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Island HeritageEaster Island Foundation

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

The Empire That Was Russia Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record

Japan's underwater Stone Monuments

Stone Pages European megaliths and other ancient sites

The Pantheon, Rome

ArcheoLinks (in Italian)

Malta Temples Prehistoric Culture of Malta

Andromeda(in Italian)

Roman gold mine of Bessa-Parco della Bessa (in Italian, French and English)

Pre-history of AlaskaNational Park Service By Professor Ali Hassan's features ancient Egyptian Resources and articles not available anywhere else

Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies - Neolithic Tombs of County Meath in Ireland

Association for Environmental ArchaeologyThe study of human interaction with the environment through archaeology. Memberships and more.

Hsiung-nu Huns of Asia

Kennewick Man Virtual Interpretive Center

Islamic History

Official site of the Institute for the History of Material Culture ofthe Russian Academy of Sciences the oldest in Russia State archaeologicalinstitution founded in 1859.

Pere Izquierdo Archaeology

Vadum Iacob - Jacob's Ford Reasearch Project

The Archaeology ChannelOn-demand videos with compelling interest NOW SHOWING!! Explore archaeology and indigenous peoples through streaming video.

Archaeological Research Resources

Historical Archaeology

Archaeology Magazine

Archaeology Magazine back issues

Academic Info - Archaeology

Excavations at Roundy Crossing AZ Excavation write up by Claire Warren.

Archaeological Resources from

Archaeology Official website of Dr. Zahi HawassDirector of the Pyramids & Undersecratary of Giza

Reeder's Egypt

Guardian's Egypt

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum The next best thing to Egypt itself!

The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities

Tour EgyptA great site by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

Rock Art Net Everything you always wanted to know about petroglyphs but were afraid to ask!

How to trace and record petroglyphs

Everything you always wanted to know about Albert the Great

More archaeological resources will be added, so please check back frequently.

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