From high to low

The Old World is a reference to those parts of Earth known to Europeans before the voyages of Christopher Columbus; it includes Europe, Asia and Africa.

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From high to low

Post by kbs2244 » Fri May 27, 2016 1:34 pm

From today’s news page.
Those cave painters got around
I can just hear them walking through the wood on their way to the next commission.
“Aint no mountain too high, aint no cave too deep to keep me from making my marks.”


Archaeologists at the University of York have undertaken pioneering scans of the highest prehistoric paintings of animals in Europe. Studying the rock paintings of Abri Faravel, a rock shelter in the Southern French Alps 2,133m above sea level, ... 052516.php


A series of prehistoric cave paintings has been uncovered in the Basque Country, northern Spain. The paintings, which include those of bison, horses and goats, were discovered by archeologist Diego Garate at a depth of 300m in the Atxurra caves, around 50km from Bilbao. ... -paintings

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