old jewellery predating Roman trade International Business Times

Lothal, ‘City of Dead’, being killed slowly Times of India

Saving an Ancient 'Lost' City in War-torn Syria: A small band of Syrian villagers fight poverty, war, and the elements to protect an ancient site National Geographic

11,500-Year-Old Bison Butchering Site Discovered in Oklahoma Western Digs

Entire horse skeleton found in archaeological dig First Coast News

June 6th to 8th, 2015 Edition

Could Budj Bim in western Victoria be Australia's 20th World Heritage site? The Age

Archaeology: Names given to ancient cultures is only first step Columbus Dispatch

Archaeologists Find Pottery Furnaces in Unknown Roman Town in Rescue Excavations in Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeological Excavations Under Way in Previously Unexplored Late Antiquity Fortress in Bulgaria’s Banya Archaeology in Bulgaria

6 ‘unique’ tombs discovered west of Aswan Cairo Post

Untouched cave to provide clues to Black Hills history PhysOrg

Mapela: archaeologists re-visit a forgotten urban site in Zimbabwe Past Horizons

2,000 year-old natural pearl found in Kimberley shell midden Past Horizons

Glimpsing prehistory in today’s Amazon rainforest-From sightings of isolated forest people to ancient geoglyphs in the landscape, the Amazon’s fragile jungle ecosystem is a reminder of a lost prehistory Popular Archaeology

June 4th & 5th, 2015 Edition

North and South Korea collaborate in excavating ancient palace The Guardian UK

Archaeologists Unearth Unknown Mysterious Abandoned Medieval Byzantine Settlement near Bulgaria’s Velikan Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists discover evidence of prehistoric gold trade route EurekAlert

Evidence of oldest human occupation in Mid-West Australia discovered University of Western Australia
and this The First Australians? Popular Archaeology

Roman rubbish dump reveals secrets of ancient trading networks Telegraph UK

2500-Year-Old 'Wonder Woman' Found on Vase Discovery

June 3rd, 2015 Edition

Chimps can cook, too-Study suggests chimps have cognitive capacity for cooking, with implications for human evolution Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists restore early Islamic caliph's palace on the shores of the Sea of Galilee EurekAlert

Fully-dressed 17th century noblewoman unearthed in France PhysOrg

More on Archaeologist digging for clues to Camp Security San Francisco Chronicle

35,000 years ago Aurignacians were first modern humans to occupy Mas d’Azil Past Horizons

Investigating the São José slave ship Past Horizons

June 2nd, 2015 Edition

Da Vinci Discovered: Art Sleuthing Reveals Leonardo Engraving Live Science

Archaeologists return to prehistoric sanctuaries on island of Menorca, Spain Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists to Resume Excavations of Medieval Bulgarian Fortress Urvich, St. Iliya Monastery near Sofia Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Could Use Augmented Reality To Immortalize Ancient Sites Popular Science

Archaeologists thrilled by lucky discovery of 2,000-year-old Roman god figurine in Yorkshire Culture 24

June 1st, 2015 Edition

Late Antiquity Roman Pottery Dug Up by Construction Workers in Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni, Delays Excavations of Roman Ceramic Factory Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archeologists find gold artifacts in Scythian grave mounds PhysOrg

Medicine’s Hidden Roots in an Ancient Manuscript New York Times

Stone axes found in Da Nang Viet Nam News

May 30th & 31st, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists uncover remains, other Fremont Indian artifacts near Utah Lake Fox News

Long-lost watermarked Ottoman banknote found Hurriyet News

Ancient 2,400-year-old gold bongs discovered in Russia Independent UK

New Secrets of Staffordshire Hoard Revealed Popular Archaeology

May 29th, 2015 Edition

Large Sunken Byzantine Ship Discovered in Black Sea off the Coast of Sevastopol on Crimean Peninsula Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Late Antiquity Outer Fortress Wall, Murals from Ancient Roman City Durostorum Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Police Seize Rare 5th Century BC Ancient Thracian Krater from Treasure Hunter Archaeology in Bulgaria

Scientists find ancient Peruvians more diverse than first thought Peru This Week

Dragons of Xanadu: Sculptures Discovered in Legendary City Live Science

Sex, drugs and Philistines: A biblical psychedelic scene Times of Israel

May 28th, 2015 Edition

Modern humans migrated out of Africa via Egypt, suggests genetic study-The last successful major migration of modern humans out of Africa took a northern route through Egypt, not through Ethiopia Popular Archaeology

Archeologists discover ancient mounds in Iran’s Kerman Province Press TV

New human ancestor species from Ethiopia lived alongside Lucy's species PhysOrg

Mystery Deepens Over Rare Roman Tombstone Discovery

Ancient mold used to cast bronze mirror earliest found in Japan Asahi Shimbun

May 27th, 2015 Edition

175 'tomb raiders' caught pillaging Stone Age archaeological site in China South China Morning Post

Sacrificed Humans Discovered Among Prehistoric Tombs Live Science

Scientists discover 430,000-year-old murder in Spain-Evidence also suggests site of the body’s deposit was a prehistoric burial place Popular Archaeology

Fire Reveals Human Stone Effigy, Bison-Kill Site in Montana Western Digs

Digging up the past: Magnolia’s old, new archeological finds Queen Anne & Magnolia News

Social media & archaeology -- a match not made in heaven: How social media, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing affect archaeology and heritage EurekAlert

HMS Erebus dive 'just scratching the surface' of Franklin expedition mystery CBC News

Historian mapping out a new view of the Medieval world Science Daily

May 26th, 2015 Edition

US returns 25 looted artifacts to Italy: Vases, frescoes San Diego Union Tribune

Earliest depiction of music scene in Israeli archaeology discovered IANS\Yahoo news

Dark Side of Medieval Convent Life Revealed Discovery

Archaeologist digging for clues to Camp Security York Dispatch

Colorful fragment hacked out from ancient Egyptian tomb, excavators say Cairo Post

