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Latest Round of Nonsense on the Holocene Start Impact Event

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:44 pm
by E.P. Grondine
Boslough's comment on the lack of evidence for a shower of comet fragment airbursts is getting a lot of media play. What he said is true: there is a lack of evidence for a continent wide shower of comet fragments.

What he did not mention is several recent possible major astroblemes, such as Ilturalde Crater and the Lloydminster Structure. Nor that the layer of impactites has been independently confirmed by others.

While we've all been misquoted before, my current working hypothesis is that this whole thing is perhaps just a bit of pettiness on Boslough's part that Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory was chosen for the work on AIDA, the Asteroid Impact Deflection Analysis spacecraft, instead of his own Sandia Labs.