Homo naledi had fire [!]

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Homo naledi had fire [!]

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This shouldn't be surprising considering the relatively 'young' dates for H naledi... A YT vlogger that I follow states that Lee Berger tweeted on Twitter that the use of fire wasn't even close to the latest surprising revelations about H naledi. There are supposed to be three other new developments that are more... controversial or whatever... (?) The vlogger went on to list his wish list... DNA... tools... more remains... a newly discovered entrance, etc.

However, Dr. Berger is being coy...

The link below is not the associated Twitter posts. I don't have Twitter because I don't see much use in that particular app.

The link below is Dr. Berger's announcement pertaining to the discovery of traces of fire use deep within the Dinaledi/Rising Star cave system. There are also videos of the inside of the cave & still photos of the associated hearths, some of which contain burned animal bones.

So, without further ado:

https://livestream.com/carnegiescience/ ... /234025402
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Re: Homo naledi had fire [!]

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There is always the chance - actually the great likelihood - that human evolution was not linear. Some scattered groups may have made advances far earlier than others but then died out for one reason or another.

We will never unravel this entire mystery.
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