May 23rd & 24th, 2015 Edition

New pre-Inca tomb discovered Peru This Week

Bulgarian Archaeologists to Work on Uncovering Acropolis of Perperikon Novinite

New megalithic remains discovered in Karbi Anglong district Assam Tribune

New technology allows archaeologists to easily map excavation sites in 3D PhysOrg

Ancient Mummies Meet Modern Medicine with 'The Anatomy of the Mummy' Popular Archaeology

May 21st & 22nd, 2015 Edition

Unearthing 8,000-year-old Native American dig site like 'putting a jigsaw puzzle together' Alabama Online

Bulgarian dig at motorway construction site finds Roman villa from time of Constantine the Great Sofia Globe
and this Archaeologists Discover Ancient Roman Villa in Rescue Excavations near Bulgaria’s Mursalevo Archaeology in Bulgaria

The Bronze Age Black Forest Girl of Denmark-Burial analysis shows she traveled between present-day Denmark and Southern Germany during the Bronze Age Popular Archaeology

Our bond with dogs may go back more than 27,000 years-Ancient genome of a Siberian Taimyr wolf shows ancestral affinity to modern day Siberian Huskie and Greenland sled dog Popular Archaeology

Ancient site of Palmyra in hands of Islamic State-Threat level to the iconic archaeological site now off the charts Popular Archaeology

Ancient Aqueduct Unearthed In Jerusalem Discovery

May 19th & 20th, 2015 Edition

Bulgarian dig finds 8000-year-old ‘double-storey’ houses Sofia Globe

Archaeologists put Roman gateway on wishlist after finding ancient water tank at Vindolanda fort Culture 24

Hundreds of Dice, Game Pieces Found in Utah Cave Shed Light on Prehistoric Gambling Western Digs

Archeological site in Zaña built before Moche sanctuaries Andina

Scientists discover world's oldest stone tools Popular Archaeology

Most European men descend from a handful of Bronze Age forefathers Popular Archaeology

Bulgarian Archaeologists Reveal Beautiful Early Christian Floor Mosaics amidst Unpleasant Present-Day ‘Finds’ in Plovdiv’s Great Basilica Archaeology in Bulgaria

May 16th to 18th, 2015 Edition

More on Mysterious Caribbean Shipwreck Identified Discovery

New discovery: Gabal Al-Selsila quarries were a sacred area in ancient Egypt Ahram Online

Volunteer historians in bid to shed light on orphan graves, unearthing Hobart history ABC News

Prehistoric People in Bulgaria’s Yabalkovo Had Domesticated Chickens, ‘Ate Europe’s First Omelette’ 8,000 Years Ago, Archaeologist Reveals Archaeology in Bulgaria

Gruesome Evidence Of Political Torture Found On Precolumbian Skulls Forbes

Archaeologists seek to unveil mysteries of Peru's Mochica culture Fox Latino News

'Eternal flames' of ancient times could spark interest of modern geologists Science Daily

Archaeologists are studying medieval cemetery in Santok Science in Poland

Agriculture, declining mobility drove humans' shift to lighter bones Popular Archaeology

May 15th, 2015 Edition

Analysis of bones found in Romania offer evidence of human and Neanderthal interbreeding in Europe PhysOrg

Syrian forces battle IS near ancient ruins of Palmyra BBC News

Glass beads, ring, pipe, offer clues to Fort Edmonton history CBC News

Japan's oldest basil pollen found in Nara ruins may have been 'medicine' from China Asahi Shimbun

May 14th, 2015 Edition

Ancient skeleton shows leprosy may have spread to Britain from Scandinavia Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists Find Huge Prehistoric Homes Burned Deliberately by Dwellers at Early Neolithic City in Bulgaria’s Mursalevo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Plovdiv Archaeology Museum Shows for the First Time Rare Thracian Helmet with Trojan War Motifs from Bulgaria’s Brestovitsa Archaeology in Bulgaria

Unique social structure of hunter-gatherers explained: Sex equality in modern-day hunter-gatherer groups could provide analog for human evolutionary past Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists Believe Monks Did Not Share Churches Iceland Review

May 12th & 13th, 2015 Edition

More on A Grisly Find Under a Supermarket Illuminates France’s Medieval History New York Times

Gold-Filled Tomb of Chinese 'Survivor' Mom Discovered Live Science

Bulgarian Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Spear Tip Cast in Plovdiv’s Old Town Rescue Excavations Archaeology in Bulgaria

Mummies' Height Reveals Incest Discovery

'Mystery' child's body found on Hereford Cathedral land BBC News

City living in Roman Britain meant longer lives but worse teeth New Scientist

Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummy Scandal Revealed Discovery

Iron Age hoard in a megalithic funerary complex in Spain-Archaeologists suggest hoard may reflect complex cultural and trade relationships in the 1st Millennium BCE Popular Archaeology

Rare Spanish Shipwreck From 17th Century Uncovered Off Panama National Geographic

May 9th to 11th, 2015 Edition

Highest stone circle in southern England found on Dartmoor Guardian UK

Researchers unearthing slave artifacts in South Carolina Science Daily

Possible Captain Kidd Treasure Found off Madagascar Discovery

The nuclear family of prehistoric Denmark-Scientists find the remains of a family of at least three at a 12,700-year-old prehistoric residential hunting camp Popular Archaeology

Alaska researchers turn up 12,300-year-old artwork News Miner

May 7th & 8th, 2015 Edition

Stone bracelet is oldest ever found in the world Siberian Times

Traces of flowers placed on a Palaeolithic tomb are found EurekAlert

Scandinavian trade 'triggered' the Viking Age EurekAlert

New study of Iceman reveals oldest known example of red blood cells PhysOrg

Archaeologists Believe They Have Found Lost Cloister Iceland Review

Ransacked Roman Temple Has Hidden Medieval Secrets Discovery

Neanderthals changed hunting strategy with climate change Popular Archaeology

May 6th, 2015 Edition

Bulgarian Archaeologists Stumble Upon ‘Oldest Children’s Toy in Europe’: Late Bronze Age Thracian Toy Stork Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Medieval Pagan Child Grave in Downtown Plovdiv Archaeology in Bulgaria

