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The study of religious or heroic legends and tales. One constant rule of mythology is that whatever happens amongst the gods or other mythical beings was in one sense or another a reflection of events on earth. Recorded myths and legends, perhaps preserved in literature or folklore, have an immediate interest to archaeology in trying to unravel the nature and meaning of ancient events and traditions.

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Post by Ishtar » Mon May 19, 2008 3:17 am

Out of all of us, I’m probably the only one who has actually been to Carthage.

It was a press trip in 1990-something. It wasn’t a trip for journalists who specialised in archaeology or history. It was a trip for gourmet journos…the ones who write the restaurant reviews and make the silly, boorish chefs famous. God knows how I ended up on this junket as I never wrote about food. But there I was anyway…and we spent five days in a stuffy, tin can of car being driven up and down Tunisia, from one over-blown, gastronomic feast to another, in the blazing heat. To be frank, once you’ve had one Tunisian meal, you’ve had them all. I was bored out of my mind. Finally, on the last afternoon, and probably to try and drum a bit of culture into this boozy, over-stuffed and increasingly vulgar plebeian crowd… they took us to Carthage.

I just remember standing in these desolate ruins, and bits of rubble, and all I could think of was that my stilettos were killing me and there was nowhere to sit down. Our guide did say something about Berbers – bearded Arabs – being the original inhabitants. He may have mentioned Phoenicians … I really can’t remember.

So that’s it… my eyewitness report from Carthage.

I hope it helps.


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Post by Minimalist » Mon May 19, 2008 7:25 am

Carthago delenda est, eh Ish?
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Post by Ishtar » Mon May 19, 2008 7:29 am

Yeah... those Romans weren't all stupid! :lol:

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Post by Digit » Mon May 19, 2008 8:05 am

Rings a few bells Ish. I could never make up my mind whether the other execs were as bored as me and just pretending otherwise or not!

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