Factoids re. Ötzi the Iceman

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Factoids re. Ötzi the Iceman

Postby uniface » Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:38 pm

* Ötzi the Iceman has at least 19 living male relatives in the Austrian Tirol, according to a genetic study into the origins of the people who now inhabit the region.

* Scientists discovered that Ötzi had brown eyes and very bad teeth, was lactose intolerant, had a genetic predisposition for an increased risk for coronary heart disease and probably had Lyme disease.

* It’s certain he died a violent death: In 2007, CT scans showed that an arrowhead had lacerated his left subclavian artery. But a CAT scan of the mummy’s brain and a paleoproteomic study have recently pointed to a cerebral trauma — a violent blow to the head — as the cause of death.

http://news.discovery.com/history/livin ... 131014.htm

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