Long before Columbus, did people settle the Americas once or many times? Peru This Week

Restoration of ancient Roman mosaics botched South China Morning Post

Treasure-Filled Wreck Found in Finland Discovery

Fashionable Vikings loved colours, fur, and silk Science Nordic

Archaeologists offer special deal to dig at ancient Maya site Popular Archaeology

Chinese archaeologists unearth tomb of ancient medical school head Xinhuanet

The Egyptian army headquarters in Sinai during the New Kingdom discovered Luxor Times

May 5th, 2015 Edition

Cahokia's rise and fall linked to river flooding-Scientists add flooding to the list of plausible causes for the emergence and decline of the great prehistoric North American center near the Mississippi River Popular Archaeology
and this 'Megafloods’ Spurred Collapse of Ancient City of Cahokia, New Study Finds Western Digs

Bawdy Bard: Shakespeare Play's Lost Lines Reveal Sexual Mocking Live Science

Bone analysis reveals violent history of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica PhysOrg

Sunken Confederate gunboat reveals its secrets to Texas A&M researchers Stars & Stripes

China’s famous terracotta army is about to be reinforced: Fresh excavations on a burial pit in the ancient capital, Xi’an are expected to uncover 1500 more of the live-sized clay figurines News AU

May 2nd to 4th, 2015 Edition

Archaeology: Author examines ceremonial heart of earthworks Columbus Dispatch
and this The Moorehead Circle-A Ceremonial Machine Ohio Archaeology

Bulgarian Archaeologist Finds Ancient Roman Jacuzzi Heater at ‘Luxury’ Road Station near Sostra Fortress Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Discover Late Neolithic Graves in Prehistoric Settlement in Bulgaria’s Mursalevo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Stone Age People Hooked Eels Like Modern Fishermen Discovery

Medieval 'Witch Girl' Likely Just Suffered From Scurvy Discovery

Comparing early Rome and Naples Past Horizons

Mes Aynak: A Story of Courage and a Priceless World Treasure in Afghanistan-An archaeologist and a filmmaker fight the good fight to save an ancient monumental center from the brink of destruction Popular Archaeology

Mysterious Nazca Line Geoglyphs Formed Ancient Pilgrimage Route Live Science

Dimple Dell Park was home to ancient humans-Utah Utility Crew Unearths Pit House Salt Lake Tribune

April 30th and May 1st, 2015 Edition

Tales teeth can tell: Dental enamel reveals surprising migration patterns in ancient Indus civilizations University of Florida

Prehistoric man with shield found after dig Pockington Post

Archaeologists and veterans find first shots fired at Battle of Waterloo University of Glasgow

800-year-old rune stick unearthed during excavation of Danish city Science Nordic

April 26th to 29th, 2015 Edition-Sorry for the delay, I had a system crash

Archaeologists dig into Gallipoli campaign’s nitty-gritty University of Queensland

Controversy erupts over ancient 'theatre' in Alexandria Ahram Online

Alternate theory of inhabitation of North America challenged-MU archaeologists discount evidence purportedly showing North America was colonized by ice age Europeans EurekAlert

Giant Easter Island 'Hats' Rolled Into Place, Study Says Live Science

Early Urban Planning: Ancient Mayan City Built on Grid Live Science

Archaeologists Discover Main Aqueduct of Ancient Odessos during Rescue Excavations in Bulgaria’s Varna Archaeology in Bulgaria

Site of Deadliest Native American Massacre Identified in Idaho Western Digs

Closing the case on an ancient archeological mystery-Solving 4,000-year-old mystery helps WSU archeologist find useful resource for a warmer future EurekAlert

Cremated human bones in pot found in Crossrail dig suggest gruesome ritual-Discovery deepens mystery of scores of Roman skulls found near site close to Liverpool St station and may confirm theory they are from Boudicca’s rebellion Guardian UK

Another ancient Sharjah site found by archaeologists The National UAE

Rare Old Kingdom statue was discovered in Aswan Luxor Times

DNA suggests all early eskimos migrated from Alaska's North Slope Popular Archaeology

April 25th, 2015 Edition

More on Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king's tomb The Guardian UK

Ohoidertaun rock paintings discovered in Kei islands Atara News

New Thoughts on Neanderthal Cooking-Did Neanderthals Die Off Because They Couldn't Harness Fire? Live Science

Humanitarian decision makers and archaeologists should collaborate Past Horizons

April 22nd to 24th, 2015 Edition

Calculating how the Pacific was settled University of Utah

Study finds ancient clam beaches not so natural Simon Fraser University

An extra molar is identified for the first time in an Atapuerca hominid Institut Català de Paleoecologia Humana I Evolució Social (IPHES)

Ancient fishing leister found together with its spearing point Past Horizons

The Viking age began in Denmark-New study changes our understanding of how and where the Viking age began Science Nordic

170-Year-Old Champagne Recovered (and Tasted) From a Baltic Shipwreck Smithsonian

Depression-era CCC unearthed in Madison; workers known as ‘Roosevelt’s tree army’ Shoreline Times

Hunt for ancient royal tomb in Mexico takes mercurial twist Channel News Asia

The very personal side of a world famous UC archaeologist University of Cincinnati

Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover More of ‘Luxury’ Ancient Roman Road Station in Fresh Excavations Archaeology in Bulgaria

History Museum in Bulgaria’s Sliven Receives Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Austrian Coins Seized from Treasure Hunters Archaeology in Bulgaria

Ancient Teeth in Italy and Arrival of Modern Humans in Europe Popular Archaeology

April 21st, 2015 Edition

Ancient Hangover Cure Discovered in Greek Texts Live Science

Ruins of Egypt’s most ancient capital of Memphis unearthed Cairo Post

4,600 year-old tomb of Little Known Pharaoh unearthed in Delta Cairo Post

April 18th to 20th, 2015 Edition

Rising damp excavation at cafe in Lecce unearths 2,500 years of Italian history in 5,000 incredible objects Independent UK

