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Re: Egyptian Glyphs in Australia???

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:22 am
by kbs2244

I really wanted them to be there.
It would help put to bed the idea the Egyptians were afraid of the sea.

Re: Egyptian Glyphs in Australia???

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:45 pm
by Minimalist

Re: Egyptian Glyphs in Australia???

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:16 am
by kbs2244
I always read that discovery as relating to the Red Sea and at the most the coasting of east coast of Africa.
Even the much discussed location of “Punt” is accepted to be no further south than the Equator.

There are ,of course, artifacts from around the hemisphere, maybe the globe, in Egypt.
But the argument has been that they were brought to Egypt by non-Egyptian traders.

As far as I know there is no widely accepted evidence of an open water Egyptian presence anywhere outside Egypt.
(Until the Burrows Cave is published anyway.)

Re: Egyptian Glyphs in Australia???

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:27 am
by Cognito
As far as I know there is no widely accepted evidence of an open water Egyptian presence anywhere outside Egypt.

The Egyptians generally employed Phoenicians for seafaring since the latter were better equipped to do so and had thousands of years of long distance trade under their belts, or more appropriately, tunics. When Pharaoh Necko sent the expedition to circumnavigate Africa in 600bce he sent Phoenicians to do the job. There might have been a couple of Egyptian scribes on board along with an official to look after the Pharaoh's interests, but Egyptian craft were not capable of the feat as far as we know. However, Phoenician cargo ships could certainly do the job while carrying up to 100 sailors each.

Re: Egyptian Glyphs in Australia???

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:00 am
by Minimalist
I always read that discovery as relating to the Red Sea and at the most the coasting of east coast of Africa.

Everybody coasted. Ships of the time were not built for long open-ocean travel. Ships traveled in day light and looked for a port at night. Failing a port they would look for a sheltered bay or cove and if all else failed they would beach their ships. If they woke up in the morning and it looked as if there would be a storm a wise captain just stayed put.

Re: Egyptian Glyphs in Australia???

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:53 am
by authorhans
:lol: " How low can you go ? "
So, now I am a documented Alzheimer sufferer :lol: because I stated that the Kariong Glyphs are real. I would like to meet an Alzheimer sufferer who has translated the Kariong Glyphs, a Proto Egyptian script from the 4th. Dynasty. As to my book, it was uploaded not by me,
but the owner of the website, from which it can be downloaded. As to the comment: :lol: not worth reading? If you don't want to read it, no one is forcing you, to do so Steve... Truth is however, that Steve Spillard, aka. Woy Woy Steve declared on a website "Unexplained Mysteries", that he never wrote the article in the " Encyclopaedia of dubious Archaeology"p. 119-122, which I do not believe, because I have yet to see a writer, who writes under a bogus name (not a pseudonym) and assumes the character of Steven Spillard. I have yet to see an earlier claim as to: "Why he suddenly disclaimed his authorship to the fabricated fiction, that the Kariong Glyphs are a Hoax, as Spillard claimed in his Article." Now he claims, that it was never written by him, but some unknown person, to whom he sent the information.

However, when the heat became to hot for him, he fraudulently claimed: "That Steve Strong had talked about a certain statement concerning
a book " Aboriginal carvings in Port Jackson and Broken Bay" written by W.D. Campbell in 1899 and printed by the N.S.W. Government Printer" Steven Strong denied having made the Statement, as he had never seen the book mentioned above, until I sent him my copy in April 2012.

So here we have, I suggest, two fraudulent claims by Woy Woy Steve, a.k.a. Steve Spillard, who claims to be a researcher. A researcher who invents his so-called facts, on which other researchers have relied to prove their case, including the N.S.W. Department of National Parks and Wildlife Services. Now he, I guess, again under a Pseudonym, asserts unproven and hence libelously, that I am a documented Alzheimer sufferer. Believe me Steve, I am not suffering from that disease, because if I was suffereing from this dreadfull terminal Disease, I would not
sit here and disprove the fraudulent nonsense you have fabricated. You have for some fifteen years glorified in the reflected authority of your contribution to the "Encyclopaedia of dubious Archaeology" and now, that the Minister for the Enviroment is investigating all 140 pages,
you suddenly cry no longer Hoax, but try to disentangle yourself from it. And the funny thing is, I cannot blame you. Because the Truth will be out. "The Kariong Glyphs are real." :lol:


Dr. Hans-Dieter von Senff

Re: ancient Egyptian Glyphs in Australia

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:18 am
by authorhans
To those interested in the fraudulent fabrication of Steve Spillard aka. Woy Woy Steve.

" This site was documented by W.D. Campbell in 1895 and included in his rare book published in 1899"

As neither Steve Strong nor myself could find any reference in the book"Aboriginal Engravings in Port Jackson and Broken Bay" of which some twenty volumes still exist in N.S.W., it is suggested, that it is another fraudulent Invention.

This was the original Statement by Woy Woy Steve in his research about Steve Strong. Having read the disclaimer by Steven Spillard that it was not him, who wrote the Hoax claim in " The Encyclopaedia of dubious Archaeology" it is suggested that the above is another spurious invention by Spillard aka. Woy Woy Steve

Hans Dieter von Senff Ph.D.

Re: Egyptian Glyphs in Australia???

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:08 am
by circumspice

This is becoming repetitive and boring. :roll:

Re: Egyptian Glyphs in Australia???

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:15 pm
by Bob Clutton Qld.
New revelation
Gosford -- Mystery History.

