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Postby daybrown » Sun Oct 14, 2007 7:07 pm shows a stamp seal from 2300 BC. then too we have-; i note the figure on the lower right, "OE 19" which has a similar backwards "S" with a triton like figure. Only in this case, its not 4300, but 7000 years old. From SE Europe.

Then too, we have : which shows the same stamp seal, which is about the same size as this one from SE Europe:, 6800 BP, which is similar to another that Gimbutas shows us on p 88 of "the Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe", that is also perforated to be strung, has some similar icons, but is 7000-7300 BP.

Why does anyone think the Anau/Gonur culture descended from the Fertile crescent or the Indus? Cause that's where the academic chairs have their intellectual turf staked out. As Linda at Crystalinks, says in response to the question, SO, YOU ARE SAYING THAT YOUR OWN COLLEAGUE SCIENTISTS WERE NOT OPEN MINDED TO THIS DISCOVERY?

"I don't know if they weren't open minded. They hadn't taken into consideration this new area of the world. And the more we work on it, the more we realize that this is an important part of the world. It was an important part of the world in the past and it was directly connected with the other areas. As we work more on this and create a better understanding of it in English and western languages, the more we are getting the idea out that we have a large Bronze Age civilization in central Asia."

Another item at Crystalinks is the bronze bird headed axe. I note it was never sharpened. It was not an axe. In SE Europe, the Danube delta filled up with zilllions of waterfowl every year, and birds were morphed into all kinds of items for ritual purposes.

This region was once known as Parthia. shows the cover of JP Mallory, "In Search of the Indo-Europeans" has a mounted Parthian archer (which he mislabels as male), wearing what was known as a "Phrygian" hat. The hat is a morph of a goose from much earlier eras when her Cucuteni ancestors lived in the Danube delta, and wore hats that were the stuffed top half of a goose. Like running around wearing taxidermy.

Maybe its out of political correctness for the descendants of the Aryans to avoid making the obvious connection between this early bronze age civilization- which was so far ahead of the Indus and Fertile Crescent, and their obvious European roots.
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