Archaeologist doubts authenticity of Ica geoglyph Peru This Week

Ancient crucible steel weapon found in Eastern Europe Science Daily

Rare Roman Iron Age clasp found on Bornholm-Owl-shaped bronze and enamel fastener is nearly 2,000 years old Copenhagen Post

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find 3rd Skeleton in Ancient Thracian Child Sacrifice Pit, Enlist Scottish Osteoarchaeologist for Research Archaeology in Bulgaria

New Findings on Drought and the Ancient Maya Collapse-Ancient Maya farmers adapted to drying conditions, but eventually succumbed when it became too long and severe, says study Popular Archaeology

April 16th & 17th, 2015 Edition

Evidence of Pre-Columbus Trade Found in Alaska House Live Science

Stolen Ancient Thracian Silver Mask Helmet Returned to Archaeology Museum in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv 20 Years Later Archaeology in Bulgaria

Sultan’s cannonballs unearthed in Konya Hurriyet News

South Iceland Cave Made before Settlement Iceland Review

Sunken World War II-era aircraft carrier found off Northern California San Francisco Chronicle

Palaeolithic remains show cannibalistic habits of human ancestors Science Daily

Understanding popular Latin of Roman Hispania through graffiti on pottery Science Daily

Study report revisits cave of prehistoric cannibals Popular Archaeology

April 14th & 15th, 2015 Edition

At 50, Ring-Tab Beer Cans Are Now Officially Historic Artifacts Western Digs

Archaeologists find pre-contact period settlement in Garapan Marianas Variety

Archaeologists find Britain's oldest human cremation at Mesolithic pit in Essex Culture 24

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Ancient Thracian Child Sacrifice during Excavations of Early Neolithic City at Mursalevo Archaeology in Bulgaria

Neanderthals manipulated the bodies of adults and children shortly after death SINC

Ancient Egyptian shrine, bust unearthed under modern Cairo Cairo Post

Julius Caesar may have suffered mini-strokes, study finds PhysOrg

Newly-discovered remains redraw path of Great Wall China Daily

Archaeologists return to Cova Gran rock shelter in Spain Popular Archaeology

Four Harappan-era skeletons found near Hisar The Tribune of India

Complex cognition shaped the Stone Age hand axe, study shows-Experimental archaeology shows that 'primitive' human precursors were respectably smart Popular Archaeology

600-year-old geoglyph destroyed in Trujillo Peru This Week

April 12th & 13th, 2015 Edition

Digs reveal Parliament Hill's history in Ottawa-Hundreds of artifacts found at site Star Phoenix

Earliest humans in Western Europe followed the climate-Spanish cave site reveals evidence the environment played large in the dispersal of the earliest hominins into Western Europe Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists report on early human tools in Spanish cave Popular Archaeology

Springbank Island archaeology dig underway PhysOrg

New mass grave found at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp International Business Times

April 10th & 11th, 2015 Edition

More on Ancient Tomb Reveals Man Sacrificed for Noblewoman's Burial Discovery

The Black Pharaoh in Denmark-Treasures of the ancient Nubian kings of Egypt to be shown to the public Popular Archaeology

Are Neanderthal bone flutes the work of Ice Age hyenas? PhysOrg

Unique Egyptian and Roman archaeological finds unearthed near Royston Royston Crow

More on the Controversy over the Meidum Geese Al-Ahram Weekly

April 9th, 2015 Edition

Excavating the Cromlech Tumulus on Slievemore: The story so far Past Horizons

Small Bronze Harpy Unearthed in England The Colchester Archaeological Trust

Remains in Silla tomb suggest an undying love Korea JoongAng Daily

Primitive rock shelter vandalized in Nine Mile Canyon Deseret News

Artifacts lost in shipwreck 191 years ago returned to Hawaii Associated Press\Yahoo News

April 8th, 2015 Edition

Tombs Filled with Dozens of Mummies Discovered in Peru Live Science

Northern Europeans were slow to adopt farming, say researchers-Northern Europeans held on to their hunter-gatherer traditions longer than their southern European counterparts Popular Archaeology

Lao skull earliest example of modern human fossil in Southeast Asia University of Illinois

Tales from the crypt: Mummies reveal TB's Roman lineage PhysOrg

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient ‘Spooning’ Couple in Greece Science Daily

April 7th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists defy Isis militants by finding new antiquities in Iraq PhysOrg

Archaeologists found where the famous Scythian treasure from Witaszkowo had been hidden Science in Poland

Greenland Vikings outlived climate change for centuries Science Nordic

Early modern humans hugged riverine woodland environments in Africa Popular Archaeology

Ghosts from the past brought back to life-One of the UK’s most important medieval manuscripts is revealing ghosts from the past after new research and imaging work University of Cambridge

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Aquaduct, Siege Water Storage Tanks of Ancient Odessos Fortress Archaeology in Bulgaria

April 4th to 6th, 2015 Edition

At Jordan site, drone offers glimpse of antiquities looting Associated Press

John Switzer commentary: Serpent Mound continues to confound Columbus Dispatch

Ultraviolet light reveals erased poetry in 13th century Black Book of Carmarthen Past Horizons

Native American mound-builder society experienced rapid agricultural development Popular Archaeology

Franklin Expedition search: Ice dive team ready to discover more secrets of HMS Erebus CBC News

200 Year Old Skeleton Found : Archaeologist identified man who fought with British troops as Friedrich Brandt Canada Journal

April 3rd, 2015 Edition

Over 1,000 Ancient Stone Tools, Left by Great Basin Hunters, Found in Utah Desert Western Digs

A Pre-Columbian population was poisoned-Much of a Pre-Columbian population in ancient Chile was poisoned by arsenic, say researchers Popular Archaeology

Altamura Man yields oldest Neanderthal DNA sample PhysOrg

Heated dining rooms and butchery: The robbed Roman villa found by archaeologists in Yorkshire Culture 24

April 2nd, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists Discover Hand from Huge Roman Statue at Early Christian Site in Bulgaria’s Sandanski Archaeology in Bulgaria

