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Social Darwinism = Fraud

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 3:01 pm
by uniface
. . . This battle for our minds takes many forms, but begins by inserting key philosophical premises into the public consensus. One of the most insidious of these is social Darwinism, which preaches “survival of the fittest” and reinforces the dominance paradigm. This fraudulent worldview, reinforced by corporate-funded “scientific” research, needs to be deconstructed and discredited if we are to progress as a species.

Charles Darwin’s expedition was funded by European nobility. He was himself a Freemason. Despite this elite pedigree, Darwin’s research led him to one very important conclusion, and it was not the “survival of the fittest” mantra which the global elite have since employed to justify everything from colonialism and slavery to private central banking and monopoly capitalism. Rather, Darwin’s central thesis was that the survival of a species was dependent on a high degree of cooperation within that species.

My wife and I recently went on a safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Through all of these experiences I have never seen two wild animals locked in mortal combat. What I have seen is cooperation at many levels, not only within species, but between species.

Take a walk in the woods and you will hear songbirds warning the fox that you are headed her way. Observe a herd of deer and you will see the fit, healthy individuals watching out and waiting for the young, injured or sick members. Visit Kruger and you will see warthogs sticking close to the zebras. The zebras can see above the bushveld and watch for lions, while the smaller warthogs, with their razor-sharp tusks, can give a lion problems for long enough to allow a zebra to escape an ambush. ... ism-fraud/