Nadine Moeller Lecture: The Ahmose Tempest Stela

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Nadine Moeller Lecture: The Ahmose Tempest Stela

Post by khentiamentiu » Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:52 pm

The Northern California Chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt; the Department of Near Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley; and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley, are sponsoring the following lecture:

The Ahmose Tempest Stela: An ancient Egyptian account of a natural catastrophe.

By Dr. Nadine Moeller
Oriental Institute
University of Chicago

WHEN: 3 p.m. Sunday, March 12, 2017
WHERE: 20 Barrows Hall, Barrow Lane and Bancroft Way, UC Berkeley

There is no admission, but donations are welcomed.
image_1826_1e-Tempest-Stela-of-Ahmose.jpg (222.14 KiB) Viewed 4497 times
The Tempest Stela of Ahmose. Reconstruction of the face. Image credit: Malcolm H. Wiener and James P. Allen, 1998.

Nadine Moeller discusses the possible connection between the eruption of the volcano on the island of Thera (Santorini) in the eastern Mediterranean and an enigmatic account left by the Egyptian pharaoh Ahmose describing an unusually violent storm.

Dr. Moeller is Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. She has been directing the Tell Edfu Project since 2001. Her primary research interests are settlements and urbanism in ancient Egypt. Over the years, Dr. Moeller has participated
in numerous excavations in Egypt at the sites of Abu Raswash, Memphis, Zawiet Sultan (Zawiet el-Meitin), Theban West Bank, Valley of the Kings, Dendera and Elephantine. For current updates on the work of the Tell Edfu Project, see the Oriental Institute site or the University of Chicago site.


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