Complete camel skeleton unearthed in Austria EurekAlert

French archaeologists unearth two Old Kingdom tombs Luxor Times

More on Egyptian Artifacts Salvaged from Robbed Tomb in Israel Live Science

Scientists discover early food production in Caribbean Popular Archaeology

Archaeologists in Bulgaria’s Varna Find 2 Late Antiquity Buildings in Ancient Odessos before Wrapping Up Rescue Digs Archaeology in Bulgaria

April 1st, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists unearth medieval graveyard beneath Cambridge College University of Cambridge

‘Little Foot’ pushes back age of earliest South African hominids-New dating suggests species lived during same era as Lucy Science News
and this Cradle of Humankind Caves Yield New Ancient Dates Popular Archaeology

March 31st, 2015 Edition

Shocking Discovery: Egypt's 'Mona Lisa' May Be a Fake Live Science

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Medieval Necropolis with More Skeletons with Posthumous Mutilations at Upper Voden Fortress Archaeology in Bulgaria

Ancient Roman Villa Discovered during Stadium Construction in Bulgaria’s Sozopol Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bolivia detects buried pyramid at Tiahuanaco site Fox News Latino

King Richard III and Car Park Archaeology-What lies beneath parking lots in the U.K.? Beneath at least some of them, plenty, say archaeologists Popular Archaeology

A Spanish Armada cannonball just showed up on an Irish beach The Journal

More on Elaborate 'Red Lady' Grave Yields Secrets Of Ice-Age Culture Live Science

March 29th & 30th, 2015 Edition

Beer in the Bronze age: Evidence shows Egyptians brewed up a party in ancient Tel Aviv Jerusalem Post

Telling stories from stone tools-New approaches to categorizing stone tools aim to improve descriptions of hominid evolution Science News

Archaeological dig planned for Glouco site of 1777 battle Philadelphia Inquirer

Archaeologists discovered previously unknown fortified settlements in Mazury Science in Poland

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Fortifications at Coastal Site in Israel Popular Archaeology

Ancient Roman horse skeleton found under hotel site at Biomedical Campus in Cambridge Cambridge News

AncientBiotics - a medieval remedy for modern day superbugs? University of Nottingham

March 27th & 28th, 2015 Edition

Bulgarian Archaeologist Finds 5000-Year-Old Relief from Ancient Mesopotamia among Artifacts Seized from Treasure Hunters Archaeology in Bulgaria

Stone-age Italians defleshed their dead Science News

An amazing grave: Archaeologists say skeleton of woman is latest known early medieval burial found in Wales Culture 24

Archaeologists in Bulgaria’s Varna Unearth 3 More Skeletons, Identify Necropolis under Fortress Wall of Ancient Odessos Archaeology in Bulgaria

March 26th, 2015 Edition

Bulgarian Man Finds Silver Treasure of Western European, Ottoman Coins While Plowing Field Archaeology in Bulgaria

Red Lady cave burial reveals Stone Age secrets New Scientist

Row over plans to use ancient Spanish amphitheatre as tennis court Guardian UK

Massive Underground City Found in Cappadocia Region of Turkey National Geographic

Archaeologist Discovers Mysterious Ancient Maya Citadel Popular Archaeology

Ancient gold artefacts uncovered in north Wales-Two gold artefacts thought to be around 3,000 years old have been found near Wrexham ITV News

March 25th, 2015 Edition

Local cults of saints played a role in Scandinavian Christianisation Past Horizons

Archaeologists studied the remains of Biskupin-type fortified settlement in Germany Science in Poland

Geopolitics in Aztec-era Mesoamerica Popular Archaeology

Bulgarian Archaeologist Shows Off 1500-Year-Old Bronze Lamp to Get Govt Funding for Excavations of Late Antiquity Fortress Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Archaeologists Figure Out Ancient Odessos Thracians Worshiped Greek Goddess Aphrodite, Not Thracian Goddess Bendis Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Lead Reliquary with Ashes from John the Apostle’s Grave at Ancient Fortress Burgos (Poros) Archaeology in Bulgaria

March 23rd & 24th, 2015 Edition

Archeologists discover Maya 'melting pot' EurekAlert

Prehistoric site in Alberta centuries older than previously thought CTV News

Porcupine unearths 1,400 year old oil lamp at archaeological site in Emek Hefer Jerusalem Post

Poisons, plants and Palaeolithic hunters University of Cambridge

Oldest evidence of breast cancer found in Egyptian skeleton Reuters

Horse and camel hunting by prehistoric humans in North America Popular Archaeology

March 21st & 22nd, 2015 Edition

Archaeology: Ancient ‘imaginary creatures’ artifacts fascinate Columbus Dispatch
and this Can We Recover The Meanings OF Ancient Art Ohio Archaeology

Peru's growing capital seeks to preserve Inca ruins PhysOrg

Neanderthals shape up as globe's first jewellers PhysOrg

Forgotten monuments of Northern Sweden Past Horizons

March 20th, 2015 Edition

Scientists reveal prehistoric animal lived longer than previously thought Siberian Times

Who do you think you really are? The first fine-scale genetic map of the British Isles EurekAlert

Prehistoric stone tools bear 500,000-year-old animal residue EurekAlert

More on Luxor tombs found Al-Ahram Weekly

Did a volcanic cataclysm 40,000 years ago trigger the final demise of the Neanderthals? Science Daily

Researchers from the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw are studying the infrastructure of the Roman fort Tibiscum in western Romania Science in Poland

Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Neolithic Bone Needle, 100-Meter Fortress Wall at Medieval Asen’s Fortress Archaeology in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Ancient Pithoi, Medieval Byzantine Seals at Upper Voden Fortress Archaeology in Bulgaria

The most complete ancient crossbow unearthed with terracotta army ECNS News

March 19th, 2015 Edition

10,000-Year-Old Stone Tool Site Discovered in Suburban Seattle Western Digs

Coral Pyramids in Micronesia Date Back to Middle Ages Live Science

Archaeologists Dig Up Ancient Skeleton from under Odessos Fortress Wall in Bulgaria’s Varna Archaeology in Bulgaria

Archaeologists Find Byzantine Coins, Roman Inscription in Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis Preserve in Bulgaria’s Burgas Archaeology in Bulgaria

