Rules Revisited

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Rules Revisited

Post by MichelleH » Mon Oct 03, 2005 10:05 pm

Just a reminder folks. We've got a great group and good discusssion going on here so let's keep it that way!

Rules which apply to all the forums

1. All posters are expected to stay within the boundaries of the topic of the forum to which they are posting.

2. All posters are expected to adhere to the basics of Netiquette, such as may be found at:

3. Disparaging remarks about a person's religion, gender, or any other such ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.

4. These forums are not to be a place to discuss contemporary politics unless there is some direct connection to the ancient world (e.g. a discussion of a news article comparing a major country's actions to Thucydides' Melian Dialogue would be allowed; a general discussion of the current war in Iraq would not)

5. Please do not post advertisements for products you are connected with in this forum

6. Please note that the nature of forums (and limited disk space) means that eventually some discussions may disappear.

The moderator reserves the right to delete posts which are deemed to be in contravention of the above rules. Repeated abuses by a member (along with repeated warnings) may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of that member's ability to post. Guests may be banned.

The Copyright question is far to large to be covered here completely. What I would suggest is if you are inserting an excerpt from an article or book, please give it full and complete reference as you would a footnote.

Please avoid posting entire articles but do make reference to them by way of a hyperlink.

My experience has been if you follow these simple guidelines, the copyright police will leave you alone. This gives us the best of all worlds; the info gets out, the authors are usually happy about it and no lawyers were ticked off in the process.

Please feel free, at any time, to drop me a note if there are any questions or comments.

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