Help ID'ing piece of rock art I found in Southern France

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Help ID'ing piece of rock art I found in Southern France

Post by panam39 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 2:36 pm

I live in a hilltop village in Southern France that has evidence of settlements going back far, beyond the Romans. I have personally found a Serpentine Axe from the Neolithic period, a 1st century BC brooch, as well as numerous other items includinb coins etc, all within a 500m of the main village.

The village is located along a famous sub-Alpine transhuman migration route which traverses the valley and around 5 miles away goes at the foot of a mountain who's summit has a 5th millennium BC neolithic site with numerous rock art features. I've recently gotten into exploring the many caves, valleys and rock shelves of the local area and yesterday stumbled upon this piece of rock art on the edge of a hard to access and remote cliff with prominent rock shelves. I was hoping anyone would be able to help me potentially identify it.

It's an interesting piece, with a hole leading from the centre of the circle and joining a small opening on the "head" of the carving. It is up to 7-8cm deep in parts. It could obviously be functional, perhaps used for sharpening soft rock tools, such as the serpentine axe.

An interesting thing to note is that the rock shelf is well orientated away from the infamous local Northerly wind, faces south at an angle that allows it to get as much sunlight as possible.

Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately the image of the carving is too large to be posted here but here is the imgur link to the image;



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Image isn't that big.

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I don't have a clue. A few other photos might help from different angles.

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