East African Fossil Finds Show Early Human Diversity-Early human fossils found at Koobi Fora in Kenya show some surprising features Popular Archaeology

March 15th to 18th, 2015 Edition

Archaeological research conducted in three sites occupied by the Mochicas Andina

Archaeologists Find Rare Bronze Mask of Pan Sci-News

Gem Engraved with Goddess' Image Found Near King Herod's Mausoleum Live Science

Spain finds Don Quixote writer Cervantes' tomb in Madrid BBC News

Scientists offer new perspectives on China's long history of reunifications EurekAlert

Cultivated papaya owes a lot to the ancient Maya, research suggests University of Illinois

Bronze bracelet from the 3rd century BC has been discovered in Pakoszówka near Sanok Science in Poland

Researchers discover possible origin of Trieste, Italy Popular Archaeology

Unearthing an Iron Age Sanctuary in the Mediterranean Popular Archaeology

Ancients Set Stage for Collapse of Teotihuacan Popular Archaeology

March 14th, 2015 Edition

Ancient Receipt Proves Egyptian Taxes Were Worse Than Yours Live Science

More on: Are the world’s oldest mummies being damaged by a changing climate? Guardian UK

Ring brings ancient Viking, Islamic civilizations closer together Science News

More on stone tool from Oregon archaeological site could point to oldest human presence in western U.S. Oregon Live

March 13th, 2015 Edition

2,500-Year-Old Bison-Kill Site Offers New Clues Into Ancient Culture of Northern Plains Western Digs

Big toe's big foot holds evolutionary key EurekAlert

Bronze Age bones offer evidence of political divination PhysOrg

Humans adapted to living in rainforests much sooner than thought EurekAlert

Archaeological discovery sheds light on ancient Kyiv Kyiv Post

Palaeolithic art discovered in Cantabrian cave Past Horizons

Smithsonian Takes Hall of Human Origins Across Country in New Traveling Exhibition Popular Archaeology

March 12th, 2015 Edition

Unique tooth reveals details of the Peking Man’s life University of Uppsala

For 80 Years, Ancient Gold Treasure Rested Undisturbed Science Daily

A carpet of stone tools in the Sahara Past Horizons

Humans adapted to rainforest living much earlier than thought Popular Archaeology

Neanderthals modified eagle claws 130,000 years ago Popular Archaeology

March 10th & 11th, 2015 Edition

Honduran Archaeologists Doubt National Geographic Found White City Latin American Herald Tribune

Ancient Fossils Reveal Diversity in the Body Structure of Human Ancestors University of Missouri

ARCE team is on fire. Second 18th Dynasty tomb to be discovered in a week Luxor Times

More on Centuries-old DNA helps identify specific origins of slave skeletons found in Caribbean Stanford University

Bavarian archaeologists find 250-year-old pretzel The Local

Polish archaeologists in the forgotten capital of ancient Egypt Science in Poland

'Bedlam' Graveyard Excavation May Reveal Thousands of Skeletons Live Science

Neanderthal jewelry? Discovery sheds light on predecessors' cognitive abilities University of Kansas

March 8th & 9th, 2015 Edition

Mysterious Jade Artifact May Have Been Offering to Ancient Gods Live Science

Evidence indicates Yucatan Peninsula likely hit by tsunami 1,500 years ago University of Colorado Boulder

Cavers find treasure from era of Alexander the Great in Israel CNN News

No One Knows Our Names-Centuries-old DNA helps identify origins of slave skeletons found in the Caribbean Popular Archaeology

Saving Chilean mummies from climate change Harvard University

Rufford Abbey 'photo tripod stone' is Roman artefact BBC News

March 7th, 2015 Edition

More on Stone Tool Unearthed in Oregon ‘Hints’ at Oldest Human Occupation in Western U.S. Western Digs

New Recipe For 19th Century Shipwrecked Beer Discovery

Bottle of grey wine that was dug out of US Civil War shipwreck after 151 years gets tasted Independent UK

March 5th & 6th, 2015 Edition

Excavation reveals ancient town and burial complex in Diros Bay, Greece EurekAlert

Evidence indicates Yucatan Peninsula hit by tsunami 1,500 years ago EurekAlert

Study finds significant facial variation in pre-Columbian South America EurekAlert

Giant tomb of a Iron Age Celtic prince discovered just 100km from Paris in Champagne Connexion
and this Archaeologists uncover royal Celtic burial site in small French town (More pics) France 24

Eastern Oregon dig uncovers ancient stone tool PhysOrg

Karnak: Excavation yields 38 artifacts Science Daily

ISIS Militants 'Bulldoze' Ancient City in Iraq AFP\Discovery

Archaeologists Return to Unearth Base of the Roman Sixth Legion Popular Archaeology

March 4th, 2015 Edition

When age matters-The precise dating of ancient charcoal found near a skull is helping reveal a unique period in prehistory EurekAlert

Tomb of Amun gate's guard uncovered in Luxor Ahram Online

Body of young woman who had Charles I shilling placed over eye found in shallow Oxford grave Culture 24

Advanced modeling software explores whether Augustus Caesar really transformed Rome PhysOrg

Europe's Languages Were Carried From the East, DNA Shows-The new settlers, revealed by a genetic analysis, may solve a mystery swirling around the origins of Indo-European languages National Geographic

Scientists Develop New Model of Life's Evolution Popular Archaeology

Study Lends New Support to Theory that Early Humans were Scavengers Popular Archaeology

March 1st to 3rd, 2015 Edition

More on The Destruction of Cultural Heritage Should be a War Crime (Commentary) Wall Street Journal

Jesus' House? 1st-Century Structure May Be Where He Grew Up Live Science

Archaeologists open the mysterious lead coffin found buried just feet from the former grave of King Richard III EurekAlert

Improbable archaeology: Stone tool found in Sitka landslide KTOO News

200 bodies found in mass grave beneath Paris supermarket-Archeologists discover the remains of more than 200 people believed to have died from the plague hundreds of years ago Telegraph UK