Extraordinary claim by Kariong hieroglyph researcher of 12 years,
Robert W. Clutton
(Mackay Nth. Queensland)

Comments from World renowned FRENCH EGYPTOLOGIST

Prof. Dr. Joseph Davidovits
(Geopolymer Institute FRANCE.)
Quotes from Professor Dr. Davidovits:

Davidovits email reply 12nd November 2012 ----
---after viewing Kariong photos from Clutton 29th October 2012
I don’t understand the hieroglyphs, ---
--- They could be fake?

Clutton sends photos of sandstone linings 5th November 2012
(Davidovits second email reply 6th November 2012) ----
--after viewing Kariong photos from Clutton

Dr. Davidovits states: --- I can say –

“It is artificial ---- It is coating”!

Hieroglyphs are on the walls at Kariong Gosford NSW Au.
I Bob Clutton believe it is time we
“Question the blackboard --not the script”.

In 2006 I stood in awe of the glyphs upon the walls, like a kid in the lolly shop I did not know what to look at or photograph first. Within a short period I had racked up hundreds of digi-pics, several of which, unknowingly to me at that time, would play an important role in my involvement in researching this suspected ancient site. One item has mystified, intrigued and haunted me from that day, the trough type item two levels up from the glyphs.

Over time my research placed too much emphasis on the trough item itself instead of its use. I had searched the archives of the obvious acclaimed cultures looking for an similar ancient artifact. Two months ago I realised this trough was just an insignifient implement, a tool which could be used in production of render. Render which is obvious in many of the above (Clutton) and below ground (Senff and O’Brien) digi-pics.
I searched the web for ancient renders, surprisingly a door opened.

What is this mysterious render?

Geopolymer render – Missing for 1000’s of years,
Rediscovered 1978 by Professor Dr. Joseph Davidovits of France
Geopolymer (Davidovits modern day terminology) is a fast reacting, rapidly drying concrete composition with incredible benefits and 1000’s of years old.
 -- Pedestrian traffic within 30 minutes of pour. (laboratory verified),
 -- Vehicular traffic within 1 hour of pour. (laboratory verified)
 -- 747 use within 7 hours of pour. (Laboratory verified)
 -- Rocla Aus. Has completed the world’s first major production run.

A building material from cultures who collectively calculated date calendars, charted the heavens and the Antarctic seas, desalinated seawater, fed thousands from the desert, found formula to laminate wood, devised toothpaste and eventually invented the wheel.
“NO” we claim, Our Kariong glyphs are scribed into the rock face.“
Could ARI-KAT cement technology really look like rock?”
Dr Davidovits website and books reveal how Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids using man-made stone blocks, they don’t shrink, look exactly like naturally weathered rocks, and remain unmarked for 1000’s of years.
Pyramid construction in half the time with half the workers. ‘PROVEN’
Geologists using sophisticated petrological equipment are hard pressed to distinguish Geopolymer from natural stone. Geopolymer is composed of an alumni-silicate amorphous mineral making it more akin to man-made granite.
This is not smoke and mirrors stuff, the basic ingredients are available most anywhere. It was the combination, procedure, and specific bluish copper based minerals, Malachite, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli and Peacock ore to name a few, with a hand-me-down formula surrounded in ARI-KAT (man-made) secrecy which made the difference.

Ancient Geopolymer knowledge could equate to Kariong

Davidovits book “The Pyramids, An Enigma Solved” takes away supposition guess work, with today’s electronic calculation capabilities, brings Pyramid pour n’ pack construction to a more feasible, realistic construction time frame.

Kariong, Tascot, Brisbane. Waters, Woy Woy and Hawkesbury all contained the basic requirements, fossilized oyster shell, Eucalyptus gums, Chlorophyll, black silt sand, pink sandstone, ironstone, Natron (salt) Mafkat and the requirement list goes on and on. Regardless of what age culture ‘Old’, ‘Middle’ or New Kingdom visited our shore, the product they left behind is in our face.

Digital photography and todays electronics enables us to qualify a large percentage of the Kariong glyphs; in turn we need to question the application of said glyphs? proven by experts that hardened copper hand tools which were designed for the polished Gypsum lime sand based plaster used on interiors of pyramid chambers, could not perform the task required on exposed Egyptian let known external Gosford pink (?) sandstone.

Open our eyes, open our minds, it’s the dawn of new education. This material predates Cook, You must look for expertise and capability

-- Frenchman Prof. Dr Joseph Davidovits, one of the highest respected Egyptologists in the world inspected some of the Kariong photos and declares that there is coating on the walls of the Kariong Glyph site. It could be 10000 years old -- ‘quoted in print by email from his desk.’(end quote)
The hieroglyphs, the script be it authentic or not, is on the walls. Written by whom? who knows?, but the trough, the render above ground that is there for all to see.

DAVIDOVITS states it is Render, Could it be Portland Render?
CLUTTON asks could it be Davidovits Geopolymer.

The above press release is only 7 pages from a 200 paper thesis which I am preparing for no other reason than I am fascinated and intrigued by the trough type item 2 levels up from the glyphs,

I welcome, and will answer all replies that arrive clean though my scanning system.
I am willing to supply Kariong photos free of charge
Robert (Bob) Clutton
Mackay NQ
07 4959 8183

Bob Clutton face book page will show a sprinkling of OOPI’s
(out of place item’s)

Re: Egyptian Glyphs in Australia???

PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:04 pm
by circumspice