Dragon on and on!!

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Dragon on and on!!

Postby Mike Jupp » Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:17 am

I've just been reading the fascinating correspondence regarding 'Dragons'.
I have a vested interest in 'Dragons' as I researched the things when I created this baddy for my TV series!
I think there's a bit of truth in all the theories I've read on the Archy thread.
Fossils are one obvious possibility? If a SKULL of some sodding great thing had been found, it would be obvious that it was a skull, even if the owner was unidentifiable.
But I was fascinated by the Viking/Norse representations of 'Dragons'. Logically, someone, somewhere, must have been influenced by something they'd seen, or heard about.

Viking Long-Houses share an odd similarity to South East Asian 'Long-Houses'. The intricate, intertwined style of Norse Art is also reminiscent of South East Asian Art.
South East Asia has some large and unpleasant creatures, including a larger version of the 'Komodo' Monitor (Dragon) that was then found in other parts of Indonesia.Crocodiles were well known as they inhabit most areas of the World apart from Europe.

'Vikings' certainly used the river systems of Eastern Europe to access the Black Sea, Byzantium, India CHINA(?) etc.
Viking ships had Dragons head prows. and a 'Wing' like sail (The flapping of which would sound like a leathery wing)
Here's my daft theory!
... Is it possible that the Vikings with their Dragon Boats, revisited some of these far South destinations (China?) and demonstrated their Raping, pillaging and BURNING skills on the natives?
The natives then passed these events into their own folklore and subsequently. the fiery winged Dragon was born!

That DID happen in The British Isles! The Anglo-Saxon Chronical tells of Dragons in the sky and other portents of doom prior to the Vikings arriving on one of their 'Jolly Boys Day Out'!!

Just a thought? :)
Si vis pacem...Parabellum!
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