Exclusive: Lost City Discovered in Honduran Rain Forest-In search for legendary “City of the Monkey God,” explorers find the untouched ruins of a vanished culture National Geographic

February 28th, 2015 Edition

By Questioning Conventional Wisdom, Archaeologys Peter Magee Unearths The Arabian Peninsulas Past Bryn Mawr College

War of the Roses skeletons unearthed in York York Press

Rare, Native American artifact discovered in Newtown, Ohio WVXU News

A stunning gold and jewel Anglo-Saxon pendant has been uncovered in a Norfolk EDP24

More on the violent death of Pharaoh Senebkay Popular Archaeology

Mosul Museum video from Islamic State could be a staged drama Los Angeles Times

February 26th & 27th, 2015 Edition

ISIS Onslaught Engulfs Assyrian Christians as Militants Destroy Ancient Art New York Times
and this UNESCO condemns Iraq museum attack blamed on Islamic State Los Angeles Times

Kublai Khan was a notorious … polluter Science Magazine

Found Islamic Coins Hidden Inside Viking Age Shield Boss Thor News

DNA evidence shows surprise cultural connections between Britain and Europe 8,000 years ago Science Daily

More on Rare Intact Roman Tombstone Found in England Discovery

February 24th & 25th, 2015 Edition

Archaeologists discover secret room in ancient Sidon temple Daily Star

Rare Roman tombstone found in Cirencester makes archaeological history Gloucestershire Echo

Trail of Tools Reveals Modern Humans' Path Out of Africa-Early Homo sapiens lingered in a lush Arabia before encountering Neanderthals in the Levant National Geographic

American Egyptologists prove Pharaoh was brutally killed in a battle away from home Luxor Times

Two black granite busts of the ancient Egyptian lioness goddess Sekhmet unearthed in Luxor Ahram Online

The first barrow from the turn of the third and second millennium BC excavated in the south-eastern Poland Science in Poland

Archaeologists Unearth Possible Ancient Judean Administrative Center Popular Archaeology

February 21st to 23rd, 2015 Edition

Vikings were pioneers of craft and international trade, not just pillaging PhysOrg

More on Embracing Stone Age Couple Found in Greek Cave National Geographic

Humans may have migrated out of Africa in phases based on the weather Past Horizons

Ancient mortuary sheds light on early burial rites USA Today

More on Drones to scan for evidence of ancient civilizations in Amazonia Popular Archaeology

Mummified Monk Sits Inside Ancient Buddha Statue Discovery

Stone Age Skull Reveals Astonishing Human Diversity Live Science

February 18th to 20th, 2015 Edition

Divers in Caesarea find largest treasure of gold coins ever discovered in Israel Jerusalem Post

Details on lost Ancient Egyptian queen’s tomb emerge Daily News Egypt

Ancient Shrines Used for Predicting the Future Discovered Live Science

Neanderthal groups based part of the their lifestyle on the sexual division of labor PhysOrg

Ancient and modern cities aren't so different EurekAlert

Archaeologists discovered a reach settlement from before 1.5 thousand years in Mazury Science in Poland

Stone Age skeleton judged Norway's oldest The Local

Maya Mural Reveals Ancient 'Photobomb' Live Science\Yahoo News

Recording endangered archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa Past Horizons

February 15th to 17th, 2015 Edition

Theory looks at how ancient goods got to Ohio Columbus Dispatch
and this The Hopewell Mortuary-Ceremonial Interaction Sphere Ohio Archaeology

Pilbara digs debunk timeline for ancient tool development PhysOrg

Italian cemetery may provide insights to cholera's evolution-The archaeological investigation could lead the way to the first steps for finding a cure Popular Archaeology

Paid sick days and physicians at work: Ancient Egyptians had state-supported health care PhysOrg

Villa Owned by Ben-Hur's Rival Identified Discovery

February 13th & 14th, 2015 Edition

Dominican archeology team uncovers ancient stele in Egypt that is over 2,200 years Fox News

Researchers use isotopic analysis to explore ancient Peruvian life EurekAlert

Greek archaeologists find couple locked in millennia-old hug PhysOrg

Larger area analysis needed to understand patterns in ancient prehistory PhysOrg

Treasure of bronze objects from before 3.5 thousand years discovered in Bieszczady Science in Poland

New film footage reveals potential 'killer blow' to King Richard III Popular Archaeology

Brazil Amazon: Drone to scan for ancient Amazonia BBC News

February 11th & 12th, 2015 Edition

Rare shipwreck excavated off Paralimni Cyprus Mail

Illegal 'nighthawkers' damage Hadrian's Wall Telegraph UK

Monument marred by vandalism, trash Alburquerque Journal

Ancient tablets displayed in Jerusalem fuel looting debate PhysOrg

Earliest evidence of large-scale human-produced air pollution in South America found Science Daily

Oldest Twin Remains Found in Siberia Discovery

Pits, pots and pitchstone – a palimpsest of prehistory in one corner of Scotland Past Horizons

Butchered Bones Found in Yukon Cave Bear Marks of Early Americans, Study Finds Western Digs

A first-of-its-kind discovery of 1,500 year-old grape seeds may answer the question: Why was the wine of the Negev so renowned in the Byzantine Empire Israel Antiquities Authority

February 10th, 2015 Edition

Historic Indian sword was masterfully crafted-Italian, UK researchers use non-destructive techniques and show the secrets of forging methods EurekAlert

Skeletons uncovered at Ipplepen reveals major Roman cemetery University of Exeter

Ancient Orkney child remains excavated BBC News

Archaeologists and veterans to explore what lies beneath Waterloo Battlefield, 200 years on PhysOrg

The Unfinished Business at Ancient Herodium Popular Archaeology

February 7th to 9th, 2015 Edition

Untouched Mycenaean Tomb Found in Central Greece Greek Reporter

Treasure hunters find late Roman mosaics Hurriyet Daily News

100 Ancient Cult Sites Discovered in Israel Live Science

Outline of medieval church revealed on building site The Advertiser

Ancient animal bone suggests Himiko adopted Chinese fortunetelling method Asahi Shimbun

