Literacy among the First Peoples?

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E.P. Grondine

Literacy among the First Peoples?

Post by E.P. Grondine » Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:04 pm

Hi all -

Saw this today:


Spectacular find if real.

Further info here:

Anyone want to try to trace this?

In the meantime, opinions?

The eyes look very very strange to me. Perhaps "Alien" or "Nephilim".

One must always consider as well the possibility that any original may have been "enhanced".

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Re: Literacy among the First Peoples?

Post by kbs2244 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:11 pm

If by “First Peoples” you mean any of the tribes around in historical times (post European contact)
I think it is pretty well documented that they did not “write.”
They did carve signposts to indicate trail directions, but that is about it.

If you mean previous cultures, some of whom these tribes overcame, then yes.
There is evidence that there was sometimes some kind of writing of some sort going on.
Whether with an alphabet or pictographic seems to vary with time and place.

If this is “Hopewell “ then it is pre-contact, and yes it is a pretty amazing piece.
If you want to go with the extreme diffusions theories, he could be Chinese.

An “Alien Scribe.”
Oh boy.

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