Roman cemetery: Fifteen skeletons found at Ipplepen dig BBC News

Mystery Over 15th-Century Drilled Skull Solved Discovery

Original Magna Carta Copy Found in Scrapbook Discovery

Barley and wheat residues in Neolithic cemeteries of Central Sudan and Nubia Past Horizons

Research continues into 3000 year-old Nok culture of sub-Saharan Africa Past Horizons

Earliest evidence of large-scale human-produced air pollution in South America found Popular Archaeology

February 6th, 2015 Edition

Mysterious Stone Carving May Contain Old Message Live Science

Prehistoric Grave May Be Earliest Example of Death During Childbirth Live Science

Norway’s Melting Snow Exposes Fragile Artifacts Norwegian University of Science and Technology

February 5th, 2015 Edition

Neanderthals disappeared from the Iberian Peninsula before than from the rest of Europe PhysOrg

Ill-fitting teeth began with earliest farmers Past Horizons

Archaeologists excavate fortified site from ancient Kingdom of Judah Popular Archaeology

Darwin's theory continues to shape human evolution Popular Archaeology

Crisis Management in the Ancient Southwest University of Arizona

February 4th, 2015 Edition

Poles reconstructed houses of the first Egyptians Science in Poland

Unearthed grave sheds light on Batavia shipwreck mass murder ABC News

First wooden 'tachikazari' ornament unearthed in ancient burial dig in Sakai Asahi Shimbun

February 3rd, 2015 Edition

Prehistoric Temples on Maui Reveal Origins of Island’s First Kingdom Western Digs

Newfound 'Gospel of the Lots of Mary' Discovered in Ancient Text Live Science

Ancient tablets reveal daily life of exiled Jews in Babylon 2,500 years ago Jerusalem Post

York academics reveal fishy cooking habits of North American hunter-gatherers EurekAlert

Bone bow and arrow wrist guard and pottery found with Bronze Age body in Drumnadrochit Inverness Courier

Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age Guardian UK

February 1st & 2nd, 2015 Edition

Mystery of missing Confederate submarines tackled by Louisiana archaeologist NOLA Today

Tomb raiders arrested in Ashkelon National Park for looting, damaging ancient site Jerusalem Post

Taj Mahal Gardens Found to Align with the Solstice Sun Live Science

Site C floods will wash away 12,000 years of human history in British Columbia Globe and Mail

Northampton's medieval chess workshop 'first to be found' BBC News

Ancient Maya bookmakers get paged in Guatemala Science News

Mall construction unearths American Indian mound in Ohio Chillicothe Gazette

Prehistoric caves found in Papua Antara News

January 30th & 31st, 2015 Edition

UB students of Archaeology discover a 2,200-year-old Iberian moat in Valls Universitat de Barcelona

Archaeologist begins dig in the Sudan, Nile River Valley area PhysOrg

Archaeologists excavate Roman and Punic city in Tunisia-The site of Zita contains remains of a Roman forum and a Punic child sacrifice precinct Popular Archaeology

First Major Exhibition of Hellenistic Bronzes to Tour Internationally Popular Archaeology

January 29th, 2015 Edition

Scientists recreate ancient Siberian brain surgery techniques for first time Siberian Times

Humans and Neandertals likely interbred in Middle East Science Magazine

Ancient sacrificial architecture unearthed in Shaanxi China Daily

Corpse of 200-Year-Old Monk Found in Lotus Position Discovery

Found in Spain: traces of Hannibal's troops The Local

January 27th & 28th, 2015 Edition

Face of tattooed mummified princess finally revealed after 2,500 years Siberian Times

Genghis Khan's genetic legacy has competition: The Mongolian leader left a strong footprint in the Y chromosomes of modern descendants—but he was not the only one Nature

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January 25th & 26th, 2015 Edition

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Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of a Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican City-Pre-Columbian city of Cantona expanded and contracted through increasingly arid climate conditions, suggests study Popular Archaeology

Ancient Assyrian Soldiers Were Haunted by War, Too-A new study finds evidence of trauma experienced by soldiers returning home from combat over 3,000 years ago Smithsonian Magazine

January 23rd & 24th, 2015 Edition

Find at Shiga ruins suggests ancient Buddhist site-cleansing ritual Asahi Shimbun

Early ancestors used their hands like modern humans University of Kent

Scan finds new tattoos on 5300-year-old Iceman Red Orbit

Red Seat Numbers Found on Rome's Colosseum Discovery

Archaeologist set to dig for Sherman's discarded Confederate ordnance SC Now

January 22nd, 2015 Edition

Italy seizes more than 5,000 looted antiquities in record haul AFP\Yahoo News

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Forest Service seeking information on archaeological site vandalism USDA Forest Service

Tomb reveals burial methods of ancient age Hurriyet Daily News

A building pre-dating the walled city of Derry has been discovered by archaeologists U TV

January 20th & 21st, 2015 Edition

Vandals dig out rocks from archaeological site in Sedona TV 3 Arizona

Evidence for ancient bone surgery found at Kuelap Fortress Peru This Week

Between 7,200 and 3,100 years ago humans from Atapuerca ate domestic dog, wild cat, fox and badger Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution

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January 17th to 19th, 2015 Edition

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ArchaeoSpain Calls for Participants in Mallorca Excavation of a Byzantine Settlement-Archaeologists are breaking ground on a dig that is uncovering a Byzantine baptistery, basilica, and the potential discovery of additional human remains dating from as early as the 5th century CE Popular Archaeology

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Stone Age man wasn't necessarily more advanced than the Neanderthals EurekAlert

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New dates for prized Kimberley spear points Science Network Australia

Pharaonic rock carving of obelisks found in Gebel el Silsila quarry Cairo Post

Study of ancient dogs in the Americas yields insights into human, dog migration EurekAlert

Archaeological dig at car park suggests hats were made from cats in medieval Norwich EDP24

Gleaming cast metal called orichalcum, which was said by Ancient Greeks to be found in Atlantis, has been recovered from a ship that sunk 2,600 years ago off the coast of Sicily Discovery

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